Doesn't Have Me In Its Spell -
How About You?
Samizdat Chronicles Part III
By Richard Sauder, PhD

(Copyright 2001 by Richard Sauder, PhD. Permission hereby granted to distribute far and wide, on condition that the article must be reprinted in its entirety without any alterations, deletions or additions. The following article contains several hyper-links to other articles and information on the WWW that may or may not be active in the future, but which all are active at the time of this article's publication.)
I have pondered deeply the events of 11 September 2001 and everything that has transpired since and I have a few more observations to make about the NEW WORLD ORDER that is trying to impose itself on us.
Perhaps my first observation would be that we are seeing a tremendous amount of garden variety lying. Yes, fibbing. The telling of prodigious whoppers with a straight face -- the better for the eager, fresh scrubbed talking heads on the network news programs to devour and regurgitate ad nauseam for unthinking consumption by a credulous, ill-informed populace.
Think I exaggerate? Check out this article from the "Washington Post" on 23 September 2001 in which a military officer involved in planning "America's New War" plainly says, "We're going to lie about things." (If necessary, copy and paste the following URL into your browser's address bar to go to the article.)
Straight from the horse's mouth. So much for "us" being truthful and "them" being untruthful. We're dealing with massive deceit and politico-military illusion and delusion from the very beginning. On both sides.
I submit that what we are seeing is closely akin to magic. Shall we call it "BLACK MAJIC"? That is, we are simultaneously observing, and taking part in, and also being subjected to, a vast global power struggle, an attempt by the "New World Order" to place the entire planet under its totalitarian, imperial control. I say this is BLACK MAJIC, not because it has anything to do with Black people, per se, though there are certainly multitudes of Black people who are its victims, both in America and other parts of the world (as well as every other variety of human being). NO-- I say it is "BLACK" MAJIC because it is so darkly, hideously violent and grotesquely murderous and fratricidal and malevolent. I say it is BLACK "MAJIC" because it is done to our faces and so many of us either cannot or will not see it for what it is. I say it is "BLACK" MAJIC because the underlying geo-politics have so much to do with crude, oh-so-very BLACK petroleum. And like any other magic this BLACK MAJIC is done right in front of us-- we watch the whole thing and think we know what is happening, while in reality so many of us are fooled, bamboozled, hoodwinked and flummoxed by superficial glitz, glitter and the distractions of the stage craft, oops, make that "state craft" of the wily, slippery, lying BLACK MAJIC practitioners, until we don't know left from right, up from down, justice from injustice, or lies from truth.
There are so many elements of this BLACK MAJIC-- so many crosscurrents and undercurrents. And make no mistake about it-- it is definitely MAJIC and MAJIC of a very ancient and murderous sort. It stretches all the way back to the time of the medieval Crusades by the Knights Templar and beyond. In that regard, George Bush's prominent and very public use of the words "Crusade against terror" was surely no accident, nor was it perceived as such in the Arab and Muslim worlds. I suspect that George Bush's use of the word "Crusade" resonates at still a deeper level. As many people know, George Bush, and his father, as well, are both initiated members of the highly secretive "Skull and Bones" society at Yale University. As it happens, the "Skull and Bones" was also the battle insignia that decorated the flags of the Knights Templar when they went to war against the Muslim armies during the medieval Crusades in Palestine. Moreover, George Bush has also made prominent mention of the Red Cross in his public utterances. The other, prominent insignia of the Knights Templar Crusaders was -- what else?-- a vivid Red Cross. Are there ancient, ritual, coded, aspects of this conflict to which the public-at-large is utterly oblivious, but which people such as George Bush (both father and son) and people like Osama bin Laden and the Taliban and other Islamists understand every well?
Richard Hoagland has a very interesting article on possible ritualistic, MAJIC aspects of the 11 September 2001 attacks in New York and Washington, DC that link the centuries-long struggle between secret power centers in the Muslim world and secret powerful groups in Europe and America to the attacks of 11 September 2001.
