Wal-Mart And The Red
Chinese Secret Police, Pt 2
China's US Airport And The Reputed Crooked Judges
By Sherman H. Skolnick
Wal-Mart And The Red Chinese Secret Police, Pt 1
Wal-Mart And The Red Chinese Secret Police, Pt 2
Wal-Mart And The Red Chinese Secret Police, Pt 3

In the Northwest corner of the state, near Rogers, Arkansas, is the huge new Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport. Clinton as President dedicated the new facility on November 7, 1998. Its runways can handle the largest current airplanes and the jumbo jets planned for the future. It has a Free Trade Zone. That means in-coming airfreight coming non-stop from overseas supposed to be trans-shipped to places NOT in the U.S., is not subject to inspection by the U.S. Customs and is not subject to Customs duties and fees.
It is a place for huge non-stop air flights from Red China. It has numerous warehouses. Law enforcement personnel contend it is not difficult to evade regulations as to the Free Trade Zone. In-coming non-stop air shipments from Red China, reportedly containing contraband, can be quietly transferred to another warehouse and re-shipped to U.S. DESTINATIONS. Because of the Free Trade Zone, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration personnel, DEA, and other federal authorities, reportedly assert they have no jurisdiction to inspect Red Chinese shipments.
[Sidelight. Ross Perot has in the past made public statements that he is for what is good for America. His son owns and operates a Free Trade Zone airport in Texas. Something to think about.]
What kind of illicit goods are ostensibly coming in to Northwest Arkansas from Red China and other dope and weapons export hotspots? Such as, apparently illegal weapons like AK-47 submachine guns unlawfully headed for inner city narco-terrorist street gangs. To cause turmoil and chaos in America by fomenting shoot-em-ups with big city police. Such weapons are manufactured by a Red Chinese-military-owned firm headed by Wang Jun. He is also head of the Red Chinese Secret Police. The person using the name "Clinton" [see Part One of this series] used to meet from time to time in the White House with Wang Jun. Clinton reportedly turned over to the Red Chinese Secret Police, U.S. financial, industrial, and MILITARY secrets.
In several of my stories circulated and posted on-line in the past, I wrote exclusive details of the highly patriotic group of 24 flag officers, that is U.S. Admirals and Generals, who at least since 1995, had sought under the Military Code to arrest Clinton for treason at the time he was Commander-In-Chief. If he charged them with mutiny, they were prepared, if they survived, to defend themselves with documents proving Clinton's treachery aiding and abetting sworn enemies of the United States.
Since 1995, ten of this group have been assassinated, including General David McCloud, head of the Alaska Military District, and Admiral Jeremy Boorda, Chief of Naval Operations, highest naval officer in uniform. And a group of top military, murdered via a sabotaged plane crash, April 17, 1995, near Alexander City, Alabama [two days before the bombings in Oklahoma City, which Clinton used to try to restore his failing power]. Assisting this group was William Colby, former Director of Central Intelligence, likewise assassinated. [Our interviews with family members, close associates of the victims, and others tending to have direct knowledge convinces us of the validity of these details.]
Supposed "Independent Counsel" Kenneth W. Starr for four years running after Bill and Hillary Clinton, finally only focussed on Bill's sex tricks with Monica Lewinsky. Starr spent the bulk of his time in PRIVATE LAW PRACTICE. His private law client? Why, Wang Jun. Also Starr has been the UNREGISTERED FOREIGN LOBBYIST for the Beijing Government. So the Starr-Clinton episodes were all dirty jokes on the unsuspecting American common people.
When you know the facts, you would understand why we designate the new airport in Northwest Arkansas, as China's Airport on U.S. soil. Look at a map of the area. Right nearby, in Bentonville, is the headquarters of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., Sam's Club, and other subsidiaries. As stated in Part One, Wal-Mart reportedly depends on goods from Red China made by slave laborers under the authority of the Secret Police. Also right nearby in Springdale, Arkansas, is the headquarters of Tyson Foods, Inc., also called by some as Tyson Chickens. They dominate the U.S. chicken market and Tyson exports to more than 70 countries. As stated earlier, Tyson has reportedly been financed in part by dope trafficking. Was their visit to Red China to share chicken processing "expertise" or to reportedly make further arrangements for exports to the U.S. from Southwest China of "China White", high purity dope?
Once the items from Red China arrive in the "Free Trade Zone" of the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport, what is the reputed transportation arrangement? Why, of course it ostensibly is J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. [Refer to details in Part One.]
And what is the court and media infrastructure that tends to support this dirty business? In Benton County, most every judge has stock in Wal-Mart. This is shown by their mandatory financial disclosure reports. One of the few crusading attorneys in Arkansas, if not in the entire U.S., is Dan C. Ivy, of nearby Fayetteville. Look what happened.
Helen Walton, widow of the alleged "founder" Sam Walton of Wal-Mart, slammed her car in an intersection into the vehicle of another motorist. He retained Ivy to sue the heiress of the supposed Walton "fortune" for various damages. Benton County Circuit Judge Tom Keith, according to Ivy and the court record, kept blocking Ivy from taking the deposition of Mrs. Walton and blocking other procedures.
"BENTONVILLE--Fayetteville attorney Dan Ivy is serving 36 hours in the Benton County jail after being found in contempt of court Wednesday by Circuit Judge Tom Keith." Morning News/, on-line version of the story, 8/2/01.
Ivy was in the process of arguing a motion to throw out the record of a prior hearing and asked Keith to remove himself from the lawsuit because of the judge's ownership, as shown by financial disclosure records, of stock in Wal-Mart.
"Ivy claimed Wednesday that the Walton family and Wal-Mart are at the head of a conspiracy to control police officials, media, government and the judiciary in Benton County and to deprive his client of a fair hearing. He maintained that the Walton family and Wal-Mart used various foundations, charitable organizations and personal donations to further their control of the county. Ivy also argued that Walton family financial interests in publication of the Northwest Arkansas Times and Benton County Daily Record and that company's alliance with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette represent an attempt to control the publication of information regarding Wal-Mart and the Waltons." And the same news source of 8/2/01 stated further,
"Ivy claimed that the judge's ownership of Wal-Mart stock was substantial enough to prejudice him and to make it appear that Keith was party to such a conspiracy. He also noted that judges David Clinger, Xollie Duncan and Donald R. Huffman own Wal-Mart stock, leaving only Judge Jay Finch untainted in hearing lawsuits regarding the Waltons and Wal-Mart." According to the press report, Judge Keith informed Ivy that he owns 165 shares of Wal-Mart stock and that a separate trust that solely benefits his wife holds 200 shares." [The Morning News perhaps is not among those owned by Wal-Mart, dominated by them, or with which Wal-Mart has joint business interests.]
Judge Keith ordered Ivy jailed, and the judge rejected the motion to recuse himself and to throw out the record of the prior hearing.
When I found out about this, I called Judge Tom Keith's office. I explained to his secretary I would like the Judge to explain a little bit what happened. The Judge was standing right near the phone, giggling and laughing. His secretary said, "Mr. Skolnick, the judge does not want to talk to you. Call Mrs. Walton's attorneys."
In the 45 minutes after I hung up, my phone rang mysteriously one ring each time for 20 or more times. Each time no one was on the line. Hey, is this some new Red Chinese manufactured gadget for sending messages to troublesome reporters?
Rockefellers plans and Wal-Mart and the crooked judges in Chicago. More coming.
Stay tuned.
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