Argentine Priest Confirms
EVP Is Real - 'The Dead Can Speak'
From Scott Corrales
By Sergio Mardones
Las Ultimas Noticias (Argentina)
October 11, 2001

"The dead speak and can be taped. I have no doubt about the survival of life after death. Therefore, the day I die shall be the loveliest one of my life". - Father Francois Brune

Father Francois Brune
Father Francois Brune claims that a tape serves as a medium for capturing the voices of the dearly departed.
It is startling to hear the words of French clergyman Francois Brune, who calmly states that he has thousands of accounts from deceased persons in his possession who have communicated with their loved ones through a variety of modern electronic devices. The 70 year-old priest, holding degrees in Latin, Greek and Philosophy, and who speaks 15 languages, shall present his experiences in the conference "Life after Life" to be held at the Diego Portales building.
Brune is one of the world's leading authorities on the subject of "Trans-Instrumental Communication" as strange discipline which has been increasing in importance since the 1950's and which has not been frowned upon by the Vatican. It is only recently become known in Chile.
- Is there life after death?
- Resurrection and death are one and the same. When the butterfly emerges from the worm, it means death to the worm and life for the butterfly. We have the within our flesh bodies another one which St. Paul calls the spiritual body. This body goes on living, as we can tell from Near-Death Experiences. It is the same with the deceased. We have tesitmonies through automatic writing and now through modern electronic devices. The dead speak and can be taped.
- How does one record the voice of a dead person?
-Easily. All you need is a simple tape recorder, a new tape and a microphone that can capture the greatest amount of background noise. It is always adviseable to pray before starting, asking God's help and permission. We immediately ask a question that is recorded on the tape. We allow a 30 second silence to obtain the reply. A second, third or fourth question can then be asked, leaving 30 second gaps of silence. We then rewind the tape to hear it all. We can hear our own questions and if we are lucky, we can also expect replies.
-Is the response clearly audible?
-The most common thing is to hear whispers that are hard to understand. But there are exceptional cases in which words can be clearly made out, as though they came through a telephone.
- How many such accounts have you collected?
-Thousands, in many countries. There are research centers, publications, magazines, books...
- Must there be absolute silence when the recording is made?
-It is possible to obtain voices from beyond without background noise, but it is easier to change waves that already exist than to creat them out of nothing. Therefore, slight background noise is often employed, such as the sound made by a piece of paper or the sound of water."
- Is the idea to transform the sound wave made by water into voices?
-Exactly. On one occasion, we tried to receive something without effect, when a young man drove past the house on his motorcycle. Then, in the wake of the motorcycle's noise, we heard the voices.
- What do the voices say?
-Familiar voices, those of friends say that they are doing well, that they are in the light, we will meet again in the Afterlife, the love continues...phrases like those. The family acknowledges names and surnames and memories of life spent together. This changes the absence entirely. There are also some very odd messages that are studied in some centers, but are generally of no interest, with some exceptions.
-Please give us a strange case.
-The voice of a child who died in Belgium at 16 months of age. Twelve years later, his parents found my book and placed a tape recorder with a tape inside befor going to bed. On the following day, the child's voice was clearly made out on the tape, lecturing his father to change his lifestyle.
- According to these experiences, Hell exists?
-Yes. We have some voices howling, screaming, crying, asking for help. We can aid them through prayer and forgiveness.
- What are your conclusions?
-To me there is no doubt about survival immediately after death. Therefore, the day I die shall be the loveliest of my life
Translation (C) 2001. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special Thanks to Gloria Coluchi.
Alton Verrell

I find this preposterous as a Christian, but I am not surprised that a catholic clergyman would be at the forefront of such ridiculous deceptions. It was the catholic church that appeased the pagans around 300 A.D. by blending pagan cosmologies and spiritual concepts with Christian doctrines and thus polluting the church with what the Apostle Paul early on predicted would be "doctrines written of devils" brought in by "liars, seared in their own conscience as if with a hot iron" -- chiefly the believe in the inate 'immortal soul', and an "afterlife" which the Bible never mentions, but which even the Protestant churches have, for the most part, adopted as a truth.

In fact, the Bible goes out of its way to explain that death is a sleep of silence, without activity, without thought or understanding or any relatioship to the world of the living, again and again, awaiting the resurrection -- which is not, as Father Brune erroneously states "Resurrection and death are one and the same." The Apostle Paul makes it abundantly clear that the resurrection to come is the redemption of the BODY to glory and immortality (Romans 8:23), having nothing to do with "afterlife" at all; as did Jesus Christ in all his teachings. When a little girl had died, the mourners gathered laughed at Jesus, putting him to scorn when he said, "The maid sleeps." He then raised her from the dead, demonstrating that their beliefs were full of beans. If the little girl had gone on to paradise, to bliss, heaven or any other "higher" spiritual existence, then Jesus did her a disservice by raising her from the dead. Jesus always called death sleep. When Lazarus died, Jesus said "Lazarus sleeps." He raised him also. Lazarus returned with no message of afterlife because there isn't one. And there are certainly no souls presently writhing in the agonies of a hell! What then would be the purpose of a judgment day at the "end of the age" in the resurrections?

No, God's word is quite clear about the state of the dead:

"The heaven, even the heavens, are the LORD's: but the earth hath he given to the children of men. The dead praise not the LORD, neither any that go down into silence" Pslam 115:16-17

"For the living know that they will die: but the dead know nothing, neither do they have any more activity; the memory of them is forgotten. Their love, and their hatred, and their envy, is entirely perished away; neither have they anything to do with what is done under the sun." Ecc. 9:5

"Do not put your trust in nobles, nor in any mere man, in whom there is no help. His breath (spirit) goes forth when he dies, and he returns to the dust; in that very day his thoughts perish." Psalm 146:3


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