Hoagland suggests that powerful groups in both Muslim and Western societies are making use of an ancient, ritual system of magic. Hoagland offers a very interesting analysis. But he stops a little short of where I might carry the discussion. To wit, rather than seeing this simply as a possible one-sided attack by ancient, radical Muslim MAJIC against the soft underbelly of Masonic (Templar) America, I would go farther to postulate that what we are seeing may actually be a carefully orchestrated pas-¦-deux (or pas-¦-beaucoup) in which ritual MAJIC is used at a meta-level to play off two (or more) extremely violent antagonists, the one against the other, the better to further control, exploit and enslave the broad masses of planet Earth.
Just as in an ordinary magic show, that is staged in a theatre before an audience, here there are also magicians, assistants, sleight of hand, magical props, diversion of the audience's attention, carefully timed pauses for building tension and dramatic effect to keep the audience on the edge of their seats, as well as sudden tricks that are pulled seemingly out of thin air on a moment's notice, unexpectedly, to make the audience "ooh" and "aah" and manipulate their emotions. All of that goes into a good magic show. I suggest we are seeing all of that and more with the incredibly violent BLACK MAJIC show we are watching/being subjected to/participating in. Yes! I meant exactly what I said-- we are participating in a BLACK MAJIC show. Just as ordinary stage magicians involve their audiences in their illusions, so too do the perpetrators of this BLACK MAJIC cleverly involve their audience (which is to say "us"-- you and me, Jew, Muslim, Christian, Atheist, Hindu, Buddhist, Agnostic, Communist, Capitalist, Socialist, Male, Female, Black, White, Chinese, Latino, Arab, Native American, European, American, African, Oriental - every last person on this planet is being sucked into this thing and we need to understand that and deal with it).
And ALL sides are doing it. They are playing at cross-purposes, to their own audience and simultaneously to the other's audience-- and listen real closely -- they are all playing from the same ritualistic BLACK MAJIC playbook, the first rule in which playbook is DIVIDE AND CONQUER. As in, divide and conquer the human race. Split the planet asunder and have everyone at everyone else's throat, the better to slaughter, plunder, manipulate and control.
And just as a matador uses his masterful, fluttering cape to goad an enraged bull into charging madly around the bull ring, before suddenly plunging his razor sharp sword down between his shoulder blades and into his heart-- so too are today's masses goaded into a war fever, whipped into an enraged frenzy by fluttering the "Stars and Stripes" in front of them until they roar as one: "WAR! Nuke 'em! An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. Blood for blood!!" Not until they receive the casket containing the body of their son/daughter/father/mother/husband/wife draped with a flag will they begin to question the wisdom of the slaughter. Then the sight of the flag will cause them to weep bitterly, as if there is no tomorrow. Then, the rabid war cries of today will ring very hollow. War is never sterile. War is never bloodless. And when you slaughter others, their blood has a way of splashing all over you. And it stains your soul.
Right, you say. But which side does the NEW WORLD ORDER favor? And the answer is: both, either and neither. The NEW WORLD ORDER is a supremely violent and exploitive, global regime that owes allegiance to no one thing, person or group of persons, that I can see. Everyone is expendable. Everyone. It is a power unto itself and it has only one goal that I can divine: total, ruthless global control and 100% subjugation of the human race to its iron will, and on its own jackbooted terms. And it will use the Pentagon one day, bin Laden's Al-Qaeda the next, the Kremlin the day after that, and the People's Liberation Army on the next, and all of them together at the same time the day after that to achieve its goals, if need be. It will destroy a bin Laden one day, and raise up ten more just like him in his place the next day. It will tell one lie today, and ten more in its place tomorrow. Those lies can come from bin Laden or those lies can come from the Kremlin or the People's Liberation Army -- or also from the Pentagon. Please see above where the American military officer says, " We're going to lie about things."
Don't believe me? Watch how this thing plays out-- as it violently destroys, kills, slaughters, bombs, starves and steals the freedom and human liberties from thousands and millions of people, here, there and everywhere. And you will watch the game played by the Pentagon, the CIA, the MOSSAD, The Kremlin, Her Majesty's Royal Navy, the People's Liberation Army, etc. -- and certainly by the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, bin Laden, etc. and a supporting cast of millions, here there and everywhere, all across the planet, armed with the most hideous weaponry that the demented military minds of humankind have ever wrought. Indeed, it has already started.
