World Exclusive!
Stunning Daylight Disc Taped
By Hungarian Military Pilot

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UPDATE 10-23-1
NOTE - Kal Korff is coming back to ufology after two years off. He is currently living and writing in Prague. Somehow, he got to the Hungarian government and BOUGHT a copy of the video. He and SZILARD are now associates. Kal is coming on the program March first and will be sending exclusive NEW images of this story.
Dear Jeff,
(snip) I have visited your web site and must inform you that the images were not reversed. I think after translation I understand what is said, but you should know that the pilot was busy filming the object and the image does move from left to right and go out of view, so I think this is obvious fact. If the disk were not moving, it would not go out of view as it does. Yes the object no question slow down, but the pilot was busy filming and not paying attention to anything but his filming. For what it is worth, I can also inform you that after the disk went out of the camera view he looked up and it was gone, he never saw it again.
The shape is obviously a flat disk, it is no a blimp and every Hungarian knows that such blimps do not fly over Budapest. I do not mean to insult your colleague, please understand.
I am sure that the Ministry of Defence will deny this filming and say they know nothing about it, but I would not be involved if it did not happen and my job as the attorney is to try and protect my client and honor his wish to see the video released."
(We will continue to update this most interesting story...JR )
(English translation)
BUDAPEST, Hungary - A military pilot recorded a spectacular video of a silver disk object on September 29, 2001. The craft was flying to his left side and then moved very fast past him in the clouds as can be seen in the video.
"I was on a flight over Budapest, Hungary," said the pilot, who has requested that his name be withheld until the official inquiry by the Hungarian Ministry of Defence is complete.
"To my left I saw a bright metal aircraft that was the shape of a perfect disk. I was careful to film the object, not to try and chase it since it I could not match its speed. As I was flying a reconnaisance aircraft, I got the idea to film it and used our equipment."

Note: The above images have been compressed for webviewing
from a larger format and therefore cannot be used for analysis.
Please do not send analysis as it will not be credible under compression.
Officials at the Ministry of Defence would not answer questions about the video when asked and warned that officially they have no comment. Despite the denial, when informed of the pilot's name, they did acknowledge that the he was a real air force pilot and that it was true that he flew photo reconnaisance airplanes.
The pilot considers the video he made to be his property and not the Hungarian governments as he was flying the plane while not on duty and was transporting it as a favor to save the government money. He has now hired an attorney and wants the video to be released to the public. He hopes the release of a few frames will make this happen.

Enlargements with slight contrast correction

Click the picture for a 172k gif animation of the 3 frames flyby
From: Harry Taggart,

 I am also a pilot with 30 years experience and a former air traffic controller. I find the still clips of the Hungarian UFO fascinating and believe the Hungarian pilot's explanation of filming while flying "left to right" is the correct point of view and the 1-2-3 sequence provided IS probably reversed. The cloud development seems to be consistent with the UFO traveling from right to left as the observation plane travels from left to right. Cloud details in a reversed, or 3-2-1 sequence show degradation and loss of definition, as would be expected. If Stephen Smith's analysis were correct, the cloud mass would be shrinking and forming clear edges. In all my years of flying I've never seen clouds compress. Good luck obtaining the video. I'd be anxious to see more.
-Harry Taggart,
Lakeland, FL
From William E Ristau 10-25-1
Hi Jeff,

There is no doubt, in my mind, that the pilot's (JR's) statements are correct. The Hungarian pilot was flying on a course almost parallel to the course of the UFO, but slightly to the right of the UFO's course. He photographed out of the left side of his aircraft. The UFO was faster and therefore moved out ahead of the Hungarian pilot's aircraft. In my opinion, there is no reversal involved in this presentation, nor is there any other "Hanky Panky" involved. I carefully examined the clouds in the three pics and they did what clouds do, as you fly by them. This is a fine example of an UFO experience and it was much fun to see.

Bill Ristau.


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