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Subject Hepatitis C Linked to Dentists
Being a dentist myself, I am very well aware of the spread of bloodborne pathogens in dentistry.
Since dentistry was 'deregulated' in the late '70s and taken over by managed care companies - dentists have little control over clinic functions such as sterilization protocol.
There is so much pressure to PRODUCE, that corners are cut by the management companies at the expense of the dentist and patient.
Healthcare 'consumers' today want free or low cost health care -well this is exactly what they are getting, plus bonuses like Hep C and CJD (mad cow disease).
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Hepatitis C Linked To dentists
By Kate Foster
Health Correspondent
The Scotsman
THOUSANDS of hepatitis C sufferers may have contracted the life- threatening virus during dental treatment, health campaigners warned yesterday. (Note - this is only in SCOTLAND and doesn't take into account the US, etc. - ed)
It is feared current methods of sterilising dental equipment may not be effective in removing the risk of transmission of the virus, which is 100 times more infectious than HIV.
Jeff Frew, the secretary of Capital C, a support group for hepatitis C sufferers, told The Scotsman that of the 38 per cent of people whose source of infection is unknown, a "substantial number" could have been infected at the dentist.
He said: "Many people with the virus do not fall into the risk categories and do not know how they became infected.
"Dental treatment is the only time when large numbers of the public come into contact with blood. We believe that, although dentists sterilise their tool heads, they are too busy and do not have enough resources to sterilise their tools themselves, and machinery that drives the tools. Hep C is extremely infectious and blood could get into the tool mechanisms and be passed between patients."
Although 10,000 Scots are known to be infected, it is believed a further 25,000 do not know they have the virus, as it can take 20 years for sufferers to fall ill.
Nigel Hughes, the chief executive of the British Liver Trust, warned the risk of infection from dental surgeries "could not be ignored".
He said: "It would be possible to catch hepatitis C in this way if the equipment is not rigorously cleaned and sterilised.
"There's always a distinct possibility, especially if the dental practice session is very busy"
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