I want to mention a very interesting article by Carol Valentine.
She raises the question as to possible remote control of the airliners that were involved in the terroristic attacks of 11 September. As I understand her scenario, there would potentially be an extra level of deception in the attacks of 11 September. That is to say, yes, there really were hijackers. But they, along with the doomed crews and passengers of the airplanes involved, were equally taken hostage in their turn, by a yet more insidious level of the plot that unfurled only after the hijacking: to wit, the remote-control hijacking of the airliners by parties unknown and their subsequent remote-controlled plunge at high speed into the targeted structures. So the hijackers would represent plausible deniability for the actual perpetrators of the attacks, who would hide their hand behind real hijackings. But the hijackings may themselves have been hijacked! High-tech remote controlled hijackings superseding low-tech radical Islamist hijackings. I am willing to give Carol Valentine's idea a careful hearing. These are very strange and violent times and we need more information, more ideas, not less. Perhaps Carol Valentine is onto something important.
I know of only one agency in the world that presently has the demonstrated capability to remotely and precisely control the flight of an airplane: the Pentagon. In that regard, there was an article in the news this week, in the "Washington Post" of 17 October, that explicitly says the United States military is using remotely controlled airplanes over Afghanistan that are piloted by controllers sitting at consoles literally on the other side of the world. Read the story at the following link.
So, as to Carol's central premise-- is it possible to remotely pilot an airplane, even to fly it right into a tall building by remote control? The answer is: YES. The United States military is remotely piloting airplanes in Afghanistan-- and doing it from the United States on a daily basis as you read these words. The evidence is in the daily newspaper. I have heard it said: "Let those who have eyes to see, see. And those who have ears to hear, hear." Can you see? Can you hear? Can you think?
On a more prosaic, but still extremely violent level it strikes me that AMERICA'S NEW WAR also has a certain "turf war" quality about it. It is a kind of personalized geo-political struggle-- somewhat in the same manner that Mafia Dons in New York or New Jersey engage in bloody battles and murderous reprisals to corner the drug market or the numbers racket or take control of union pension funds. Suppose a Mafia Don wants to take down a rival, and his rival is having supper with his friends in a very crowded restaurant. Does that stop the first Don from sending in his thugs to perform the "hit" with automatic weapons blazing? NO! They go in and take down their target and if the other diners happen to get in the way -- Hey! So what? Collateral damage, baby. One more day in the life and times of the "mob".
Well, we are dealing with a global "mob" here. The NEW WORLD ORDER. So what does a skyscraper full of people in their little "Dilbert" cubicles mean to the NEW WORLD ORDER? Or two skyscrapers full of people in their little "Dilbert" cubicles? Answer: nothing. Nothing at all. Just a little collateral damage.
So, who are two of the Mafia Dons in the current dust up? As it happens (to use a boxing metaphor), in the Western corner we have the Bush group, and in the Eastern corner we have the bin Laden and S. Hussein group. And wouldn't you know?-- the bin Laden, S. Hussein and Bush clans have had personal business dealings with one another in the past -- involving, you guessed it-- the huge petroleum reserves in southwest Asia. Only now it seems, the time has come to take care of really serious business.
Which brings me around to the two "-Ums" of Afghanistan-- petroleum and opium. Much has been written in recent weeks about the vast, almost untapped oil and natural gas reserves in the Caspian Sea region. Untold billions of dollars of oil and natural gas lie there, waiting to be piped and transported to the global market. As it happens, Afghanistan lies directly on one of the most profitable proposed routes for moving these commodities to market, via an as-yet-unbuilt pipeline network. If BIG OIL (SHELL, FINA, ELF, BP, MOBIL, EXXON, et al) can remove the Taliban regime from power and install a more pliable regime the pipeline can go through and oil and natural gas can begin to move in huge, industrial quantities and the BIG OIL interests that are lubricating the NEW WORLD ORDER's fast track to planetary domination will be satisfied. As it happens, the Taliban and Osama bin Laden have set themselves up in power in the hills of Central Asia and that poses a problem in the boardrooms where the NEW WORLD ORDER is hatching its plans. So they have to go.
