'China Assisting Us In War Against
US' Says Taliban Commander
Hindustan Times

Taliban Commander-in-Chief Jalaluddin Haqqani has claimed that the militia was "in touch" with China, which was assisting them in the war against US.
Before leaving for Afghanistan after holding talks with Pakistani officials here, Haqqani, who is also the Minister for Frontier Regions, told reporters "China is still assisting Taliban in the war against the United States".
He also said the Afghan militia "continued to be in touch with Beijing".
He, however, declined to divulge the nature and quantum of the assistance being provided by China.
Haqqani, whose visit to Islamabad raised eyebrows, said China would react sharply in the longer run as the US would dig in Afghanistan.
Besides the Pakistan officials, he also met the leaders of the hardline pro-Taliban Pakistani religious leaders.
Haqqani said China was an important neighbour to Afghanistan and has followed moderate policy towards Taliban all along.
"It has never interfered in the internal affairs of Afghanistan and Taliban hold it in high esteem for this," he said.
Haqqani said the United States has not scored any noteworthy success in its three weeks of bombardment in Afghanistan.
"So far Taliban have lost around 25 fighters. Also a military helicopter and two passenger planes of Aryana air lines have received minor damage in the US attacks," he added. (PTI)
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