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By Megan Goldin

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posted 11-28-2001 20:43
I read the Mexican papers, because I go to Mexico every day, where I work. I remember very clearly when this story came out and it was big scandal in Mexico, and it was covered by the papers there every day, plus it was a lead story on the main TV channels, TV Azteca and Televisa. Anyone who was in Mexico at the time knows this is so.
So I would say this: anyone who denies this is has an agenda and is trying to cover up pthe truth. All of this cheap talk about racism is typical reactionary bullshit.
It was a front page story on practically every newspaper in the country, and it was commented on by columnists in the op-ed pages. Suddenly the story just died, about the time that the suspects were released by the Mexican attorney general who gave no explanation for his reasons, but who was obviously acting under pressure from the Israeli embassy.
posted 11-29-2001 11:16
This is from El Universal dated Oct 11, 2001. This is the same story I read in the Diario de Chihuahua. This reporting went on for several days. This is a followup story reporting that the claims fo the Israelis that that they were licenced to carry arms and that they worked for a security firm didn't check out, that these claims were false:
Detenido en San L?zaro tiene licencia para arma El guardia de seguridad cuenta con un permiso expedido por la Defensa. Carece PGR de datos del supuesto ex militar israel? Sauar Ben Zvi. No figura en los registros a nivel local o federal de empresas de seguridad privada
Jorge Alejandro Medell?n
El guardia de seguridad Salvador Guersson Smecke, detenido hace dos d?as en el interior de la C?mara de Diputados junto con el supuesto ex militar israel? Sauar Ben Zvi, cuenta con una licencia para portar un arma calibre 9mm. expedida por la Secretar?a de la Defensa Nacional (SDN), con vigencia del 31 de diciembre de este a?o. Se trata de una licencia "individual" tramitada ante la SDN a principios de este a?o y concedida por la dependencia hace unos meses. Fuentes de la Procuradur?a General de la Rep?blica se?alaron que Salvador Guersson es el ?nico de los dos detenidos que est? debidamente registrado ante la Secretar?a de Seguridad P?blica.
"Pero de la otra persona, que no estaba armada, no tenemos datos claros y seguimos investigando", afirmaron.
De hecho, EL UNIVERSAL confirm? que el nombre de Sauar Ben Zvi no figura en ninguno de los registros a nivel local o federal de empresas de seguridad privada.
Visto bueno de la SDN
Con la aprobaci?n de la Defensa Nacional, Guersson Smecke acudi? junto con el representante legal de la empresa Desarrollo de Sistemas de Seguridad Privada a la Direcci?n de Registro de Empresas de Seguridad Privada de la Secretar?a de Seguridad P?blica (SSP) para informar sobre el otorgamiento del permiso individual.
Dicha empresa est? registrada ante esa direcci?n con el n?mero 486 desde hace poco m?s de un a?o y funciona de manera normal, cumpliendo ante la ley con todos los requisitos de operatividad exigidos, incluso el de las solicitudes para partaci?n de armas de manera colectiva o individual.
En el caso de dicha empresa, el permiso se otorg? de manera individual a determinados guardias de seguridad. La SDN accedi? ya que cumpl?an todos los requisitos exigidos.
Mientras tanto, la Procuradur?a General de la Rep?blica (PGR) contin?a investigando a los dos detenidos dentro de la averiguaci?n previa y AP/1115/B-2001.
El Universal has a feature where you can get the entire editon by dates. at
This discussion started several weeks ago here after someone posted a story from DEBKA files claiming that 10 Syrian terrorists were caught trying to blow up the Mexican congress and that they were planning to kill Fox while they were at it. When some of us pointed out that this was a new twist on the well-known story (in Mexico) of these Israelis, we were all called Nazis and liars and all of the usual taunts.
posted 11-29-2001 11:23
Correction: This is one of the stories I read in the the Heraldo, but it isn't the same one I was thinking of. This is one that resulted after the coverup started!
posted 11-29-2001 11:36
So what are we suggesting? I fail to see what the Israeli's would want in
Mexico?!?!? It is a third world nation no? (No offence) Yet, I fail to see
what they would want. I am not denying that the news report is true..or
factual..I am just at a loss to describe what they would want to do in
Mexican parliament?<br>
posted 11-29-2001 11:58
Anyway, I would like to know how a statement that "According to statements
by elements of the legislative security staff, the suspects carried arms,
explosives, nine grenades, bullets and a detonator" could be so easily
reversed. That sure looks like a coverup to me!
posted 11-29-2001 12:30
Okay, here is one of the original stories, at
And it does state "Como se recordar?, Sar Ben Zui, fue detenido, junto con otro sujeto, cuando ambos iban presuntamente armados al interior de la C?mara de Diputados.
