Chamish - We Hold These
Truths To Be Obvious
By Barry Chamish

- Osama Bib Laden is a creation of American and British intelligence and wittingly or not, is doing their bidding.
- Two airplanes did not knock down the World Trade Centers by themselves and the structures did not collapse because of melted steel. The jet fuel had already nearly burned itself out when the demolition began.
- Five trillion dollars stolen from the American economy in the past decade are now deliberately untraceable, the evidence buried in the rubble of the WTC.
- Pilots trained on Cessnas at a Florida flight school could not guide passenger jets into target buildings. Remote control guidance could.
- Bush and Bin Laden family business ties create a conflict of interest so blatant that the current American president must be made to resign.
- If the American people want to exact justice for the crimes of September 11, they should choose better targets than Afghanistan, like Jesuit headquarters in Rome or Chatham House in Manhattan.
- The Taliban was one of numerous dictatorships funded and armed by the hidden planetary rulers to justify a later war.
- The timing of the anthrax attacks was not coincidental but a part of a wide terror campaign whose goal is the destruction of civil rights and the initiation of a new world order run by the very folks spreading the disease.
- Because of the nearly complete corruption of the courts and mainstream media, no serious crime will ever be truthfully exposed, be it the downing of Pan Am, TWA, Swissair or Egypt Air passenger jets or political assassinations like JFK Jr. or Princess Diana. etc. etc. et al.
- At least in Israel, they're not going to get away with the Rabin murder.
- Which does nothing to stop the lying whitewashes of such crimes as the kidnapping of Yemenite infants or the assassination of Rehavam Zeevi.
- Nor will the truth of the Oslo Accord ever be told. But we know that Israel was put on the front line of today's world war and that the "peace" process was planned from the beginning to exacerbate Islamic extremism and get the world used to suicide bombings before they were used against them.
All that, we view as obvious. ___
I'm off on a speaking tour, so no updates for a few weeks.
Toronto Information: I will be manning a booth on Nov. 23, 24 and 25 (Whole Life Expo). Then, speaking on Nov. 27, 28, 29 - Bradgate Arms, Rosedale Room, 54 Foxbar Road (corner Avenue Rd. one block south of St. Clair W.) 6:30 - 10:30 Reservations: 416-259-2829 Fax: 416-259-2128 Out of town: 1-888-845-6838
For details call:
Loretta - 416-259-4954
New York area information:
Tuesday, Nov. 13 - Salon meeting at the home of Ray Antoky. He has kindly consented to accept my phone messages as well. Call 917 5541855
Wed. Nov 14th - Lisker Synagogue 163 E. 69th St between Lex and 3rd 8:00 asking $5 donation
Thurs Nov 15th in the Clark/Rahway area (New Jersey) for details call Charlie (cell) 908 217 1358
Sat. Nov 17th Young Israel of Passaic 200 Brook Ave (one block off Main St.) 8:30 for info call 973 471 7708
For further information: Contact Charlie or cell 908 217 1358
My e-mail address while I'm in North America is
Hope I'll be meeting you soon.


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