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Petition Drive Draws Anger

(Note - There are millions who will refuse to be injected with an 'AIDS vaccine' and to whom the very concept of using injected 'dead' or 'attenuated' HIV to prevent infection is absurd. This concept is made even more outlandish by the fact that HIV is anything BUT a stable virus. The mutating potential of HIV is 9000 to the 4th power. The idea of being able to create an effective and viable vaccine for even ONE stable virus - of any type - remains heavily-debated. To date, the world's scientists can't even come up with a successful treatment for herpes, let alone a vaccine. Talk of a 'viable' and 'effective' vaccine against AIDS is viewed with the highest of suspicions by millions. And now talk of the mandatory forcing an 'AIDS vaccine' on the people of the world is raising extreme concerns on a global scale. -ed)
From Paul Stillmark
Well Jeff, I hope someone knows how to counter-play this lie. I thought I would send you this to see if you know some good web designers who can create a backlash site to this campain - if not, please let people know this hell on Earth needs to be stopped!
Paul Stillmank
The following material is from the "International AIDS Vaccine Research" site:
Help End AIDS For All Time
A Preventive Vaccine Is The Best Hope To Stop
The Epidemic International AIDS Vaccine Research
Help the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) gather signatures for presentation at the XIV International AIDS Conference, July 2002 in Barcelona.
AIDS is the Great Plague of our modern era. Already the epidemic has claimed the lives of more than 20 million men, women and children worldwide.
Amid global tragedy, a preventive vaccine for AIDS offers the best hope of ending the pandemic. Human trials of promising AIDS vaccine candidates are underway; however, no AIDS vaccine is yet available. With 15,000 new HIV infections daily, there is no time to delay.
We, the undersigned, urge all of the world's leaders to take concrete action now to ensure the development of safe, effective and accessible preventive AIDS vaccines for use wherever they are needed.
We call for significant new resources to be devoted worldwide to AIDS vaccine research and development. In particular, new resources are needed for development of vaccines that will be applicable for developing countries. These funds must not be diverted from therapeutics or other prevention efforts.
We call for governments to commit the necessary resources to provide AIDS vaccines, when they are available, to all who need them without delay. This includes securing binding commitments for financing the purchase and delivery of vaccines for poor countries.
We call for further involvement of industry in AIDS vaccine development, as most vaccine-making expertise and capacity reside there.
We call for support of human trials of vaccines, and we salute trial volunteers, the unsung heroes of vaccine development.
We call for vaccine research and development to be part of a comprehensive strategy to fight the epidemic. The world must redouble its commitment to existing prevention programs, including education. And all who are sick with AIDS deserve the best treatment possible, regardless of where they live or ability to pay.
We call on the public sector of all nations to work with private industry, international agencies and nongovernmental organizations to end the epidemic.
Twenty years into the epidemic, AIDS remains a global emergency that demands an effective response. A preventive vaccine is the best hope to end AIDS for all time.
This Global Call for Action for AIDS Vaccines was launched at the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on HIV/AIDS, June 2001 in New York.
More than 70,000 people in 145 countries have signed,
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