"Seg?n versiones de elementos de seguridad del recinto legislativo, los sospechosos portaban armas, barras explosivas, nueve granadas, cartuchos ?tiles y un cargador."
- which I concur with the above translation which says "As will be remembered, Sar Ben Zui Was detained, with another subject, when both were allegedly armed inside the House of Representatives.
"According to statements by elements of the legislative security staff, the suspects carried arms, explosives, nine grenades, bullets and a detonator."
How they could turn around and say that they only had one pistol and that it was registered and then not make any statements as to how this is completely contradictory with what had been reported earlier - this points to a blatant coverup - and I would like to see some better explanation than these cheap accusations of a racist plot. There was a plot afoot alright: a plot to plant a bomb!
Let's talk about a motive now, why don't we. The motive was to get the Mexican people, who have been lampooning Fox and Castaneda mercilessly for their declarations that they were standing shoulder to shoulder with Bush, to swing around against the muslim world, and they thought this would be just the ticket. It seems that the Reichstag fire mentality is really big with the Mossad these days!
Also, let's get back to the DEBKA files story that attempted to use this incident as the basis for a complete disinformation ploy. How come all of Israel's defenders on the boards here jumped into that stupid polemic with both feet - saying that DEBKA was right and that the idea that the original story said the terrorists were Israelis and not Syrians was more racist propaganda? Those people have no regard for the truth. They want to lie as much as they can get by with, and when they get caught, they start screaming about racism.
Now this version that is reported in Cronica, which I went to the trouble to find the original complete story with the link and everything, is one version of the same story that was on television and in all of the major papers complete with editorials as the drama played out. The players who were there - the people who caught them, for instance - were interviewed. It was on television. TV Azteca and Televisa. There could hardly have been any racist plot to give Israel a black eye for this. But it would not be unusual for there to be a subsequent coverup and whitewash, and disappearance fo the story from the news, which is exactly what happened. What is clear, however, is that a very unresolved contradiction arose between the initial reports and the results of the whitewash, and that the DEBKA files attempt to salvage something from this looks suspicious indeed, as if they decided that they would at least try and sqeeze some propaganda benefit out of their little failed effort on the part of the Mossad.
I remember reading several stories and editorials in the Heraldo de Chihuahua and the Diario de Chihuahua at the time, although since this was a month ago, it is hard to remember what all was actually said, but there was a point when a whitewash emerged, followed by a complete cessation in reporting or commentary.
Meanwhile, while you are surfing Cronica's website, check out the message boards and see what public opinion in Mexico is really like concerning the war, in spite of what Fox and Castaneda are saying! You might have a look at what Mexicans think of Israel while you are at it. These items will give you some clues as to what the Mossad's motives were in this attempt of theirs.
posted 11-29-2001 12:45
"" indymedia discussion of validity links to discussion of credibility of information on Israeli indymedia site.
posted 11-29-2001 12:49
This is an editorial from the period, which points to the fact of a coverup. The editors are saying that they want to know the truth about why someone was caught inside the seante armed and with spy equipment and no explanation, and they aslo want to know who is protecting them and who is covering up the facts, and suggesting that if the truth came out it would be an emabassment. This is from the front page of the Cronica on Oct 12.:
Qu? pas? con el agente extranjero que estaba armado en la C?mara de Diputados? No es cosa menor: fotografiar dirigentes ca?eros, portar aparatos electr?nicos para espionaje, y una tremenda pistola 9 mil?metros al cinto... en la sede del Congreso. A cualquier mexicano que lo encuentren as?, estar?a hundido. Este se?or, ?no? ?De qu? polic?a es? ?Para qui?n trabaja? ?Qui?n lo protege? D?ganlo, aunque eso apene a los partidos en la C?mara.
