Wal-Mart And The Red Chinese
Secret Police, Pt 1
By Sherman H. Skolnick
Wal-Mart And The Red Chinese Secret Police, Pt 2
Wal-Mart And The Red Chinese Secret Police, Pt 3

To understand Wal-Mart, you have to have a handle on Arkansas. And to figure out Arkansas, you have to be knowledgeable about the Rockefellers. And to fathom the Red Chinese Secret Police, you have to know a lot about the richest family in the world.
To begin. The Rockefellers like to own and operate entire states with a sizeable geography, good natural assets, and a relatively small population. That way, if need be, to win a so-called "election", they could more or less find it cheap to buy all the votes they may need to install their people. West Virginia is such a state. Like an ancient Colossus of Rhodes, astride the entrance to a harbor, the Rockefellers have a foot on both sides. On occasion, they pretend to be Democrats. Other times, as Republicans. They have installed as U.S. Senator (W.Va., D.) John D. Rockefeller 4th, great grandson of John D. Rockefeller, founder of the bloody and infamous Standard Oil Trust. Broken up by a U.S. Supreme Court decree in 1911, the Standard Oil Trust, changing its name slightly to fool novices, is back together again.
Historically, Standard Oil would bomb their own obsolete plants, to blame onto a competitor, thereby gaining public support and strangling competition. [Ida Tarbell wrote early in the 20th Century detailed accounts of Rockefeller crimes.]
As U.S. Senator he calls himself Jay to be cute. His wife, Sharon Percy Rockefeller, has a key position in so-called "public" broadcasting. Consequently, we call it National Petroleum Radio. NPR and PBS would never finger the Rockefellers and Big Oil. [Happily, she has no sayso whatever in local public access Cable TV, where we operate an opposition to the monopoly press.]
We have determined to our satisfaction, by confronting them, that Chicago-based Harris Bank reportedly has dozens and dozens of secret joint accounts of the Percy/Rockefeller Family with so-called "terrorist" Osama bin Laden, tied together through Mid-East construction contracts. Ha! Ha! The oil-soaked White House says they would like to freeze bin Laden's bank accounts if they can find them. Really?
Another Rockefeller owned and operated state is Arkansas. Sizeable land, small population. You cannot be so much as a successful dog-catcher there without the blessings of the Rockefellers. Several terms before Clinton, Winthrop Rockefeller was Governor. Our interviews with middle-level members of the Rockefeller Family convinces us his proper name should be WILLIAM ROCKEFELLER CLINTON. We feel certain, from all we know, that Sludge Willy is the illegitimate great grandson of the unsmiling Rockefeller patriarch.
The Rockefellers are not naive plutocrats. If there ever were ANY documents proving that Winthrop Rockefeller fathered five illegitimate children around the nation including the person who calls himself "Bill Clinton", those records, if any, have long since been destroyed.
So please, like some ninny, do not heckle us with "Where are your documents?" Until the Rockefellers are ready to throw away Bill and Hillary as no longer useful, they are untouchable. At the Senate Clinton Impeachment trial, the U.S. Senators certainly understood all this. [As an example, is it necessary for us to point out that the so-called "Watergate Affair" was touched off without a single document?]
It is surprising how some people look at a backward state like Arkansas, and yet do not wonder about the so-called great fortunes headquartered there. Tyson Chickens. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. and all their subsidiaries, and J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc.
The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA, reportedly has undercover agent reports how Tyson, in the past, has been partly financed by dope trafficking. [Of course, their major user, McDonald's, having their own problems, obviously is not interested to know. Visit our website story about McDonald's, "Coca-Cola, the CIA, and the Courts, Part 8".]
Cynics point to Puerto Rico where Tyson supposedly got some of their chickens. Was contraband tucked into some of the birds who were so old, wags claimed these chickens were eligible for Social Security pensions?
Tyson has supposedly offered their chicken preparation expertise to Red China. Really? The Chinese have been handling chickens for centuries. Do they REALLY need consulting with Tyson? Need we point out, that Southwest China, where Tyson may have visited, are producers of "China White" dope, a major export to the U.S., much, often via Chicago.
Starting about the late 1970s, the Rockefeller banks, such as the First National of Chicago, now to confuse people re-named Bank One, began loaning billions and billions of dollars to mainland China. The promise was that Red China would pay back with gold from their western provinces. BUT, China did not allow in any inspectors to determiine if there is that much gold there to be used to re-pay the loans. Instead, China has been allowed to pay back with "China White" flooding into the U.S. All the while the pressfakers keep falsely saying that most of the dope is coming from Colombia.
The American CIA, after all, are the security force worldwide protecting the assets and oilfields of the Rockefellers. So it should come as no surprise that ethnic Chinese, the Riady Family, suddenly got big in Arkansas. A money laundry vehicle has been Stephen & Co., the Rockefeller-linked bond house, second only to Wall Street, headquartered in Little Rock.
In the 1980s, the CIA was shipping through the southern states, guns to Central America, and return trips of dope. Some originating in Colombia and a few other places. It was centered around a small community in western Arkansas, Mena, and the Mena Airport. The Riadys bought the tiny First National Bank of Mena reportedly as a laundry vehicle to the Chicago markets. [Visit our extensive website stories about the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade, and the Chicago Board Options Exchange.] With the aid of the Rockefellers and through the Riadys, reportedly billions of dope dollars traveled this route.