Understand that I am simply analyzing the power dynamic here. The Taliban's and bin Laden's sexually, politically, socially and economically repressive and violent brand of medieval-style Islam is thoroughly reprehensible. But understand this: in that regard they are not appreciably different from the kind of Islam practiced in Saudi Arabia. The big difference is that the current Saudi regime cooperates with BIG OIL and its NEW WORLD ORDER agenda, whereas, bin Laden and the Taliban do not. Therefore, an incredibly violent onslaught has been unleashed in Afghanistan, while nothing of the sort has occurred against Saudi Arabia. If virulently violent Islam and ties to bin Laden were the real motivation for the attack against Afghanistan, then the Saudi kingdom would find itself under similar siege today. After all, bin Laden is of Saudi origin and his virulently violent religious politics have their roots there. And yet, one regime is under attack while the other continues as before, without drawing the Pentagon's fire. Think it through for yourself. The Pentagon and the British military are acting as a mercenary force for BIG OIL. Nothing more, nothing less.
And there is a second major factor here: OPIUM. Central Asia is a huge producer of poppy flowers from which opium and its derivative, heroin, are obtained. Afghanistan is the world's largest producer of opium for that reason. So this war is both an oil war and a drug war. A drug war in this sense: for decades the CIA has played a huge role in the international traffic of narcotics. It knows its way exceedingly well around the most violent opium and heroin networks and cocaine cartels on the planet.
Alfred McCoy has written a detailed book entitled: "The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade". Order it from, check it out of the library-- but read it. It sets out in great scholarly detail the CIA's ties to the worldwide drug traffic-- including the opium and heroin flowing out of Central Asia and Afghanistan. Why does the CIA get involved in the global narcotics traffic? Simple: narcotics provide a source of BLACK BUDGET funding. Vast amounts of untraceable cash with which the CIA can do its vile deeds around the world. And if you do not believe that the CIA is unspeakably treacherous and vile, then your naivete is so excessive as to stagger belief. But, you may say, where is the evidence that the CIA is treacherous and vile? And I reply: "Please see above. One Osama bin Laden. Like father, like son. Like CIA, like Frankenstein Monster."
And the CIA has cloned many, many others like him, here, there and everywhere all over the planet. With luck, we won't be hearing from many of the others, but don't hold your breath. (As an aside, when I did my first Master's degree I wrote a thesis on the civil war in Guatemala. Starting in 1954, the CIA installed a decades-long succession of ruthless, military dictators as its clients in Guatemala. Reading the human rights literature from Guatemala, seeing the details of what CIA-trained and sponsored thugs and goons do is not pleasant. Things like disemboweling pregnant women, decapitating people, slicing off women's breasts, castrating men, stuffing their genitals in their mouths and then stringing them up by their feet from trees with piano wire and leaving them to bleed to death. That's the sort of thing the CIA has sponsored around the world. Your tax dollars hard at work -- courtesy of CIA-sponsored thugs and goons straight out of the pits of hell. And in the aftermath of 11 September dumb-and-dumber America asks itself: "Huh? Why us? What did we ever do to anybody??")
And if bin Laden is today's international bad boy, just remember who first created this monster. Just remember who trained and armed him and his men way back when: the CIA. The CIA set him up as an "asset" back in the 1980s. Why? Because the Soviets were trying to conquer Afghanistan and enlist it as a client state in their empire. They ultimately failed, but now the United Sates is trying to do the same thing. So yesterday's CIA asset is today's number one "Most Wanted" man on the planet.
Here's the way I see it: bin Laden positioned himself for personal control of huge flows of two of the most lucrative commodities on the planet: opium and petroleum. We are now seeing a bare-knuckled, take-no-prisoners, planet-wide war for control of those commodities. Human life is not a primary concern in this struggle. No, the struggle is for pure POWER-- at virtually any cost.
And in its present Central Asia context, there are echoes of the NAZIs' ultimate geo-political objective: control of the heart of the Eurasian land mass. Whoever controls the heart of the Eurasian continent is in position to exert great influence on the global political and economic order. That was certainly a factor in the Soviet Union's emphasis on the region. It was certainly a factor in the NAZIs' long range, underlying geo-political calculus. And it is absolutely a huge factor in the very violent events that center on that region today.
