Pakistanis Threaten National
Revolt Over US Bombing

Hardline Islamic groups in Pakistan are threatening a national strike unless its government withdraws support for US military strikes on Afghanistan.
The Pakistan-Afghanistan Defence Council, a coalition of 35 groups, has given military ruler General Pervez Musharraf until November 7 to stop intelligence, overfly rights and logistical support for the United States.
Chairman Maulana Sami-ul Haq said the group wants Pakistan to return to pre-September 11 policy.
Political Tightrope
"We will give a call for a nationwide strike on November 9 and will go for a civil disobedience movement to overthrow the government," he said.
The campaign will include protests, road-blocks and people will be urged not to pay taxes.
The defence council has been behind anti-American protests in Pakistan but has failed to stir mass support.
General Musharraf has been on a political tightrope, offering support for the US war on terrorism and grappling with unrest, especially among radical and militant Islamic groups which support Afghanistan's ruling Taliban.

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