You can understand how profound the corruption is. Instrumental in the past in covering up this massive dope smuggling has been Asa Hutchinson. Get this. He has been recently named head of the DEA.
Wal-Mart and J.B. Hunt Transport Services. Where did the funding come from in the 1980s, for them to get so big? If you think they spread out simply because they are clever, then you are a firm believer in fairy tales. In simple terms, the backward state of Arkansas, controlled by the Rockefellers, with Rockefeller-agent calling himself "Bill Clinton" (or whatever his real name is), became the shuttle point for the Red Chinese in America.
When it comes to "evidence", you have to recognize that circumstantial proof can be as powerful as paper records. How about those in murder cases sentenced to the death penalty, not by way of eyewitnesses, but only circumstantial proof, not "documents".
In its simplest terms, Wal-Mart is a front for the Rockefellers and the Red Chinese Secret Police. Do not the top honchos at Wal-Mart know that their cheap prices are based on production by Chinese slave labor, in camps and factories operated by the Secret Police? By the way, there has been a movement in the U.S. to pay reparations to the descendents of American slavery. Will there some day be a similar movement in mainland China, to compensate the families and descendents of slave laborers?
Items that other stores sell for twenty dollars are sold by Wal-Mart for ten dollars. And Wal-Mart reportedly pays only twenty cents for the item made by slave labor. There is very little about the period of the 1980s as to Wal-Mart, when the Rockefellers were installing the Chinese in Arkansas and in American business. Who was noticing when the Rockefellers were playing their China card?
Who is a major transporter for Wal-Mart and got likewise big in the 1980s? Why, J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc., now headquartered in Lowell, Arkansas. Some of J.B. Hunt's drivers have confirmed to us, off the record, because they do not wish to jeopardize their good jobs: (1) that reportedly they have reason to believe on occasion they are transporting contraband, believed by them to be narcotics and (2) that state authorities, such as in Illinois, know J.B. Hunt trucks are untouchable, not to be stopped for searching such as for contraband, or suspected overloading, or any other trucking or other violations. In Illinois, the trucks are headed for a J.B. Hunt terminal in a Chicago suburb.
On their own website,, here is how they describe their founder Johnnie Bryan Hunt, "J.B. Hunt embodies the American rags-to-riches FABLE in its most engaging personification. A living example of the AMERICAN DREAM fulfilled. He guided his billion-dollar trucking empire with the same enthusiasm and raw fortitude from which it began. But the young Hunt was an unlikely candidate for financial success of such magnitude." (Emphasis added.) [At this point is where the Rockefeller violins start playing.] "Born in 1927 to a family of sharecroppers, Hunt grew up working the cotton fields of north-central and eastern Arkansas."
We think the term FABLE is well-chosen as is the myth promoted by the monopoly press of "American Dream". On their website is the purported "History" of J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. They tell us little about how they got big in the 1980s, at the time the Rockefellers were setting up Arkansas as a Red Chinese outpost in America. And at a time when the Red Chinese Secret Police got bigger and bigger in the U.S. using their front, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., and its various units.
A few years ago, some local TV stations heckled Wal-Mart with small-time criticisms. Why? Well, Wal-Mart did not advertise much on local TV, so one way of jacking them up, is to start raising small questions about them. Wal-Mart got the message. Now that Wal-Mart advertises on TV more heavily than in the past, you can bet that stories like this one are totally unacceptable to the liars and whores of the press.
To understand the picture that Wal-Mart and other "big dealers" headquartered in Arkansas fit into, you have to study the extensive stories on our website about "THE RED CHINESE SECRET POLICE IN THE UNITED STATES". As we have stated, the Red Chinese Secret Police, since shortly after the Korean War, have been allowed, with impunity, to create murder and mayhem, on U.S. soil.
In April, 2001, a U.S. surveillance plane was forced down in an incident near mainland China. They held those from the plane hostage. For a while, some savvy sorts who know of Wal-Mart's tie to Red China and slave labor there, started a boycott of Wal-Mart stores. The monopoly press reported little if anything about this.
Why are so many Americans generally so BLANK when it comes to understanding the origins of the supposed fortunes like Wal-Mart? Many grow up knowing only what they are taught from the Establishment's propaganda school textbooks. And from what they see and hear on the mass media. Seldom is mentioned documented studies, such as Gustavus Myers "History of the Great American Fortunes", showing they were founded by the most rotten criminals who were never prosecuted and jailed as they should have been. His other heavily-documented book "History of the Supreme Court" shows our legal system, at the highest level, has been riddled with crime-committing judges. Such as the so-called renowned Chief Justice John Marshall from early in the 19th Century. His gold-framed portrait hangs in many law schools. In Chicago, a law school is named for him. Yet, as Myers documents, Chief Justice Marshall covered up on America's highest tribunal , the U.S. Supreme Court, where he presided, massive land frauds INVOLVING HIS OWN FAMILY.
Another important book is "The Corrupt Judge" by Joseph Borkin, showing how important judges were corrupted primarily in patent cases. The press whores are not about to have these books reprinted and promoted as best-sellers. You would be fortunate if you could on some dusty shelf of a public library find even one copy.
Stay tuned.


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