Classified Documents Validate
US Military/Presidential
UFO Involvement
Dr. Robert M. And Ryan S. Wood
Majestic Document Researchers

REDWOOD CITY, California - The Majestic documents investigation team has just released three leaked classified UFO documents. Actually, there are two one-page memorandums to President Truman and a memo from General Hoyt Vandenberg along with supporting authentication material. All of it is posted to the Majestic documents website at In addition to leaked documents, the teamís discoveries at the National Archives continue to validate a deep-seated involvement by national security organizations with UFOs and control of the related crash retrievals.
Four documents come directly from the National Archives or were released through the Freedom of Information Act process, and are listed here in chronological order:
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Intelligence Advisory Board, 14th Meeting, 17 July 1947 (20k)
From Record Group 353, Entry 411-413, Box 96, Interdepartmental committees, comes a revealing memo concerning the Intelligence Advisory Board. The Central Intelligence Group (CIG) had an Intelligence Advisory Board, which held its 14th meeting on Thursday, July 17, 1947. The agenda memo shows one blacked-out agenda item, number three, and none of the associated tabs are yet declassified. This would have been the first official meeting of the IAB after the reported July 1947 crashes of UFOs in New Mexico, and logically the event(s) would likely have been discussed. This document does not preclude that conclusion, and the question remains open: Why is this material classified to this day - more than half a century later?
Air Materiel Command (AMC) Opinion Concerning "Flying Discs," 23 September 1947 (67k pdf file) 47.pdf
Found at the National Archives in Record Group 341 by several researchers, at least a decade ago, this three-page memo is an unequivocal statement from a senior Air Force general supporting the reality of Flying Discs with remarkable and unexplained characteristics. General Twining, head of the Air Materiel Command (AMC), plainly states: "The phenomenon reported is something real and not visionary or fictitious." Note that this is a Secret memo and deals with the sighting and other data alone. The opinion does clearly refer to "the lack of physical evidence in the shape of crash recovered exhibits which would undeniably prove the existence of the objects." Is this in conflict with the other memos that support crash retrievals? No, it is not. This is a Secret memo and could be an effective cover story if leaked to Soviet Intelligence. For those who have security clearances this is garden-variety compartmentalization. Although the memo was signed by Twining it was coordinated with a number of others at AMC: Col. Moore - Chief of the Aircraft Laboratory; D.A. Dicky - Chief of the Propeller Laboratory; General D.L. Putt - Engineering Division; Col. Minty - Chief Power Plant Laboratory; and General Bevtual of T-3 (one of the AMC technical intelligence units).
Furthermore, Twining - who is elsewhere clearly cited in Majestic documents as knowledgeable of the UFO retrievals - reports in this Secret memo the conclusions of this group, not his own. He does not say "It is my opinion" nor "I have concluded," etc. ... but uses the anonymous voice: "It is the opinion that ...î In effect, the matter is so tightly protected that this AMC group conducting "prosaic" intelligence work would not have been provided the fullest extent of the evidence. The memo reports only what this group concluded based upon what they were told. This group, even in its own terms, must have seen a weight of evidence that was so compelling they were willing to come to such startling official conclusions.
Why would Twining publish such a memo? Since Twining would have known the reality of these objects and the fact that they do, sometimes appear to unexpected observers, he and other authorities ìin the knowî would have wanted to say something to air commanders around the world and give them some serious guidance. And interest would have been stirred among air officers by the reports and rumors circulating from the Roswell event(s). Note the timing. If between July 1947 and the memo date of September 1947, such a weighty conference-based opinion had been formulated, it stands to reason that there must have already been a substantial body of previous material in hand, not just that collected in two months.
By putting this as an OFFICIAL intelligence-collection matter in September ë47 just weeks after the initial Roswell news release by base commander Col. Blanchard to the papers and radio, it would have made very clear that the ìwittingî authorities could not afford another commander making a public pronouncement out of naive belief that the matter should not be confined to controlled channels. In fact, that is the exact conclusion of the memo: "Awaiting a specific directive ... for transmittal thru channels." That is, in the wake of the initial public flurry, which was squelched, air commanders whose own interest would still be piqued are put on notice that they should not treat the matter lightly and should see it as a classified intelligence matter.
The net result of this memo is that the government has confirmed the validity of the phenomenon and later goes on to establish programs Sign, Grudge, and Bluebook on the Secret level while at the same time developing a Top Secret Majestic Intelligence program to deal with the super-sensitive aspects of dead ET bodies and crash wreckage analysis. After all, you can't say, "If you see a UFO land and people get out to inspect your garden, please call the most-super-secret MJ-12." Instead, even for Air Force commanders themselves, there had to be a data collection process created: thus, this memo giving the matter credibility so that commanders knew they were violating secrecy if they said anything outside "channels."
