Chamish - Who Created
Islamic Extremism?
By Barry Chamish

Well they did it again. For the third time is less than a century, the illuminati manipulated a world war. They succeeded in creating an issue of good and evil that cannot be ignored. Yes, the Muslim extremists present a danger to the planet and have to be extinguished, just like the Nazis. So, who created the Nazis and who created Islamic extremism?

For hundreds of years the Arabs were quiescent and obedient servants of the Ottoman Empire. Then in 1917, the British expelled them and took over Palestine. They, and their secretive Round Table, approved a declaration permitting Jews to re-establish Israel, thus offering them a shelter from Europe's pogroms, which were fueled by the illuminati for just this purpose. Then they set Arab on Jew, creating such animosity that Islam gleefully allied itself with Nazism.

After that, the illuminati ignited the Holocaust and when it was ended, the Vatican's Jesuit rulers, with Allied approval, shipped the worst of the genocidal criminals worldwide through its appropriately named "ratline." Europe's Jews were then shipped to Israel and a war was ignited which the Jews were supposed to lose, thus completing stage two of the Holocaust. But Israel overcame the odds and survived. Since then, the planet's hidden rulers have done their utmost to turn Islam into an improved version of Nazism, starting with the creation of an artificial, terrorism-based "Palestinian" nationhood. It took barely a generation after to create Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban out of the same mold.

So, who created the Taliban? President Jimmy Carter of the Council On Foreign Relations took the first step by ordering a covert war against Soviet forces in Afghanistan. Who originally funded the Taliban? CIA chief George Bush of the CFR affiliate, Skull And Bones Society. Who supplied the Taliban with all the sophisticated encrypted telecommunications equipment, which made its attacks on the dead twins and Pentagon possible? President Clinton of the CFR, who approved sales of the high-tech wonders to Syria, where it was inevitable that radical Islam would inherit it. Who handed the Taliban $48 million, to eradicate poppies, knowing full well it wouldn't be used for that purpose? Why our current American President, like his father, a Skull And Bones graduate. Who is Bin Laden's brother's business partner? Why Percy Rockefeller of the CFR-founding Rockefeller family. Who owned the land the World Trade Centers stood on? Why those pesky Rockefellers again.

And who created Islam in America? The same gang who imported Islam to Europe. No American black should identify with Islam. This religion captured territory in Africa in Medieval times and looted its conquests for slaves. Without Arab slave traders, it is unlikely the European industry would have taken hold. Even today, Muslims enslave huge numbers of Christian blacks in the Sudan and Mauritania.

American blacks picked up this religion in the late 1950s and it was spread in the prison system. Who is enforcing those laws, especially the drug laws, that assure most blacks of some prison time where many will have to adopt Islam or face the consequences?

The hidden rulers have created an angry community of Moslems in America and if they object too vigorously to this new war, there will be a race war in America. The same goes for the Moslems of Europe, imported by the millions for just this moment in history.

We've all been set up for a period of bloody, murderous chaos. Then lucky us, we get a new planetary order with guess who in charge? And if enough people choose not investigate how this war was really started and who was behind it, we'll all deserve this new world order as a collective punishment for collective human stupidity.


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