Chamish - They Win, I Think
It's Time To Quit
By Barry Chamish

The authorities win, I think it's time to quit. Last week, I released two police documents which proved beyond any doubt that Yigal Amir did not shoot fatal bullets at Yitzhak Rabin. Since then my life has been a living Hell.
My daughter has communications problems and my wife turned to our city's education dept. for advice. We went to a social worker to discuss the possible roots of the problem and another meeting was set. On Sunday we went to it and were amazed to find a room full of shrinks, principals, social workers and a policewoman. Then the inquisition began.
After my wife was accused of not feeding, clothing or bathing the children, all total lies, it was my turn. I was accused of harboring weapons, apparently for an insurrection. Then, every trick was used to get me to confess to being a wife beater and child abuser. The policewoman was ready to pounce if I gave a hint that any charge was true.
But none was, so she left early. We were stunned and didn't understand what was happening to us. I woke up when the social worker, in a last gasp of desperation said, "Admit it, you're the king of paranoiacs."
Today, I received a phone call from an educator who said, "The meeting wasn't about helping your daughter, it was to put you out of commission for good."
I found the energy to sue the city for slander and submit complaints to the appropriate government offices. But my wife has not recovered and she wants out of the marriage. She can't carry on with my work anymore.
Later in the week came the mailed threats to reveal my past if I send out the police documents anymore. The threat was if I go on, my family goes down with me.
Yes, I do have a past and I'm confessing it all.
During the Sixties, I was a hippie and tried numerous drugs. During part of my bachelor days I lived in a dorm and participated in sexual promiscuity, voyeurism and drunkedness. Once, I was caught stealing cigarettes from a supermarket. I had some failed business ventures where deceit played a role, though not solely by me.
All that is long past. I am long married and the days of inebriation and sexual excesses are just as long, gone. But I have been promised that it will all be dredged up if I carry on.
The world is collapsing and I'd like to think I'm playing some small role in trying to preserve human life from tyrants. I'd like to believe that I'm bringing justice to my nation by exposing the Rabin murder and the true Oslo "peace." But it's too much now.
If I carry on I lose my family, children's peace of mind and my reputation. There may be no consoling my wife from this week's humiliation.
So what am I supposed to do?


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