America Is Falling Into
An Illuminati Trap
By Peter Goodgame

Note - This is a stream-of-consciousness commentary...
The global propoganda arm of the New World Order is doing its job as expected. Osama bin Ladin has already been tried and convicted as the mastermind of the September 11 attacks. America will now become embroiled in a religious war that could engulf the entire Middle East. Who will gain from this war? What are some of the possible results?
- Osama bin-Ladin has now become the greatest Muslim hero. Don't believe the lies that the Western press is spreading that he is looked upon as a deviant and as an outcast by most Muslims. He embodies the fullest ideals of the concept of Jihad. It does not matter if he is responsible for the attacks or if he is not. He now stands in battle against what Muslims refer to as The Great Satan, and 90% of Muslims can do nothing but admire him.
- The House of Saud is now in a Catch-22 situation. Do they support the American war and risk their kingdom being toppled, or do they try to keep their distance and acknowledge how illegitimate and shaky their government is? A very possible result of this war could be the fall of the House of Saud. They have been corrupted by American luxuries and true Muslims see the royal family as traitors to Islam. Standard Oil of California (now Chevron) bought the rights to prospect for oil in Arabia from the House of Saud for a mere $250,000 in 1933. America has viewed Saudi oil as our oil since that time, and we have always counted on our Saudi lackeys to always push for lower prices and higher production during every OPEC meeting. The House of Saud is an American asset and real Muslims view it as a terrible shame that their holiest land is controlled and supported by, and even occupied with troops from, a "Christian" nation.
- The physical British Empire declined in the years after World War II, but the global elites, since the time of Cecil Rhodes, have understood this inevitable decline and have turned their attention to creating a brand new global empire. The Federal Reserve, the Council On Foreign Relations, the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the Trilateral Commission, the World Trade Organization etc, etc, are all a continuing part of this march towards a global government.
- Islamic Fundamentalism was supported by the British and American governments during the Cold War. Bin Ladin was a CIA and British asset. He personally fought against the Russians in Afghanistan and he was almost killed several times by Russian shelling. After the Cold War America slowly backed off of its support for Muslim fundamentalists, but certain members of the British elite have continued to support, and perhaps even direct it.
- Bin Ladin's direct financial assets and strategic capabilities have been hugely exaggerated. The entity known as Al-Qaeda is simply the guestbook for Muslims who entered Peshawar to join the jihad against Russia in Afghanistan. There is no such thing as a global terrorist organization known as Al-Qaeda! Bin-Laden is probably not directly, or even secondarily, responsible, but of course the media is able to trot out "links" that "prove" Bin-Ladin was involved. These "links" may be real, but Afghanistan was a haven for many dedicated Muslims who wanted to participate in a jihad, and many of these rich and powerful fanatics crossed paths in that country over the past twenty years. These links are far from "proof" or even "evidence" that Bin-Ladin was responsible for orchestrating and funding the September 11 attacks.
- The Taliban regime became the focus of the Global Elites anger for doing at least two things: 1) Destroying the ancient carved stone buddhist statues, which represented an attack on religious pluralism and tolerance. 2) Prohibiting the growing of poppies for heroin. This was perhaps one of the few admirable actions of the Taliban regime, but it deprived the merchant banks of a very important and massive supply of liquid capital. Drug money is used to prop up the bankrupt global financial system and the loss of the Afghani raw material represented a major loss of income. When Afghanistan is liberated will poppy production continue again under the UN? Of course it will.
- Osama Bin-Ladin is a perfact scapegoat because he is already a well-known and admitted terrorist, he is connected with the House of Saud, he is associated with the Taliban and he is capable of starting a jihad among the majority of Muslims not corrupted and bought by the West.
- A religious war in the Middle East is a goal of the global elites for several purposes: 1) War is always a quick road to peace. Want a League of Nations? Start World War I. Want a United Nations? Start World War II. Want a New World Order? Start a religious war in the Middle East. 2) Jerusalem must become an international city, controlled by the UN, as a symbol of tolerance and as a holy place for the three monotheistic faiths. 3) The Arabs must be kicked off the Temple Mount and a new Jewish Temple must be built, to be taken over for occult purposes. 4) America's status as the only super-power must be dissolved. America's strong grip on OPEC, through the Saudis, must be diminished. Europe has already made agreements for Russian oil, and so the fall of the House of Saud serves the NWO at the expense of America.
- Britain pledges to be our friend, and Tony Blair makes heartfelt speeches, but all of the alleged terrorists entered the United States via London, Saudi Arabian dissidents are given shelter in Britain, and the British-dominated New World Order can only gain from what will soon happen. In the meantime, the British press continues to be the most aggresive antagonists of Israeli self-preservation, and British elites have proven ties to Muslim terrorism. By the way, is there a CNN reporter that does not have a British accent? I thought CNN was an American network. These are merely the thoughts I have gathered after pondering this subject. Below are some links to articles that offer important data that has been ignored or glossed over by the major media:
Dr. Saad Al-Fagih: A dissident Saudi now living in London. He lived in Afghanistan, understands Saudi politics, and is quite frank in relating the Muslim view of Bin-Ladin. Here is an interview, and here is the website of his organization that seeks freedom and democracy in Saudi Arabia. Read especially the two main articles on the front page. Have you heard these views in our media? Don't you think that people like Dr. Al-Fagih should be heard?
Said K. Aburish: A Palestinian author and journalist also living in London. Here is an interview. His many books document the West's manipulation of the Middle East, and they offer a perspective that must be heard if the present situation is to be properly understood. And Americans stupidly wonder in horror and amazement, "How can they hate us so much?! What have we done to deserve this?!" Well, put down the clicker and read a book! Our foreign policy has been hijacked since Woodrow Wilson and we have been steadily aiming for our present destination for the past fifty years. This should not be a surprise.
Executive Intelligence Review: An organization led by the sometimes brilliant, sometimes ignorant, and sometimes comical, Lyndon LaRouche. One article on Osama Bin-Ladin's globalist backers, and another article on the globalist control of international terror.
The bottom line is... We are being duped.
I welcome any comments or suggestions to help better understand the situation we are in.
Thank you, and God bless America,
Peter Goodgame

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