Chamish - Amir Did NOT
Murder Rabin And It Is
Now A Proven Fact
By Barry Chamish

Wasn't Adir Zik wonderful in his cover story interview in yesterday's Makor Rishon? This leading journalist/broadcaster said his view of the Rabin murder is exactly the same as mine. He also confirmed my view that Baruch Goldstein was a patsy for a massacre others committed. Lest anyone dare to doubt him, me or the truth anymore, within this article are the conclusive proofs that Amir did not shoot real bullets at Rabin. As I've been saying for six years now, he shot blanks.

For those who read Hebrew, please open the attachment, hands1.jpg.

For those who don't, here's what it says.

National Police Headquarters - Investigations
Division Dept. of Criminal Identification - Ramle

Murder Of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin

Background: On 4/11/95, around 21:45, Prime Minister Rabin and one of his bodyguards were shot while about to enter their vehicle at the end of a rally in Kings Of Israel Square. A suspected shooter, Yigal Amir, was caught by police and transferred to the Yarkon Division police station. The prime minister died of his wounds at Ichilov Hospital.

Test Results: On 4/11/95 I was part of a video crew led by Superintendant Shmuel Berger at a rally in the Kings Of Israel Square. At approximately 21:55 I was given a plastic bag with a pistol inside, suspected of being used in a shooting, by Deputy Superintendant Moti Naftali. The pistol was a model 84F Baretta, serial number D98231Y that utilized short 9 mm bullets, which included a clip with an undetermined number of bullets within.

On the street and sidewalk, three 380 WIN Auto cartridges were found.

At 22:15 approximately, I arrived at the office of the commander of the Yarkon Division police station. The suspect Yigal Amir was present. I took samples from his hands and hair.

I could find no significant results from the Feroprint examination that I undertook of the suspect's hands...

Detective Arieh Moshe 93614 Mobile Police Laboratory

A Feroprint examination will reveal the tiniest amount of metal residues. Officer Moshe examined Amir's hands a half hour after he claimed the shooting took place and found none on Amir's hands. After consultations with a forensics expert, doctor and policewoman, I can conclude that this result would be unlikely in the extreme if Amir had shot real bullets. However, there are possible explanations. So let us now open hands2.jpg to get the full story of the forensic tests on Amir's hands.

Israel Police Headquarters/Investigations Division Dept. Of Criminal Identification

Written by Nadav Levine - Trace Evidence

On 5/11/95 I received evidence for testing, including samples taken from the murder suspect Yigal Amir, (identity number 027790088). Here are the initial test results:

In the suspect's hair sample, I found one particle that could be identified as a gunshot remain. We are unaware of any similar compound not used in the explosion of caps.

In the sample from the suspects hands, I found no particles which that could be identified as gunshot residue.

Detective Nadav Levine, Trace Materials Laboratory

The Hebrew word for cap, as in cap gun, is "pica," the world chosen by Levine. But even if the one particle found in Amir's hair was from gunpowder and not a cap, the explanation is simple. A policeman touched his own pistol, then Amir's head and left a particle in the hair. But if Amir actually shot real bullets, there would have been gunshot particles on his hands. AND THERE WERE NOT! Neither gunpowder nor metal residues were found on Amir's hands in two separate tests, by two competent police technicians. THIS IS AN IMPOSSIBILITY IF AMIR SHOT REAL BULLETS! Blank bullets are noisemakers which do not have enough explosive material to leave significant residues. Nor is the material of the same power to expel a bullet from a cartridge. Think of a little boy's cap gun, or those party poppers which make noise when a strip of paper is pulled. That is what Amir shot and that is why the police technicians could not find gunpowder traces or metal residues on his hands: because Amir shot blanks! It's over, people. The coverup of Rabin's murder is finished. We have all the proof we need that Amir did not murder Rabin. Send the attached documents to the world and force the Israeli government to tell the truth. ___

Once again Avishai Raviv stands trial. Supposedly, his trial begins on Tuesday, Sept. 25 at Bet Mishpat L' Shalom, Russian Compound, Jerusalem. It would be most educational if as many people as possible showed up. But phone the court first to make sure it isn't cancelled, or closed to the public.

I wish more of my readers could understand the shadow government which rules this planet. Parallel to the demise of the Soviet empire came the Oslo Accords, guaranteed to bring Hell to Israel and then the world. The war against communism switched to the war against Islam and the whole planet is now is entering New World Order Hell. The Rabin murder will lead to Carmi Gillon, Shimon Peres, Europe and finally to those who organized the bombings of the WTC and Pentagon. Rabin is the key to our salvation. I realize this is too difficult for most of my readers to digest, so please start small by visiting the following site.

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