***************** Okay I am going to answer downunda's question:
Shortly after the 9/11 incident, Gallup took a poll in a a lot of countries, and it turned out that in all of Latin America, support was very low for the planned US war effort. Mexico had the lowest margin of support, with only 2% of the population in favor of a war. This probably dropped to even less than that shortly after the poll was taken when Mexican papers revealed the connections between the Bush and Bin Laden families, and much hay was made of that by editorialists.
Meanwhile, Mexican president Vicente Fox and foreign minister Jorge Castaneda (whose mother is Jewish, by the way) declared that Mexico was behind Bush and that they would even send troops if Bush wanted them to. This was met with outrage in Mexico, and since Mexico is actually the most influential country in Latin America, all of the reacting taken place must have been seen as a bad sign for those who had a vested interest in the progress of the war party.
This has been discussed as the only possible reason for the attempted terrorist act on the part of the Israelis.
There can be no sweeping under the rug of the fact that this was widely reported and that a lot of editorializing took place and which direction the editorials took. This is what I have been describing.
Mexico may be a "third world country", but it has a huge border with the US and Hispanics are the largest minority in the US, of which Mexicans make up the largest block. Latin America is rather homogenous, with Mexico being the cultural and public opinion giant of the Latin world, in spite of the disparaging assessment it may get from its northern neighbor. drutherford posted 11-29-2001 15:16 Talk about your "Get out of jail free cards". Having bombs and guns on their persons wasn't quite enough evidence to hold them, I guess.
The American watchdog press apparently missed this one. Again. Nothing slips by the American Press.
Could Israelis have possibly been involved in the WTC attack as well?????
Mossad Agents Arrested In Attempt To Bomb
Mexican Congress
From the PGR (Mexican Department Of Justice) official web site comes an interesting story.
As reported in La Vox De Aztlan, two men, one of them a former Israeli Colonel and Mossad agent, were arrested INSIDE the Mexican congress carrying 9mm pistols and dynamite, but were released following intense pressure from the Israeli Embassy.
Army General and Head of the PGR Releases Two Israelis Arrested With Guns and Explosives Inside the Mexican Congress By Ernesto Cienfuegos La Voz de Aztlan October 15, 2001
Read the rest of the article here:
"What were the Israelis up to? We think we know. The Vicente Fox government has been very careful of involving Mexico in a war against Islam. The Mexican population as well as the two major opposition political parties, the PRI and the PRD will not allow it. President Bush and the U.S. Zionists want Mexico fully involved in the war principally because if things get tough in the middle east and the oil rich Arabs leave the coalition, the U.S. military machine is going to need alternative sources of oil and PEMEX is just across the border. We believe that the two Zionists terrorist were going to blow up the Mexican Congress. The second phase was to mobilize both the Mexican and US press to blame Osama bin Laden. Most likely then Mexico would declare war on Afghanistan as well, commit troops and all the oil it could spare to combat Islamic terrorism."
Comment from a Rense reader
From Mario Andrade
Hello Jeff,
I want to congratulate you in every way for posting the articles on your website. When I read the article about the Mossad agents caught trying to bomb the Mexican congress, I almost jumped out of my chair. I was SHOCKED. I couldn't believe it, so I went to the PGR website and verified it.
IT'S ALL TRUE! It's 100% accurate! You've nailed it! The guys that learned about this should get an award for reporting it. This proves your suspicions about Mossad involvement, or at least knowledge about 9-11. Do you remember the group of Israelis taking pictures and video from a roof top as the twin towers were burning to the ground? I could be wrong, but I believed you mentioned that during a Barry Chamish's appearance in your program.
WHERE ARE THE MAJOR NEWS NETWORKS ON THIS? They are all too busy promoting the Time-Warner-AOL-CNN Harry Potter movie or reporting on "the anthrax scare" (they call it scare because they're the ones scaring people). It's amazing how we can better rely on websites like yours for accurate news. It seems like we need to dig the truth out on our own all the time.
This media blackout is nothing less than the New World Order at work. Here we have two Israelis with explosives, grenades and guns caught inside the legislative chamber of the Mexican congress, and yet, NOTHING is mentioned in the news; not even in Mexico.
Without a doubt, these two suspects will be released. The PGR (Attorney General) website in Mexico does not list in "plain language" the charges for the suspects. It lists the "penal codes". They are the following: Violation of articles 123 and 143 of the General Law of Population in accordance with the sixth and seventh dash 1, 8, 9, and 13 of the federal penal code. This means that unless you're a lawyer in Mexico, you won't have any clue as for what they mean. This is how they let criminals go free all the time. Those codes could be bogus or made up, but the population is so dumbed down and ignorant that they will buy this without bothering to question it.
