NYC OKs Prayer In School -
For Muslims But Not Christians

That anti-religion bastion of political correctness, the New York City public school system, has quietly sanctioned prayer in schools - but only of you're a Muslim who wants to worship during Ramadan.
In a talk radio exclusive, New York's WABC Radio has been airing reports for weeks on the school system's special program for Muslims. Late Wednesday, Schools Chancellor Harold Levy finally confirmed that the religious double standard indeed exists.
"Christian parents would probably love to have a place where their children could pray during school hours," WABC newsman George Weber said Thursday. "They don't ... but the Muslim kids are getting their very own prayer room in New York City public schools."
"The New York City public school system is going to accommodate Muslim students, allowing them space for prayer" during the five-week Muslim holy season of Ramadan, reported Weber's partner, Babita Hariani.
"In a statement, though, Chancellor Levy adds the prayer 'cannot interfere with classes or infringe on other students,'" she explained.
That's not exactly what the chancellor's office told the New York Post, which reported Thursday that Levy spokeswoman Margie Feinberg told them Muslim students will be allowed to cut classes in order to pray and then reschedule them later.
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