New World Order Involvement
In Illegal Immigration
By Mario Andrade

Here in the United States, we are gradually losing our freedoms, and eventually, our country. I don't mean this geographically; I mean this in the sense that without our Liberties, this country will not be the same as we know it.
The New World Order is planning to turn this country into a nation of slaves, a nation of "cheap labor", a nation of submissive workers and consumers.
"I don't want a nation of thinkers. I want a nation of workers."
--John D. Rockefeller
The Illuminati began to put their greedy plans to work in Mexico with the 1910 revolution.
During the Porfirio Diaz so-called "dictatorship", Mexico was just as successful as the US. The Mexican Peso was worth twice as much as the US Dollar. Mexico was building more railroads than the US. Mexico was on the way to become an economic superpower. This was possible because the Mexicans worked very hard for very little money.
To get an idea or to describe those times, you can always look at the Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros or Jose Clemente Orozco murals. If you get a chance, please take a look at them. By looking at those paintings, you can literally transport your mind to those times. They are amazing. They show the enslaved Mexican workers. They appear tired, as if they had been working non-stop. They were indeed building the "new" Mexico.
Please take a look at these paintings and you'll understand what I'm trying to say:
This is the most amazing one; it's the perfect vision of the future. It's called "The Man on the Crossroads". It shows an AMERICAN man on a time machine. If you look in the upper left, you'll see military personnel wearing gas masks. Don't forget, this was done almost a century ago. YOU'LL BE AMAZED!
Here's a BRILLIANT link with information about the relationship between Nelson Rockerfeller and Diego Rivera:
The illuminatti saw those images and decided to BRING THAT TO THE US. Bring cheap labor. Bring those submissive workers. LETS MAKE LOTS OF MONEY!
The Mexican Revolution of 1910 was a SHAM. Until this day, Mexicans are very peaceful people and they could not have risen to arms with pitchforks and machetes against the Mexican army on their own. Without a doubt, there were other forces and factors involved: It was orchestrated by the NWO to create a corrupt government and poverty.
They allowed the Mexican PRI regime to steal from the population and from the natural resources of the country for seventy years. The purpose was to drive as many Mexicans to the US as possible. They have been systematically driving marginalized population areas to the US. They are not doing that at gun point; they're doing it economically. Illegal immigration from Mexico is NOTHING NEW; it began shortly after the revolution took place ninety years ago.
The recent illegal immigration boom in California and the Southwest states is caused by fabricated armed conflicts in Chiapas, Guerrero, and Michoacan.
These conflicts are taking place among indigenous groups financed by the New World Order.
In 1998, a TV helicopter crew with journalists from TV Azteca decided to venture into the mountains of Chiapas to conduct interviews with the "armed revolutionaries". What they found was ASTOUNDING. They were caught and ordered to leave by a group of Americans and Europeans living among the indian tribes in Chiapas. These were the people that behind the conflict. They claimed to be "international observers"; nevertheless, they felt they had the authority to order the journalists to leave. This is irrefutable proof that there's a third party involved; it's the new world order.
In light of the never ending Chiapas armed conflict and a drastically increased illegal immigration, the PRI era came to an end. Former Coca-Cola CEO Vicente Fox won the presidential election promising tax breaks for investors that want to create jobs in the marginalized regions of Mexico. However, soon after getting elected, he made immigration his most important issue.
Fox wants a free flow of workers between the US, Mexico and Canada. He's receiving heavy criticism from his political opponents for issuing survival kits for illegal immigrants. By doing that, Fox is sending Mexicans to their death in the Sonora desert and the Rio Grande. The ones that survive and don't get caught in the US live a miserable life and create social and economic problems. Fox wants to legalize the people that come to the US illegally after he encouraged them to do so. This is the final stage of the NWO plan.
Despite the fact that I'm against illegal immigration, I never forget that there are people involved. They are still human beings; they are not monsters.
We should always keep the human aspect of this in mind. If we loose touch with that, as well as the REAL causes of this social and economic problem, we will fail.


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