If that is not the case, then why has the evidence reviewed by this group not been released? Since the government asserts that there is nothing to the so-called UFO phenomenon, why hasn't the Air Force declassified and released the entire body of evidence that led its most senior technical intelligence officers to reach precisely the opposite conclusion? Would these sober-minded experts in aeronautical technology have risked their reputations to come to such an unorthodox conclusion if the body of evidence, even without seeing "hardware," were not so compelling? What was that evidence? The military now claims there is nothing to the matter. It is a half-century later. Surely, if the Air Force were correct, there would be no harm in releasing all this information for the sake of history and to lay the matter to rest. Scholars, journalists and active citizens would readily ask these reasonable questions in any other field.
Concepts for Detection of ET Life, NASA, 1965
This NASA document was written in 1965, titled "Concepts for Detection of Extraterrestrial Life" (NASA SP-56). This particular copy was released from the U.K. via Nick Redfern. Note the stamps on the cover that mention the University of Warwick and A. V. Roe & Co. Ltd. Weapons Research Div. Woodford, Wilkshire. Overall, it is straightforward science of the time, but focus on extraterrestrial life with such a sophisticated team of people including Carl Sagan is fascinating.
Citizens Against UFO Secrecy vs. The National Security Agency In Camera Affidavit, 9 October 1980 (557k)
This Top Secret UMBRA document, specifically Civil Action lawsuit No. 80-1562, Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS) versus the National Security Agency (NSA), clearly confirms deep and widespread government involvement with UFOs. This document was released and declassified as a result of a FOIA process and shows numerous blackout areas related to COMINT (communications intelligence) and SIGINT (signals intelligence). This in-camera affidavit for Judge Eugene F. Yeates is simply a justification by the National Security Agency (NSA) to withhold the information that CAUS was seeking. Would it be some internal NSA or related military unit - or the National Reconnaissance Organization (NRO) -- or could it be even more ìblackî: the modern version of Majestic 12? At a minimum such documents belie the government claim that UFOs do not constitute a matter of interest to national security.
Along with these documents from archives and the numbers of others posted at the Majestic investigation teamís web site, there are posted leaked Majestic documents that have never before appeared in public.
Secretary of State Marshall, Memo to The President, 24 September 1947 (55k pdf file)
Marshall writes a memo to the President concerning the ìPresentation of Report to the President Re; ULAT" dated September 24, 1947 that expresses concern about the timing of the internal release of this report. "It would be better to discuss the report during the meeting (National Security Council). This would give the members a better picture of the situation rather than having it released piecemeal." Marshall goes on to say, "I further suggest that Twining present the findings of the Majestic-12 briefing to be given be the Director of Central Intelligence with a detailed showing of visual as well as written materials." File references, format, and signatures suggest authenticity.
Twining's Report to The President, Parts I-V, 26 September 1947 (70k pdf file)
General Nathan Twining writes to the President on 26 September 1947 and respectfully submits his report on Flying Saucers. This is "In accordance with your instructions, advisors from State, Treasury, War, and Navy departments assisted me in a two month exploratory mission concerning the reality of other-world visitation." The memo is impressive for its authentic looking pentagon Joint Chiefs of Staff and Combined Chiefs of Staff filing references along with clear older sized paper markings.
General Vandenberg to Chief of Staff, 17 December 1947 (14k pdf file)
This memo from Vandenberg to the Army Chief of Staff does not clearly relate to UFOs. However, it is clear that the decision process at White Sands and Alamogordo was in turmoil and that clarification was needed. Possibly as a result of the UFO wreckage being stored there and different access requests and priorities. The addition of a senior Army Ordnance Officer being permanently assigned to work with the joint committee for range coordination was the resolution to improve local decision making. What could be so important that would involve top generals to clarify decision-making? The leaked version (page 1), is nearly identical to a document we found at the National Archives, RG 341, Entry 174, Box 141 (page 2), showing the same language in Paragraph 1 but an additional clarifying paragraph has been added which states: "This agreement concerns only decisions on joint range problems and does not extend into command and administration matters at Alamogordo Air Base." It is possible that either Vandenberg or the Army Chief of Staff upon seeing or reviewing the first memo might say "we need to clarify this so that no one misconstrues our intent and screws up the basic functions of Alamogordo Air Base."
The Majestic team continues to examine these leaked materials with investigative and forensic rigor and has not yet encountered a body of public documents that refutes their extraordinary story. Increasing numbers of documents from archives are congruent with the leaked materials. Taken together they tell a remarkable story, which could transform the way we see our history and ourselves. The Majestic investigative team continues its careful work.
The above URL provides an executive overview of the Majestic UFO program, which is just an introduction to This brief overview provides a groundbreaking look at the United States UFO program called Majestic and the top secret government documents that tell the story of presidential and military action, authorization, and cover-up regarding UFOs and their alien occupants. A remarkable work of investigative journalism, this website is the first to authenticate top secret UFO documents that tell a detailed story of the crashed discs, alien bodies, presidential briefings, and superb secrecy. Special attention is paid to the forensic authentication issues of content, provenance, type, style and chronology. The story the documents tell leaves the reader with little doubt that the cover-up is real, shocking, and at times unethical.



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