Please keep up the excellent work and thanks for informing us about what's really going on.
Best wishes,
Mario Andrade
The PGR website page
Systran translation page story
Zionist Terrorists Arrested
Inside Mexican Congress
MOSSAD Colonel Salvador Guersson Smecke and Saur Ben Zvi were armed and
carrying bomb materials
Read it here
posted 11-29-2001 16:14
The page from the Procuraduria General de la Republica proves the story to be true. Now it is very sad, that for some this story must have been invented by hate groups. And is not accepted as true, because it deos not fit into ones explanations of what is going on. THIS is known as fascist thinking.
posted 11-29-2001 21:41
That is exactly what I am saying. The people who initially reported that had bombs in their possession were the security people there at the Mexican Congress who arrested them. Therefor, this evidence would have had to go into the report wherin the initial charges were based, and that cannot be destroyed or altered. Any revisions and disclaimers which pretend to deny or circumvent that have to be patently false.
So, the story from Oct 11, 2001 is indeed a coverup, and the initial storie and editorials reflect the facts.
posted 11-30-2001 07:55
Ben Zvi was probably held for "possession of arms or explosives for the exclusive use of the military". I will look into that and see what those infractions are. My brother in law is a Mexican lawyer and he fights those cases all the time, so he will know what that is. That explains the language on the PRG site where it says he was "consigned to the judge of the first instance". If he were not charged with something that would allow him to make bail, he would have just bailed out. If not, he would have to wait for a hearing, and then he would likely get and "auto formal de prision" which is where you are held without bail.
So, if he was charged as such, as it would appear, then he did have the things that the guards in the senate building stated he had. If he got out of jail in spite of that, then this is highly irregular.
posted 12-01-2001 04:12
"Violation of articles 123 and 143 of the General Law of Population in accordance with the sixth and seventh dash 1, 8, 9, and 13 of the federal penal code."
I looked these up on a CD that contains Mexican laws at my brother-in-law's law office. The only one of these statutes mentioned that concerns an actual infraction is the article 123, which is concerned with being in the country illegally, not having entered on any kind of visa. In other words, Ben Zvi was smuggled into the country somehow, and did not go through any sort of Mexican immigration checkpoint either at a border or at an airport for instance, and he had no papers on file indicating how he came into the country, and this is a crime. Article 143 states that the prosecution of the crime has to be under the guidelines of Mexican immigration statutes, and the other clauses cited are simply adminstrative details.
So, the only thing that Ben Zvi, then, is actually charged with is the illegal and clandestine entry into the country.
My brother-in-law is of the opinion that this is a "jalada", as he calls it, which is where, in this case anyway, a prosecution document is substituted in the file in place of the original, the substitute being designed to get the suspects off, but at the same time to give cause for their having arrested in the first place, thus covering the tails of the police and prosecutors.
Again, I would point out that the biggest inconsistency is that they were initially arrested by the guards at the Mexican senate, San Lazaro, and that it was reported that they had "two 9mm pistols, nine grenades, explosives, three detonators and 58 bullets", such that the status as reported by the PGR that Guersson Smecke had a pistol which was duly registered and therefor he was released, while Ben Zvi is declared not to have been armed is simply not explained away very easily by these theories that these reports just arose as a result of some speculation or some racist reasons. They were reported because they had such things, and the denials in the press that occurred later and the omission in the PGR report are as a result of pressure and bribery.
Another report surfaced at one point - I have not seen it myself, but my BIL told me about it - wherin it was reported that, in order to give an explanation as to what, exactly, they were doing in San Lazaro in the first place - they are reported to have said that they were going to demonstrate to the Mexican authorities that their security was inadequate. The idea was to try and get some kind of contract for providing security. One inconsistancy with that is that they were not able to show any record of their having contacted anyone or made any reports concerning such a plan, indicating that this cover story was made up after the fact. Another inconsistancy is this: Why would a person who was inside the country illegally - someone who had been smuggeled into the country unknown to the authorities - be involved in some proposed business with the government itself? On the other hand, if Ben Zvi was in fact a terrorist, he would have planned on being smuggled out just as he had been smuggled in, therefor leaving no record of his having come or gone.
posted 12-01-2001 13:15
Old news, but I will leave some additional comments.
