Netanyahu - Terrorists
Will Nuke New York
With Carl Limbacher and Staff

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Monday night that Mideast terrorists are determined to obtain nuclear weapons, and when they do, they will use them on New York City.
"They're going to attack America again and again," Netanyahu told Fox News Channel's "Hannity & Colmes." And the great danger that we face is ... if they acquire nuclear weapons - if any part of this terror network acquires nuclear weapons - they will use it. And history as we know it will come to pass."
In an exchange with Sean Hannity, the one-time Israeli chief said there is no doubt which city would be first on the terrorist nuke target list.
HANNITY: America needs to understand, if they get nuclear weapons they already have the willingness to use them. If we allow that to happen, if we don't win that race, [then] the world is a much more dangerous place for our children.
NETANYAHU: Not a more dangerous [world] - they'll drop it in New York. They'll drop it right here - right in the place where we sit.
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