Chamish - Rabin Day Addendum
By Damien McElroy
The Telegraph - London

November 4th, 2001, the final day of Rabin week. In our previous overview, we discovered that the entire Israeli religious and conservative media reported extensively on the conspiracy that ended with Rabin's murder. We noted that one newspaper, Yated Neeman, observed that this year the liberal/left media chose to drastically tone down its coverage of Rabin week because they had received conclusive proof that Yigal Amir did not murder Rabin in the form of two police lab tests on his hands right after the shooting, which proved negative for metal and gunpowder traces.
The gunpowder trace test was conducted by the head of the Israel Police Trace Laboratory, Chief Inspector Nadav Levine. This week, one of my faithful readers, who works in the medical field, called Levine to verify his test results on Amir's hands. Levine did not deny that he conducted the tests, nor did he deny the results. He simply said, "I did my job and now it's in the hands of the courts." We can assume that he gave the same answer to those journalists of the mainstream media who decided to keep Rabin week coverage to a minimum.
On the weekend before the end of the obscene annual ritual, the newspaper pattern stayed the same, but with one huge difference:
Hamodia - religious, right - A superb three page precis of the Amir/Raviv issues including fifty unanswered questions about the Rabin assassination that put it all together for the novices and former non-believers.
Makor Rishon - secular, right - A two and a half page summary of the main conspiracy theses. This author's section was riddled with errors. The article, though extremely helpful to the cause of truth, claimed I have been working with one of Amir's lawyers from the beginning, in order to publicize facts not suitable for the courtroom. Simply, not true at all.
Yerushalayim - secular, left - Nearly supercilious coverage of the recent Root And Branch Rabin Assassination Congress.
Maariv - secular, liberal - A tiny reference to the "conspiracy" theory in one column. Nothing else.
Yediot Ahronot - secular, liberal - Gurnischt
Haaretz - secular, extreme left - Bubkes
Kol Ha'ir - secular, extreme left - One of the most thorough and important exposes of this week or any other.
Wait, what was that? An extreme left news magazine printing a Rabin murder expose? Could it be? It sure could and let's take a gander at this revelation.
The front page of the magazine: Pictures of Shlomi Halevy, Hezi Kalo and Dahlia Pelosoff Rabin. The headline: THEY'RE AFRAID.
The characters so far:
Shlomi Halevy - He reported Amir's threats on Rabin to the police and Shabak in July, 1995, five months before the murder, making him one of the rare heroes in the ugly tale of the assassination.
Dahlia Pelosoff Rabin - In last week's Haaretz, she was quoted as watching the upcoming Avishai Raviv trial with great interest, believing that this Shabak provocateur was "just the tip of the iceberg." As we know, Raviv's trial was delayed for the ninth time, this time for six months. On the same day as her Raviv quote, Maariv reported that the Rabin family was pressing for the prosecution of Shlomi Halevy.
Khezi Kalo - Head of the Jewish Department of the Shabak in the period leading up to and including the Rabin murder. Thus, he was Avishai Raviv's commander.
We open the article. The headline reads: THE SHABAK'S TRICK
The new characters are:
Yaniv Elrad - Kalo's lawyer, previously Ehud Barak's strategic planning director.
Khemi Sal - Head of the Political Affairs Dept. of the National Kibbutz Movement and an executive member of Dor Shalom, the organization supposedly charged with keeping Rabin's ideals alive.
Yossi Ginosar - Former Deputy Head of the Shabak. Released from duty for perjury and abetting murders. Took his ties to the PLO with him and became a partner in their Jericho casino, or what's left of it. The mediator between PLO security chief, the well known tyrant and murderer Rajoub Jibril and Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak and their ilk.
The plot:
Kol Ha'ir reports, "On the surface, the last person the Shabak would want to prosecute would be Shlomi Halevy, one of the few sympathetic people involved in the Rabin assassination." Yet, the report continues, the person behind the initiative is none other than Khezi Kalo. The media reports that the Rabin family were behind Halevy's planned prosecution were lies.
Dahlia Pelosoff Rabin told the reporter (Anat Ben Moshe): "Neither and I nor my family led any initiative to prosecute Shlomi Halevy. The media was wrong."
So how did the Rabin family get the blame/credit/responsibility? The plot unfolds:
Kalo is terrified about what could come out at the Raviv trial. Raviv has let it be known that he will not allow himself to become the scapegoat for all the incitements leading to the Rabin murder. If Raviv turns his anger into truthful testimony, the whole Rabin fake assassination plot could be revealed in court.
