Foot and Mouth Disease -
Lies And More Lies
By Ian Gurney

(Ian Gurney's research underscores that of Patricia Doyle who first presented this scenario on our program of June 6, 2001. That program can be heard in our Archives - ed)
The following is extracted from research I have been carrying out into the initial causes of Foot and Mouth Disease in the U.K.
Some months ago I discovered that in August/September 2000 a company called United Biomedical Inc. based in the USA had conducted tests on a vaccine for FMD Type O. This is the exact strain of the disease that is currently infecting UK animals. The following is taken from the U.B.I. website (
"We have vaccinated pigs, challenged them with infectious FMDV, and successfully protected almost all of them (45 of 46 animals) from viral infection and out-performed the commercial product. This has been done by four government laboratories on three continents."
The three continents were Asia, America and Europe. The four governments were the US govternment, the Chinese government, the Mexican government and the UK government. The one pig the vaccine failed was in a UK government laboratory. All the relative government departments have accepted these trials took place except the UK government who, deny any tests took place at all.
Merial UK, whose website ( claims that:
"Merial is the world's leading and most successful animal health company." is also the sole FMD vaccine manufacturer in the UK. I asked Merial, through their UK PR company Pharo Communications, the following questions:
Q. Are you the sole FMD vaccine manufacturer in the UK. A. Yes. Q. Has Merial ever done ANY work or trials involving Type O FMD. A. As the market leader in the development and provision of vaccines for the control of FMD, Merial has of course researched this strain
Q. What links does Merial UK have with United Biomedical Inc. Have you ever worked together, shared information, signed licensing agreements? A. United Biomedical Inc. is a US company based in New York. Merial UK has no links with United Biomedical Inc.
This final answer is directly contrary to information on United Biomedical Inc.'s website, which reports:
The guinea pig and bovine sera were obtained from animals infected with the indicated viruses in the course of previous studies in biocontainment facilities at the USDA Plum Island Animal Disease Centre, Greenport, NY, at Merial Animal Health Ltd Biological Laboratory, Pirbright, UK, and at the Institute for Animal Science and Health, Lelystad, the Netherlands.
The samples of Serum from cattle infected or vaccinated with diverse types and subtypes of FMDV 21 days previously were supplied by Merial Animal Health, and the sera from naive animals were drawn from the reagent repository at the Foreign Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory, PIADC. This information concerning United Biomedical is easily available at their website.
Why is someone at Merial UK prepared to tell lies when the information is in the public domain? Perhaps the same reason the U.K. government won't hold a public enquiry. The British public is being told lie after lie about the real reason Foot and Mouth Disease broke out in the United Kingdom. It is time we were told the truth. ___
Ian Gurney is the author of "The Cassandra Prophecy"


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