Oh yes, this current war may be but prologue to another war that may follow, a war against China. If the Pentagon controls Afghanistan it would then have a Central Asian client state to use as an aircraft base and troop staging area to use to open a western front in a potential future shooting war with China. War without end. Only, I promise you, a war against China would be a good bit more dicey than war against Afghanistan. An adversary with nuclear missiles is an altogether different proposition. And by the way, because of all the help the Chinese nuclear missile program got from the United States Department of Energy during the 1990s and from such American military-industrial complex heavy hitters as Hughes and Loral, their nuclear missile force is now just about as deadly as cutting edge American military science could make it.
Yes, indeedy. Read on -- it gets even worse.
We are besieged daily now with stories of Anthrax. Anthrax at the U.S. Congress, at Gov. Pataki's office in New York, at NBC, at American Media in FloridaÖ
Notice a pattern? The locations are centers of political power or media power. Whoever or whatever is behind these attacks is very organized. This is not the work of a ragamuffin band of yahoos. No-- they are going right after elements of the established political structure and its mass media organs. Why the offices of supermarket tabloids? Simple, millions of people read the lurid headlines of the tabloids as they wait in check-out lines at grocery stores across the country. What better way to spread panic and fear than by hitting the offices of those tabloids with an anthrax attack? Why infect Dan Rather? Who better than a prominent TV personality who is known to millions? The better to strike panic and fear into people's hearts and minds. Why hit the offices of the governor of New York and the U.S. Congress? Simple, by directly attacking prominent politicians and their staffs, they can be induced to introduce draconian limitations on human rights and civil liberties. They can be prompted into abolishing freedom, in order to preserve freedom. In other words, that is the modus operandi for a "hidden in plain sight" coup d'etat staged from the inside-- to the eventual detriment of the many, for the ultimate benefit of the very select few.
Yes, that is how you get an Orwellian, Red-White-and-Blue coup d'etat in the United States of America in the year 2001. The great super-duper patriotic coup d'etat, the mother of all coups d'etat, an All-American coup d'etat bedecked in ten million little plastic car antenna flags whipping insanely in the wind, the Great American People's Coup d'Etat that is gutting the United States Constitution in front of our eyes and greasing the skids for the NEW WORLD ORDER to descend with jackboots, at home and abroad.
By the way, I listened to George Bush's speech the other night. I freely admit to being genuinely touched when he mentioned the tremendous suffering that the children of Afghanistan are experiencing right now. Then he asked the children of America to pitch in and send money to the White House to aid the suffering children of Afghanistan. He said that the Red Cross would distribute the aid to the Afghan children. In that instant, I will be very honest with you, I said to myself, "Maybe I've read this guy wrong. Maybe he really does care. Maybe I should give him another chance. Maybe the Pentagon is not as duplicitous as I think." I really did think that, in that moment.
AND THEN-- two days later, the United States military very conspicuously bombed and set on fire the Red Cross warehouses in Kabul that are full of emergency supplies for Afghan war refugees. And in that instant I saw how cruel, how treacherous, how mendacious, how deceitful, how coldly calculating this operation really is. The Red Cross warehouses have large, prominent red crosses painted on their roofs and simply cannot be mistaken for anything but charitable facilities. So even humanitarian targets for war refugees are in the Pentagon's bombardiers' crosshairs. The shame. Oh, the ever-lasting shame of it.
Back to ANTHRAX.
Maybe you caught the story of the United States State Department missing a crop duster off the Florida coast. It popped up for about a day and a half and then disappeared totally from the news. Never mind why the United States State Department (a diplomatic agency) has crop dusters (curiouser and curiouser) -- it does, and one of them is missing en route to Florida.
It turns out that you can spray anthrax from a crop duster-- and wouldn't you know it, within days, the press reported an anthrax attack in-- guess where? -- Florida. Though it doesn't appear that the anthrax at the American Media offices was sprayed from a plane, it does seem a bit curious. And by the way, that official United States government "crop duster" is still AWOL. I wonder if it will ever turn up -- maybe spraying something on an American city, in an "un"-official capacity? Hmmm.
