North Korea Threatens
President Bush
From Gregory Burnham

(Note - The following was sent to me by an intelligence analyst who shall remain anonymous. -GB0)
On October 27th, 2001 a North Korean government press conference was broadcast in Beijing by China News denouncing President George W. Bush for insulting Kim Jung Il, President of North Korea, with some pointed comments made by President Bush during the recent summit of world leaders in Shanghai.
The North Korean spokesman stated that the President's description of the North Korean president as being "very secretive" and "difficult to deal with" constituted a great insult to the North Korean demagogue and that "Bush will pay dearly for his words".
This is a very alarming statement and should not be taken lightly.
"Loss of face" is the greatest indignity that an oriental can suffer. Kim Jung Il, the son of Kim Il Sung, who has been officially deified by the North Koreans has suffered a mortal catastrophe to an oriental despot. The North Koreans feel that Kim has been singled out and "dissed" by the leader of the Western World and so, in the North Korean mentality, has been handed an insufferable affront to his personal and political dignity. The only ways through which an oriental can regain "face" is by receiving a public apology or by taking vengeance on his enemy.
An apology will not be forthcoming as neither President Bush nor the State Department know that anything has happened . They don't realize that Bush's off-the-cuff remarks were so negatively interpreted and misconstrued by the North Koreans. There isn't a foggy notion in Foggy Bottom than anything is amiss. But this is serious business for the North Koreans and the statement quoted above, "Bush will pay dearly for his words!", constitute, in this analyst's opinion, nothing less than a declaration of war. There is no "in-between" with North Koreans.
The North Korean press conference was monitored by this analyst several times over the course of the day as they were broadcast in America by International News Network, the news cable system of the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company).
Today, October 30th, this analyst, identifying myself as a member of the U.S. Naval Institute and the Federation of American Scientists, contacted U.S. Secret Service in Washington, D.C. to inform them of these observations and these developments as a "China Watcher". This analyst voiced great concern regarding the North Korean statement and informed Secret Service that they must begin monitoring these developments immediately. When asked "what and when", Secret Service was informed that "what" is yet unknown but that "a gut instinct" of the "when" would be in from 3 to 6 months. This analyst was requested by Secret Service to monitor situation via Chinese broadcasts and to notify their office of any developments in this area.
I urge you to forward this information to any colleagues who share my concerns for the life and safety of the President. The North Korean spokesman's words have been ringing in my ears for days:
"Bush will pay dearly for his words".
How many ways can you interpret that?

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