Time Judaisim And Zionism
Go Their Separate Ways - Top Rabbi

LONDON (IRNA) - A leading British rabbi has criticised Israel as the "last colonial power in the world" and questioned whether it was time for Judaism and Zionism to go their separate ways.
According to the London Jewish Chronicle, Rabbi David Goldberg said that many Jews faced a "crisis of conscience" and also attacked the policies of Israeli leader Ariel Sharon.
Anyone who believes that Sharon and a Likud government would willingly cede an inch of land "must also imagine that the present Pope is a Jew who will sanction birth control and married priests," he was quoted saying.
The rabbi from St. John's Wood Liberal Synagogue in London warned it was a "pivotal moment in Israeli-diaspora affairs" when Jews were being called upon to support the Zionist regime, which had "long since vacated the moral high ground."
Some would say the time had come for Judaism and Zionism to go "their separate ways," he suggested.


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