I pose the question because I am well aware of the widespread phenomenon of Chemtrails, which seem to have a direct tie to covert Pentagon operations against the American people, right here in North America. Moreover, I myself have personally observed the blatant, broad daylight spraying of a civilian population here in the United States. In the spring of 1995 I observed a large, four-engine, turbo-prop airplane make repeated, miles-long, low altitude passes over the Northeast suburbs of Albuquerque, New Mexico. From its wings, it emitted a fine, thick, easily visible, white mist that settled down onto the suburbs below. The clearly observable effect was similar in every way to what you see when you watch a crop duster dust a cotton field or a sugar cane field. Only the crop in this case was residential neighborhoods. The plane looked like a DC-4 to me. It was silver, bearing no markings that I could discern. Two days later, I was at Albuquerque International Airport. The airport is immediately contiguous to Kirtland Air Force Base. Lo and behold-- what did I see conspicuously parked on the apron at Kirtland Air Force Base? A plane that appeared identical to the one I saw spraying the neighborhoods of Albuquerque. I saw the plane at close range in both cases. It is a very distinctive looking, 1950s vintage aircraft. It seems the United States military engages in extra-curricular missions at home that it does not divulge to its targets: US, the American people. Remember this anecdote if you should happen to read of an airborne Anthrax attack on an American city. The Pentagon kills Afghans today. How do you know the Pentagon won't kill you tomorrow? I wonder what was being "practiced" in Albuquerque that perfect, spring day in 1995?
While we're on the subject of ANTHRAX I would further observe that we have been hearing a lot lately about that dastardly Saddam Hussein and his hideous anthrax stash. Where do you suppose this brutal tyrant obtained his deadly anthrax arsenal?
From the United States. And the Reagan and Bush administrations (the first Bush administration) granted export licenses for it. But wait a minute, you say, Ronald Reagan and George Bush authorized the shipment of deadly anthrax to a known, murderous, brutal, military dictatorship??!!??
Yes. That's precisely what happened. Please read the link.
To be precise: from 1985-1989 the American Type Culture Collection, in Rockville, Maryland sent 21 different strains of anthrax to Iraq under license from the United States Commerce Department. They also shipped E. Coli and Salmonella and other pathogens. If you do a little on-line research you will find plenty of information about the role of the American Type Culture Collection in building up Saddam Hussein's biological warfare program-- they shipped him LOTS of deadly bio-warfare agents-- with the full knowledge of, and export licenses from, the United States government. Do a little research using terms like Hussein, Iraq, CDC, American Type Culture Collection, anthrax, and Riegle-- for the Riegle Hearings in Congress into this very unpleasant affair. Bottom line: if Saddam Hussein attacks the United States with anthrax it will almost certainly be with stock grown from American anthrax exports that the administrations of Ronald Reagan and George Bush (daddy) explicitly authorized. It was all very "legal". Talk about karmic boomerangs and chickens coming home to roost. First the United States sets these guys up and arms them and then it turns right around and screams to the world : "Hideous Monsters!! Run for your lives!!"
For much more on the convoluted details of modern day bio-warfare and the deceitful propaganda that accompanies it you absolutely should read Dr. Leonard Horowitz's book, "Death in the Air". Order it toll-free from 1 (888) 508-4787. You will be shocked to discover the lies and horrors that are being put over on the world.
Some people have asked me WHAT to do. I have a few ideas about that.
A) You have to find your voice and use it to speak up. Yes, YOU. You, the very person reading these words right now. And you must do it right NOW. Not ten years from now, because then the moment will have passed and it will be too late. If you disagree with any aspect of the NEW WORLD ORDER, if you have misgivings and objections about AMERICA'S NEW WAR and destruction of civil liberties then SAY SO, and do it now. Where? - to your friends, neighbors, family, letters-to-the-editor, call in radio shows, internet chat groups and bulletin boards, Congressional Representatives and Senators, and anywhere else you can think of. If you cannot or will not do that, then by your very silence you demonstrate your support for the totalitarian violence and repression that is clamping down on this planet like a vise. Under the law, there is the presumption that: "she/he who remains silent , gives his/her assent". The same principle applies here: "Freedom of Speech"-- use it or lose it! How many warnings do you think you will get? This is your wake up call. There may not ever be another one. SNAP OUT OF YOUR STUPOR AND LISTEN TO ME!! If you snooze you loose. It is your choice whether to remain blissfully, stupidly, ignorantly, profoundly unconscious like so many other sheeple -- or to wake up and face the situation for what it is.
