Chile Homeowner Terrified By
Chupacabras - 'It Came Back Again'
From Scott Carrales
ByJuan Carlos Astuya
Staff Writer - La Estrella de Valparaiso
October 14, 2001

A key phrase kept ringing in the mind of Ana Reyes Tapia, the Viñas el Mar resident who lost 22 hens and 7 chickens under strange circumstances: "One of the policemen said: "It came back again."

It was the latter which caused her a great sense of trepidation. Although she claimed to be rather skeptical about the mythic Chupacabras, she stated that at this time she is not dismissing the possibility, given the circumstances surrounding the deaths of most of her livestock.

"I have 3 dogs who remain close to the henhouse at all time. But that day, none of them barked, which was curious. On the other hand, last night (two nights ago) they barked quite a bit, as if giving warning about something. Apparently there wasn't anything going on," stated the woman.

In her opinion, a dog could not be responsible for slaying her hens and chickens. "It couldn't have been a dog. First, because if it had attacked them, it would have killed 3 or 4 at the most. But in this case, there were 29 dead between hens and chickens. And I don't know of any other animals on the prowl in this sector".

She insisted that another situation which has been a source of surprise to her involves the orifices made in the henhouse's fence, through which the attacker entered and later departed.

"It's also remarkable that a known animal would have been able to punch a hole at a height of over one meter to come in and another one, slightly lower, to get out."

She added that "I really don't know what to think, especially after one of the police officers said: "It came back again." I don't know what he meant by that. In any event, they took 7 hens and a chicken to have experts analyze them. They also collected some hairs which were left on the henhouse fence and other things where they found the dead hens."


The fact was also a source of concern among residents who have farm animals. After learning of the events, they said that they would adpot precautionary measures.

One of the persons stated that until this period was over, he would sleep with the hens safely kept in his bedroom .

Others hope to reinforce the fences and gates to their henhouses.

c. 2001 Scott Corrales Institute of Hispanic Ufology Special Thanks to Jaime Ferrer Calama UFO Center (Chile)
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