No One Can Locate Pakistan's
Nuclear Assets Say Pak Experts
By Ansar Abbasi
The News - Pakistan

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan's senior nuclear experts rule out the capability of any nation, even the US, to find out the location of country's nuclear assets and are sure that falling of Islamabad's nuclear devices into "wrong hands" is out of question.
In their separate meetings with The News these experts, who deal with the manufacture and operation aspects, dismiss the ongoing Western propaganda raising apprehensions about the country's nuclear programme.
They believe that it is the Jewish lobby that is actually behind this propaganda to put Pakistan under pressure and get hold of its sensitive installations. Most of their apprehensions, they said, on condition of anonymity, were "far-fetched" and totally unconvincing for those who have the technical know-how of the nuclear weapons.
Pakistan is currently in the focus of Western media for what they (the media) believe the vulnerability of its nuclear programme. Some Western nations led by the US are joining this chorus and trying to tell Pakistan how should a nuclear power behave in safeguarding its nuclear devises.
It is interesting to note here that the US is the only exception among the world's nuclear powers, which has ever used the nuclear bombs and killed tens of thousands of innocent people in Japan. Pakistan nuclear experts outright dismissed any chance of Osama or the Taliban being capable of manufacturing or using a nuclear device. "All such claims are simply hilarious," an expert said, adding that these were too sophisticated things to be handled by every Tom, Dick and Harry.
These experts even go to the extent that if a nuclear weapon is given to any person it still needs very specialised and technical expertise to use it. "There is no such thing as pressing of a button," an expert said.
Pakistan's nuclear programme, it is said, has become more of a political issue than a real technical concern for many nations. "Concerns about our nuclear programme are raised every now and then, which show there is someone 's political agenda," the source said.
Some external elements, they said, also wanted Pakistan through these tactics to spell out its command and control system and open its installations to them. "These are classified things everywhere. Why should we share these things with others when other nuclear powers don't share their secrets with anybody else," the expert said. "Those who make nuclear weapons also know how to protect and secure them," a nuclear scientist said, revealing that the making of a nuclear device and evolution of a mechanism for its protection go together.
When asked to comment on the public apprehension whether the country's nuclear installation were so vulnerable that they could easily be targeted by the enemy, one of these experts said: "It's not a joke. We know how to protect them."
The satellites and sophisticated cameras, he said, could not track down the location of these devices. Not many in Pakistan, it is said, even know as to how many nuclear assets the country has and where they are located. "Most of such apprehensions are based on misinformation or because of lack of awareness," the expert said. The satellite and sophisticated cameras, it is said, could not even detect as to what was inside a metal container. "There are wrong perceptions about developed world's capability of seeing everything through their satellites," the expert said.
About two Pakistani nuclear scientists who have recently been interrogated for their possible links to Osama and his al-Qaeda organisation, these experts said that both the scientists had nothing to do with Pakistan's nuclear programme. "I am even sure that they had never seen a nuclear device throughout their career with Pakistan's nuclear agencies," a senior source said.
He disclosed that one of these scientists had been attached with a nuclear power plant while the other was simply a meteorologist. Both were retired four to five years back, it was revealed. These experts believe that Pakistan should not get itself provoked by the ill-founded propaganda launched by the Western nations and its media.


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