B) Do not participate in the warfare. If you find yourself in the military, consider leaving as soon as practicable. There is very bad individual and group karma attached to the slaughter of innocent people- i.e., the Pentagon bombing of a warehouse full of humanitarian supplies for starving people is a supremely cowardly and vile act. The only way to avoid accumulating bad karma due to the slaughter of innocent people is to refuse to participate in it. Want to end the violence and warfare? SIMPLE -- refuse to slaughter other people. That is not a hard concept to grasp, and yet -- as we see on every hand, there are hundreds of millions of human beings on this planet who either cannot or will not wrap their minds around that elementary fact. And so we spiral violently downward towards Armageddon.
C) If you have older children, especially children of military service age, discuss with them the intricacies of foreign policy and the negative karmic implications of slaughtering innocent human beings. These are serious questions and any seriously conscious human on the planet today must grapple with them. (Of course, complex issues are not appropriate for, and are beyond the comprehension of, younger children.)
D) Support organizations that work for international peace and understanding. Here's one suggestion. Contact the American Friends Service Committee and ask how you can work for peace. They do a lot of good work. You might ask them to suggest other organizations that you can assist to work for world peace.
E) Put down that computer mouse clicker and read. What to read? Go to the library or a bookstore or to and find the books I have cited above as a start. Use them as springboards to other authors, books and articles. If we are going to think "outside of the box" we need to stop looking at CNN, NBC, FOX News, the "Washington Post" and "New York Times" and expose our minds to alternative information, views and opinions. I highly recommend the work of NOAM CHOMSKY. He has written many books and articles and you can easily find them in bookstores, libraries or by searching the internet.
F) War is tremendously damaging to the Earth. Why not work for environmental preservation? There are many good environmental organizations, such as the Nature Conservancy.
G) Be a proponent of alternative energy. If you own your own house and have the financial means to do so, look into co-generating some of your own power by using solar panels on your roof, or a wind generator in your yard. So much geo-political violence and environmental degradation today are attributable directly, or indirectly, to petroleum that we simply have to move beyond this fossil fuel addiction. The NEW WORLD ORDER is a huge impediment to that, promulgated as it is by the likes of the Bush clan, Saudi royal family, the World Bank, and others of that ilk. They are arrogant, power-drunk, ignorant, cruel and petty people that slaughter at their whim, in order to prop up their oil-based empire for another century or two or three. So we need to simply act as if they don't matter at all (because in a certain sense they don't matter very much) and wean ourselves from their system-- establishing OUR system one person at a time, one house at a time. Question: how do we get from here to where we want to go? Answer: one solar panel at a time, one wind mill at a time, one conversation at a time, one letter to the editor at a time, one hydrogen fuel cell at a time- one personal refusal to kill at a time!
H) To find out more about some of the many liberating aspects of freedom, I
recommend the following website.
I) If the NEW WORLD ORDER tries to impose a universal identity document with biometric identification remember that you have the capacity as a uniquely free being to refuse it. You are under no obligation to volunteer for or cooperate with your own enslavement. Of course, such a card will be presented to you as a means of preserving your "freedom". But that is a big lie. Scroll to the beginning of this article and reflect on the words of the American military officer: "We're going to lie about things." That is what we are dealing with here. The BIG LIE.
J) If you are American call your United States Senators and complain loud, long and hard about the proposed anti-terrorist legislation. If it goes through it will gut the Constitution and slash civil liberties in the United States. It is a positively horrendous law in concept and practice and should never see the light of day.
Finally, please note that I, Richard Sauder, am the author of three books --
1) "Underground Bases and Tunnels: What is the Government Trying to Hide?"
2) "Kundalini Tales"
3) "Underwater and Underground Bases"
-- which are available in bookstores and online at or or by calling 1 (800) 718-4514 in the USA. If you buy my books you help support my research and writing.


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