Did The Collective Unconscious
Foresee WTC Catastrophe?
From Noel in Newfoundland

"Dream Theater" triple live cd... Note the cover. Release date: 9-11-01 Features a flaming apple with New York's skyline in flames and the title 'Live Scenes From New York' ... Astonishing!

NOTE: This art was done a year ago or more... As well... Note the twin towers exploding... Rumored to have been delayed and/or pulled from shelves for obvious reasons.

(Note - the cover art link on the page now has a red 'x' on it barring access. -ed)

This is crazy.

Also, here's another link... About a game called 'WTC Defender'

You have to shoot down kamikazee planes destined to hit the WTC!!!


This is truly amazing.

Is there something in the collective consciousness? Is there a invisible link between the minds and creative energies that rivals our best telecom systems?

What's up with this stuff?

I know that at least COUP & DT (another CD with the WTC towers shown in flames) had no way to know this in advance through conventional creativity.

But for God's sake, what are people doing? Automatic Painting???!!! Like Automatic Writing or something... Could it be remote viewing in the processes of artistic creation?

I'm a musician myself, with a home studio filled with the most modern gadgetry, however, when I turn everything OFF & go unplugged & just *WAIT* till I feel like playing something....I make some almost familiar music in no time and before I know it, I have a full song, apart from vocals, nearly finished.

Again I ask, is there a collective consciousness used in the act of artistic creation and expression? In Invention? Are things MEANT to happen?

Just TOO many coincedences.

Best Regards,

Noel in Newfoundland

Our hearts go out to the families & friends in the US. I myself, have reletives in NYC & the eastern coast and have felt and still feel the panic myself.

God Bless our Big Brother USA!!!

We look up to you & stare in wonder as you Ponder your next move!

Noel Murphy NGM MEDIA

NGM MEDIA - All the world IS a stage.



From Lee Ann Ranalli

Noel -

Thank you for this message (I read it on - which I didn't even know existed until two days ago).

These coincidences are just incredible . . .

Or are they?

By the way - did you see that other strange CD (?) cover on The one with the two jets in alignment with the WTC?

Here it is:


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