This story is true, it is not a hoax. It was first reported by NOTIMEX, Mexico's official news agency. And later confirmed officially by the PGR (a government ministry).
The israeli vice-minister of foreign relations appeared in Mexico City a couple of days later. The president and his top advisors were in a visit to Europe. Then the "cover-up" started and no one has ever heard of it since. Closed doors since the incident at the Israeli embassy and a veil of silence, of course.
The "official" excuse was that these two israelies had a meeting to sell security services to Congress... But of course, 9mm armed salemen!!! BTW One of the israelies DID NOT speak spanish, at all!!!
Why Mexico? Well, one reason was mentioned here and that was support of the war and further wars, the door to latinamerica. Another reason is that Mexico's economy is stable and has very high dollar reserves and it is U.S. second trading partner. (The U.S. hot-air filled economy is recessing or deflating of course). It shares a 2,000 mile border. And the main reason is of course Oil and possibly even Uranium.
Mexico suported a lot of the labor during WW-II as well as much of the oil needed in the U.S. Remember that this all happened before Russia became "friends" with Bush.
About a week ago, a close friend received an e-mail from a congress person thanking him for the information provided about the Glock 9mm and the Israeli defense and mossad service. As well as an article about mossad high tech gadgets that are meant to look like useless trinkets.
The e-mail reads:
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 13:11:17 -0600
Estimado simpatizante, no sabemos tu nombre y nos gustaria saberlo, con relaci?n a tu an?lisis, te lo agradezco y te informa que ya se a turnado al area de analisis pol?tico. Los resultados de este analisis junto con tu informaci?n ser?n pr?ximamente publicados en la p?gina del partido en icono de "La VERDAD". Esperamos que este interes por indagar la verdad continue en tu vida. Recuerda que la demanda por la verdad es una cultura del ciudano Nacionalista responsable. Felicidades por tu gran inter?s por M?xico. ATTE. Dip Gustavo Riojas recordando que "La Patria es Primero" ___
It roughly says that he would like to have more information on the "informant" who provided the annalysis (wouldn't we all) and that the annalysis and other reports and witnesses records will be posted at the party's web site, soon.
All reports and archives are in Mexico City and witnesses were dissmised by officials as "trouble-making peasants".
The congress person belongs to a minor political party in Mexico.
posted 12-01-2001 20:16
Did DEBKA pull their spurious report from the website?
I would assume that they had it filed under the "Americas" section, but if you go to that page, you can see that there are reports dating from Oct 13, around the time of the San Lazaro incident, and then they jump to a report on Oct 22, but the San Lazaro incident story is not there! As many of you might recall, the DEBKA story - which mentioned 10 Syrian terrorsits on their way to blow up the Mexican congress and assasinate Fox - was copy/pasted onto this board, and when some of us reported that it was an altered version of the real story, we were attacked by the Israeli lobby here as racist nazis and so forth (similarly to the above posts by Zhid_X and Ensign Expendible).
Why did DEBKA pull the account from their website? Anyone have any theories on that? Since much of their other material is just as spurious, why did they find it necessary to do that?
On another note, this may be old news in a sense, but it is very important, because it is all about Israeli terrorists operating right in America's back yard with a view to blowing up the congress of a neighboring state! This certainly brings the Reichstag event notion around almost full circle!
Also, to add something to what you just said: How can it be that some "security experts" send a guy who does not even speak the language to make a proposal somehow that is not programed or announced or recorded in any way, and then it turns out he is in the country illegally and he is arrested and charged with illegal entry - and this particular is documented and on file and stated explicitly on the PGR website? This shows the extremely spurious nature of the coverup, which was hastily conconcted in a piecemeal fashion designed to cover the tails of the Israelis themselves, the arresting officers - both those of the San Lazaro guard and the Policia Judicial Federal who would have have brought them to the agente the ministerio publico - it would have to cover the tail of the agente de ministerio publico for bringing some charge that would have bound them over to the juez de la primer instancia, and it would have to cover the tail of the PGR. So that is why they left them with the one charge of illegal entry on Ben Zvi. But the effect of that is that it further blows a hole in their cover story of the supposed proposed "security contract".


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