Big U-Turn To The Right
At The Vatican
By Anonymous

"Meet the new boss, same as the old boss..."
Off the radar of most analysts of world power, Pope John Paul II publicly signaled a dramatic turn backwards for the Vatican last year.
"In 2000, the Vatican ... issued a proclamation called Dominus Jesus ("Jesus Rules") that seemingly overturned four decades of ecumenical dialog and Catholic acknowledgement of the possible validity of other spiritual paths. It declared that Jesus and the Catholic Church were the only possible means of spiritual salvation, and that other Christian churches "are not `churches' in the proper sense."
Many within the church found this sudden re-positioning puzzling, if not disturbing.
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* The Vatican's rising star
While tolerance and ecumenical dialog may be in decline, one organization within the new Vatican is not:
"Thanks to a papal decree in 1982, it's the church's only 'personal prelature,' an ecclesiastical term for Catholic jurisdictions that govern people and not geographic areas, such as parishes or dioceses.
Pope John Paul raised eyebrows when he beatified Msgr. Escriva in elaborate Vatican ceremonies in 1992...
Opus Dei is governed by its own bishop, who lives in Rome and who reports only to the Pope - and only every five years. It doesn't publish financial or membership statistics."
* The Opus Dei has taken over
"The group, which flourished during General Franco's dictatorship and brings together wealthy, conservative lay Catholics and priests across the world, already controls some of the Vatican's most important offices. Its grip is strongest in the Vatican's public relations department, where an Opus Dei member, Joaquín Navarro-Valls, has become the ailing Pope's all-powerful spin doctor."
* Opus Dei and brainwashing
Opus Dei has apparently wreaked enough psychological havoc to merit the creation of the "Opus Dei Awareness Network" by survivors and their families. (See below.)
This is noteworthy because Robert Hannssen, who provided US state secrets to the Soviets for 15 starting during the reign of Bush I, and former FBI Director Louis Freeh, Hannssen's good friend, are both members of the secretive right wing which backed Pope John Paul II in his campaign to become pope. Freeh's brother was director of an Opus Dei center in Pittsburgh.
* The still unexplained Hanssen spy case and sudden Freeh resignation
"The mystery within the mystery concerning Robert Hanssen, accused of spying for the Soviet Union for more than 15 years, is simply what motivated him to do it? With no signs of pro-Soviet ideological commitment or extravagant spending, the answer may lie in Hanssen's membership in Opus Dei, an ultraconservative Catholic organization. PNS commentator Yoichi Clark Shimatsu is former editor of The Japan Times Weekly in Tokyo, and has reported on the Aum Shinrikyo sect."
Source: http://www.p
* A day in the life of an Opus Dei "numerary"
"There are different classes of membership in Opus Dei. Numerary Opus Dei members pledge to remain celibate and generally live in Opus Dei houses. They commit their entire salaries to Opus Dei, submit all incoming and outgoing mail to their directors, and practice various forms of corporal mortification, including use of the cilice, a spiked chain worn around the thigh, and use of the discipline, a knotted rope for whipping."
* The Bush family is friendly with the New Vatican
"Bush and the Pope made a brief public appearance together before the press, but no reporter dared question the appropriateness of Bush taking counsel on stem cell research from the leader of a religious institution fundamentally hostile to this entire field of science. One might as well consult the Flat Earth Society on the budget for NASA."
Source: http://www.wsws. org/articles/2001/jul2001/stem-j27.shtml
Interesting timing for Bush Jr. to be making a visit to the Vatican (7/01). This is the same president who took the entire month of August 2001 "off," could not name the president of Pakistan after a coup there and chose to read the story of a goat to schoolchildren instead of respond to the crashing of two commercial jetliners into NYC's World Trade Center towers.
Bush Sr. has also made at least two trips to visit with the pope since 1992, the most recent being in 1997. A review of US history will show that there have only fourteen meetings between a sitting US president and a pope.
All of these meetings took place in this century. Wilson was the first and then there was a forty year lapse until Eisenhower. Of the twelve meetings since 1959, two were with Reagan, two were with George Bush Sr, and one, so far, with George Bush Jr. ican
* Conservative Catholics can be very dangerous people
Another reputed Opus Dei member, William Colby, one of the architects of the Phoenix Program, spent the decade before the Vietnam War in Rome as a CIA bagman. While superivsing the false imprisonment, torture and murder of thousands of innocents in Vietnam, he reportedly attended mass every day, a "rigid" self described Catholic.
Source: Newsweek May 13, 1996
* An overview of Opus Dei and its history http://www.users.skynet. be/sky73819/opusdei.html
* An "unofficial: Opus Dei web site
* Straight from the horse's mouth

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