Cooper's Demise Predicted
By Many Who Knew Him
By Mark Shaffer
The Arizona Republic

Having known Bill Cooper I predicted years ago that his life would end this way. He had a real love for firearms and booze. He had a difficult time distinguishing truth from fantasy.
I'm only sorry his good qualities did not predominate in his life.
Back in 1988 when I met John Lear, Bill Cooper was starting to post his expose of MJ-12 and the UFO coverup. I was beginning to look into the MJ-12 enigma myself at the time and worked with Bill Steinman who wrote the book "UFO Crash at Aztec". Steinman was always one of the first to hear about a new whistleblower and that is how I had heard about Cooper.
I was one of the first ones to sponsor a talk by him and was embarrassed afterward when he made a plea for money.
Afterwards, having coffee in the restaurant with Bill and his wife, he told me that he had seen something in official documents on the 1954 Edwards AFB incident with Eisenhower. I was very interested in this rumor and even went someways in investigating the incident. Bill made the startling claim then (and it was recorded during his talk) that it was Pleidians that landed at Edwards in 1954! I thought this was most peculiar so a few months later I brought up the subject over the phone and he stated to me that he had never said that Pleidians had landed at Edwards because the docs said Reticulans.
I knew then that he was an inveterate liar and he changed his story at least once a month. He also stunned me by inviting me to go to a gun show with him and buy a type of gun that would "blow a hole in an engine block". I asked him why I would want to do a silly thing like that. His reply was that I should protect myself against the government.
He used to drink heavily and got into a fight at one UFO conference in San Diego with Eric Beckjord. When he eventually changed his story from evil aliens to evil government and lost his growing audience he faded from the UFO conferences and went to Arizona to spread his militia views.
In his book, "Behold a Pale Horse" he says that he thought that I was a friend, but I was just another opportunist. I am sorry he felt that way. I found the bulk of this book to be no more than plagiarized works bound under cover with his name on it. The only part that was his was the first chapters on his story which had long since changed since he wrote the book.
Farewell Bill. I hope you rest easily in the afterlife as you sure were ill at ease with life on earth.
Bill Hamilton


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