So far, the Shabak has managed to postpone Raviv's trial nine times and the public is getting very sick of the manipulations. What is needed for Kalo is a legal precedent that could be used to cut a trial-ending deal. Raviv is charged with not preventing Rabin's murder because he withheld knowledge of Amir's murderous intentions and did not inform his superiors. Halevy also had knowledge of Amir's Shabak-directed threats but did inform the police and Shabak, however, without naming Amir. He, instead, described Amir, as a short Yemenite who belonged to a political group at Bar Ilan University.
Now the nutty conclusion. Because Halevy had foreknowledge but didn't name Amir, he should be charged with the same crime as Raviv. But because he did inform the authorities, the court will throw out the case against him. When it does, Raviv will have his precedent to have his charges thrown out as well.
As one Shabak official summarized the plot; "Kalo is terrified that he'll have to testify at Raviv's trial. He made a strategic decision to go after Halevy to prevent that. Since Halevy is such a minor character, there will be no pressure on the court to try him, like there was for Margalit Har Shefi. The judges will refuse to proceed based on lack of public interest and Kalo will have his precedent for cancelling Raviv's trial."
And now the plot deepens...
Kalo could not be seen as behind the initiative to prosecute Halevy, so he set up a few walls between him and the facts. He asked his attorney, Elrad, to find and convince a respected public figure to submit the case against Halevy to the courts. Khemi Sal was chosen and he told Kol Ha'ir that he had no idea Kalo was behind the trial petition. Deceit number one.
Deceit number two...
To get the trial ball rolling, there is nothing like Rabin family support. Because Kalo has no in with the Rabins, he sent his pal Ginosar to Dahlia Pelesoff Rabin and included in his conversation was a reference to the prosecution of Halevy. She acknowledged the idea and that was leaked to Maariv as Rabin family support for a trial against Halevy.
Kalo's plot illustrates just how desperate the Shabak is to put an end to the Rabin murder affair. They are up to all kinds of tricks, including planting lies everywhere. Local researchers have a disrupter in their ranks and all kinds of increasingly desperate disinformation is being placed on the internet by an address called cyber samizdat. The deceit is being spread by a Haifa-based professor, trained and groomed by the Federal Reserve, and apparently sent to Israel to spread that kind of free-market economic theory that allows American corporations to take over a nation's finances. He is being backed by a CIA/CFR father-son team in America, also tied to academia.
Then there is the plot to re-imprison Margalit Har Shefi as reported in Haaretz, based on an allegedly forged letter sent by her to President Katzav, which led to her early release.
The List
Included in the massive pile of documents left to this writer a couple of months ago is a list of nearly 400 unmarried, religious women, their addresses and phone numbers, recovered from Amir's computer by the police. Journalist Adir Zik, (who broke his hip last week, a quick recovery to him), took special interest in the list and found its significance. He believes the Shabak supplied Amir with the list to find women to victimize, and in Raviv's case, to marry.
Reading the newly uncovered testimonies of Raviv, Amir and Har Shefi leaves no doubt, that the latter was the second most gullible woman found. The most gullible was the poor settler woman who actually married Raviv.
Here are just a few of the ways Amir set up the foolish Har Shefi to be a conspirator in his crimes.
- Amir asked Har Shefi to buy her some digital watches, the kind that can be used to set off bombs. She complied.
- Amir asked Har Shefi to recommend a chemist who could teach him to make bombs. She directed him to Dr. Bachrach of Bet El.
- Amir invited Har Shefi to join his underground. She agreed if she wouldn't have to do anything violent.
Time after time, Amir framed Har Shefi and this silly girl played along without a second thought, if she was even capable of a first thought at what she was getting into. And none of this setup was ever mentioned at her trial. Clearly it was not in her or the Shabak's interest to bring up these embarrassing little facts. Nor did the court pursue them because the judicial system is rotten. Let's look at a personal example.
A year and a half ago, I sued Knesset Member Ophir Pines for slander after he had my book banned from the podium of the Knesset. I won the first hearing when Judge Boaz Okun ruled that it was my right to sue a Knesset member, despite parliamentary immunity from prosecution.
And I was winning the second hearing until Attorney General Elyakim Rubinstein sent his attorney to the courtroom with a brief to show Judge Okun. A meeting was held behind closed doors and the judge returned to close the trial. (A full account of the fiasco is in the author's book, The Last Days Of Israel).
Now what could Judge Okun have been offered to agree to such a miscarriage of justice?
This week Judge Boaz Okun was appointed to the Israeli Supreme Court.
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