The Weapons Of American Terrorism
From Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower
By William Blum

The Weapons of American State Terrorism -

Chemical & Biological Weapons
Cluster Bombs
Depleted Uranium
Domestic Oppression
Fuel-Air Bombs
Nuclear Bombs


In 1975, a US Navy psychologist, Lt. Com. Thomas Narut, revealed that his naval work included establishing how to induce servicemen who may not be naturally inclined to kill, to do so under certain conditions. He referred to these men using the words "hitmen" and "assassin".

Narut added that convicted murderers as well had been released from military prisons to become assassins. The training of the carefully-selected recruits ranged from dehumanization of the enemy, to acclimating them emotionally through special films showing people being killed and injured in violent ways.

The disclosure by Narut was pure happenstance. We can only speculate about what programs are taking place or being planned today in that five-sided building in Virginia.

Following is a list of prominent foreign individuals whose assassination (or planning for same) the United States has been involved in since the end of the Second World War.

1949 - Kim Koo, Korean opposition leader

1950s - CIA/Neo-Nazi hit list of more than 200 political figures in West

Germany to be "put out of the way" in the event of a Soviet invasion

1950s - Zhou Enlai, Prime minister of China, several attempts on his


1950s, 1963 - Sukarno, President of Indonesia

1951 - Kim Il Sung, Premier of North Korea

1950s (mid) - Claro M. Recto, Philippines opposition leader

1955 - Jawaharlal Nehru, Prime Minister of India

1957 - Gamal Abdul Nasser, President of Egypt

1959 - Norodom Sihanouk, leader of Cambodia

1960 - Brig. Gen. Abdul Karim Kassem, leader of Iraq

1950-70s - Jose Figueres, President of Costa Rica, two attempts on his


1961 - Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier, leader of Haiti

1961 - Patrice Lumumba, Prime Minister of the Congo

1961 - Gen. Rafael Trujillo, leader of Dominican Republic

1963 - Ngo Dinh Diem, President of South Vietnam

1960s - Fidel Castro, President of Cuba, many attempts and plots on his


1960s - Raul Castro, high official in government of Cuba

1965 - Francisco Caamano, Dominican Republic opposition leader

1965-6 - Charles de Gaulle, President of France

1967 - Che Guevara, Cuban leader

1970-1973 - Salvador Allende, President of Chile

1970 - Gen. Rene Schneider, Commander-in-Chief of Army, Chile

1970s, 1981 - General Omar Torrijos, leader of Panama

1972 - General Manuel Noriega, Chief of Panama Intelligence

1975 - Mobutu Sese Seko, President of Zaire

1976 - Michael Manley, Prime Minister of Jamaica

1980-1986 - Moammar Qaddafi, leader of Libya, several plots and

attempts upon his life

1982 - Ayatollah Khomeini, leader of Iran

1983 - Gen. Ahmed Dlimi, Moroccan Army commander

1983 - Miguel d'Escoto, Foreign Minister of Nicaragua

1984 - The nine comandantes of the Sandinista National Directorate,


1985 - Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, Lebanese Shiite leader

1991-2000 - Saddam Hussein, leader of Iraq

1998-2000 - Osama bin Laden, leading Islamic militant

1999-2000 - Slobodan Milosevic, President of Yugoslavia

The CIA: Corporation for Instruction in Assassination

"Death squads have been created and used by the CIA around the world ó particularly the Third World ó since the late 1940s, a fact ignored by the elite-owned media."

Ralph McGehee

former CIA analyst

CIABASE; The Crisis of Democracy

also author of Deadly Deceits

From Derailing Democracy: the America the Media Don't Want You to See

by David McGowan:

"No assassination instruction should ever be written or recorded... The simplest local tools are often the most efficient means of assassination... anything hard, heavy and handy will suffice... The most efficient a fall of 75 feet or more onto a hard surface... Falls before trains and subway cars are usually effective, but require exact timing... assassinations can seldom be employed with a clear conscience. Persons who are morally squeamish should not attempt it."

"A Study of Assassination"
CIA training manual
circa 1954

"It is possible to neutralize carefully selected and planned targets, such as court judges, mesta judges, police and state security officials, CDS chiefs, etc. For psychological purposes it is necessary to take extreme precautions... The mission to replace the individual should be followed by extensive explanation within the population affected of the reason why it was necessary for the good of the people."

"Psychological Operations in Guerilla Warfare" A Contra-era CIA Training Manual

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The United States Army "School of the Americas," in Fort Benning, Georgia, teaches its students how to torture human beings.

Graduates of the U.S. Army School of the Americas have been responsible for some of the worst human rights abuses in Latin America.

Among the SOA's nearly 60,000 graduates are notorious dictators Manuel Noriega and Omar Torrijos of Panama, Leopoldo Galtieri and Roberto Viola of Argentina, Juan Velasco Alvarado of Peru, Guillermo Rodriguez of Ecuador, and Hugo Banzer Suarez of Bolivia.

Lower-level SOA graduates have participated in human rights abuses that include the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero, the torture of countless people throughout Central and South America and the El Mozote Massacre of 900 human beings.


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by Douglas Valentine

"One of the best books ever written on the secret history of the Vietnam war. Valentine presents an unsparing account of the Phoenix Program, the CIA/US Army 'pacification' program in Vietnam that practiced plunder, torture and widespread assassination."

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