Dashcle Anthrax Note Would
Make 2 Million Sick

There were two grams of anthrax - or up to 20 billion spores - in the letter sent to Sen. Tom Daschle's office, officials said yesterday.
On paper, the teaspoon of material in the hate mail would theoretically be enough to give 2 million people inhalation anthrax, experts said.
But the arithmetic doesn't take into account the improbability of one teaspoon in one envelope being delivered to such a vast number.
The revelation came as the State Department said low levels of the bacteria may be all over its building, possibly brought in by mail that came in contact with the Daschle letter.
Also yesterday, spores were found in two more Washington-area post offices and one in West Palm Beach, Fla., and there was a report of anthrax found at an Indianapolis repair facility that fixes equipment from D.C. post offices.
Probers are now looking at a cross-contamination theory - a scenario in which mail from a tainted facility picks up spores and deposits them elsewhere.
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