Media Rant - '100% Chance
Of Bio Attack In The US'
By Gerald Cohail

The possibility of "terrorists" using anthrax as a biological weapon in the United States has not gone unnoticed by the talking heads at the network and cable news outlets. We have been told over and over again that there is a "100% chance" of such an attack.
100%! WOW! What do the TelePrompTer readers know that we don't know? And why do they fail to mention how terrorists came into possession of anthrax?
While searching the Internet for answers to these questions, I came across the following quote from retired Air Force Major Glenn MacDonald:
"Former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. William J. Crowe Jr. was part of the crew that sold Saddam Hussein the deadly means to wage war with anthrax germs. That's when the United States wanted the 'Butcher of Baghdad' to use anthrax on Iran."
Admiral William J. Crowe Jr. was chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1985 until he retired from the Navy in 1989. This is the era during which the US government was backing Suddan Hussein and just before the period in time when President George Herbert Walker Bush waged war on Iraq because Hussein was no longer considered an asset to the United States.
Not only is it disturbing that such a means of mass destruction was provided to Saddam Hussein (and who knows how many others) by our own government, it is equally disturbing to consider that retired Admiral William J Crowe Jr. is now in a position to reap profits from the sale of anthrax vaccine to the US Department of Defense. Or, one shudders to think, in a position to perhaps prevent the manufacture of the vaccine.
Crowe is on the board of directors and owns a 13% share of the Lansing, Michigan-based BioPort Corporation, the only company in the United States licensed to make a vaccine for anthrax. His 13% share ensures he will make a tidy profit from any sale of anthrax vaccine to the government. However, and this is what disturbs me most, BioPort has not produced a single drop of vaccine since they purchased Michigan Biologic Products Institute from the State of Michigan in 1998. In the meantime the Defense Department advanced BioPort $18 million in 1999 and another $24 million in 2000.
Under contract to supply the military with 14 million doses, BioPort has delivered less than 4% of that amount, despite the governent being willing to pay "triple the original cost in the contract, from $3.50 a dose, to over ten dollars!"
Inspections of the BioPort facility by the FDA in 1999 and 2000 found contamination and suspicious changes made to expiration dates. The agency has barred the company from releasing any of the vaccine as a result.
MacDonald has asked, "Why has the Pentagon 'fronted' BioPort with millions of dollars in taxpayers' money when the troubled manufacturer has experienced continued failures? Does that have something to do with who some of its owners and investors are?"
Admiral Crowe is also an advisor to Global Options LLC, "an international crisis management firm based in Washington". Their web site ( contains the slogan, "The Corporate Equalizer".
Also on the advisory board for Global Options is former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, R. James Woolsey.
The chairman and CEO of Global Options is Neil C. Livingstone, one of the people quoted in a 11 September 2001 article published by the Boston Globe after the attacks on the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon. He was quoted as saying, "I think we are at war. I liken this to Pearl Harbor."
The President and every talking head at every major media outlet repeated this theme for days after the attacks. Is there a connection? Or, would we all have come to this same conclusion?
Livingstone has been a featured guest on numerous network and cable outlets since 9/11 as an "expert" on terrorism. According to Kurt Saxon (, "Any 'wanna be' terrorist, by reading Neil's book, can learn how to easily bring a system to its knees. If you are interested in how a terrorist works, or want to be one, you can't do better than to read what I describe as 'The Complete Terrorist', or 'The Terrorist's Bible', Neil Livingstone's own 'The War Against Terrorism', published by Lexington Books."
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