Chupacabras Reappears
In Lautaro, Chile
El Diario Austral de Temuco
From Scott Corrales

Tenants found a number of prints similar to this one (notice the sort of "V" within the circle) scattered throughout the property.
"It struck me that the trees were abruptly moving from one side to another, since there was no wind at that time. I looked out the window and saw nothing. Meanwhile the dogs in the back yard started to howl and sought shelter under the house.
I became very frightened and didn't dare leave my room. Something very strange happened that night." This is the story of tenant Genaro Godoy, who in the early hours of Wednesday found 25 mutilated geese in the interior of Parcela Los Cipreses, located 4 km north of Lautaro. What is most curious is that another four geese suffered the same fate, with the difference that locals claim having seen the mythic Chupacabras.
"It was around 18:30 hours. My family and I were feeding the animals when a bird whose colors were lead and black flew out of the branches of a cherry tree. It was an animal similar to a turkey, with an elongated beak and wings measuring close to two meters. According to the characteristics of this creature, I'm almost positive that it was the Chupacabras."
Impressed by the strange creature he saw along with his family, Genaro Godoy remarked that most of the birds were mutilated and spread all over the premises in a radius of approximately one kilometer. "The geese were featherless and had a bite on the neck and on the tailbone. Several presented a fracture on the tail due to the depth and force exerted by whatever caused the wounds." None dare offer an explanation for what happened in the early morning hours on Wednesday in Los Cipreses, but local residents are convinced that it is indeed the mythic Chupacabras.
The owner of the property and former mayor of Perquenco, Luis Urdalleta, maintained that for the 10 years he has lived in that place there had never been anything similar. "I'd heard people talk about the Chupacabras, which attacks chickens and sheep, but I paid it no mind because I don't believe in those things. Now that I've witnessed how my birds were savagely mutilated, I have my doubts."
Functionaries of the civilian police and Carabineros (state police) reached the area and performed a number of activities in order to find any clues that would help clarify the event. There is nothing that explains what occurred that night. Parcela Los Cipreses is located in a corner of Cautin Island: 7 hectares of land characterized by the diversity of its fruit trees and hardwoods. There is a single house--the one occupied by Genaro Godoy, who lives there with his wife and two children. Once Urdaleta told Carabineros what had happened on his property, Rolando Melo, Lautaro's district attorney, requested greater information from the police and sent a representative from the Agriculture and Cattle Service (SAG) from Temuco to examine the birds. After numerous inspections, veterinarian Alfonso Olivares attributed the slayings to a predator.
"Given the variety of wounds on the birds, there can be no doubt that a predator was involved. However, I could not say with any certainty as to the type of animal that attacked the geese and under what circumstances."
Translation (C) 2001 Scott Corrales Institute of Hispanic Ufology Special Thanks to Gloria Coluchi


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