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From Victoria Jack

Here is a fraction of what can be found on Bill Cooper's website at The article pertains, I believe, directly to the events of today and we should preserve this information before it and the "truth" become casualties of WAR. The "Corporation of the United States" has, indeed, declared WAR on the good people of America. The fine print in the latest so-called terrorist bill proves this. How much of this are we going to take!
Famous quote from the 1976 motion picture, "Network?"
"...I'm as mad as hell... And I'm not gonna take it anymore!!!..."
Brian Hall
Does this make me dangerous, unpatriotic, un-American?

Cooper Family Targeted By Feds
Public Notice and update page
Judicial notice is hereby served by affiants upon the United States any other interested party named within. This public notice will be construed to comply with provisions necessary to establish presumed fact under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and attending State rules should interested parties fail to rebut any given allegation or matter of law addressed herein. The position will be construed as adequate to meet requirements of judicial notice, thus preserving fundamental law. Matters addressed herein, if not rebutted, will be construed to have general application. This public notice includes all information which will be found by following the links on this page and by following the links found on any page that is linked from this page. A true and correct copy of this Public Notice is on file with and available for inspection at the office of VERITAS national newspaper and at the office of Harvest Trust. This public notice addresses federal jurisdiction, federal authority, jurisdiction and authority of federal agents, the Constitutionality and lawful character of the income tax and the Internal Revenue Service, and other agencies of the United States government including but not limited to the Department of the Treasury, and legal application of the Internal Revenue Code.
Any statements or claims made by the Affiants in this public notice, properly rebutted by facts of Law, or by overriding Constitution for the United States of America, Article Three, Supreme Court rulings, shall not prejudice the Lawful validity of other claims not properly rebutted or invalidated by facts of Law.
This public notice has been published on this WebPages for more than three days which fulfills the legal requirement under the law in accordance to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and attending rules of the State of Arizona. This public notice is mirrored on three websites in addition to this website.
New Public Notice #3 posted July 6, 1998
On July 2, 1998 Special Agent Steve Fillerup of the Federal Bureau of Investigation approached the bottom of the hill and honked his horn. He attempted to entice us to accept a document that he held in his hand. We refused the document and refused to enter into discussion with him. I told him he was out of his jurisdiction and cited the documentation and Supreme Court cases to that effect which we have in our possession. I told him to inform his traitor supervisors that, "Tell them they stepped on their dicks this time." Special Agent Fillerup replied, "I think we probably did." He got back in his blazer and drove away. On July 1, 1998, U. S. District Court Judge Irwin (ADL) unconstitutionally and unlawfully stepped outside the jurisdiction and authority of the United States when he issued a bench warrant for the arrest of William and Annie Cooper for not appearing in "his" court on an unconstitutional and unlawful summons which was NEVER served. The United States has no jurisdiction or venue within the territorial boundaries of the State of Arizona except over land that was ceded to the United States by the by the State Legislature.
WARNING!! Any attempt by the federal government or anyone else to execute the unconstitutional and unlawful arrest warrants issued by Judge Irwin will be met with armed resistance. Any person who attempts to kidnap our children will be shot upon discovery.
We are formed as the Constitutional and Lawful unorganized Militia of the State of Arizona and the united States of America and have made many public statements to that affect since 1990. All of these statements are on record on tapes of our lectures and broadcasts. These tapes are dispersed in the hands of Americans across the nation. By invading the Sovereign jurisdiction of the State of Arizona to attack the Citizens of the State of Arizona the United States has declared war upon the Citizens of the several States of the Union
Therefore a STATE OF WAR exists between the Citizens of the Union States and the corporate United States.
We will be Free under Constitutional Republican government guaranteed to us by the organic Constitution for the united States of America or we will be dead. This is the land of the free and the home of the brave. We have drawn our line in the sand.

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