Pentagon Approves Building
Of Super Anthrax Strain
By Julian Borger in Washington
The Guardian

The Pentagon has approved the development of a genetically modified "super-anthrax" bacteria to test US defences against biological attack, overriding concerns that the research could violate a 1972 germ warfare treaty, it was reported yesterday, According to Milton Leitenberg, an expert on biological warfare at the University of Maryland, the defence department had intended to update its vaccine before the September 11 attacks, but postponed the project after the news was leaked to the press. After September 11 the plan was "reapproved", Mr Leitenberg said. The New York Times said the defence intelligence agency had been told to develop a potentially more potent form of anthrax to test the vaccine which the US plans to supply to its own soldiers. The Pentagon did not respond to requests for comment yesterday.


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