The Militarization Of Earth
The Militarization Of Earth
By Diane Harvey

Watching unfolding events in this country is like being forced to stand by helplessly as an ambulance chaser deliberately sells a ruinously expensive fake burial policy to a grief-stricken mother at the site of her children's fatal car crash. Those who have been waiting for just such an opportunity are cleverly manipulating natural human reactions to catastrophic events, hour-by-hour, and day-by-day, in the most outrageous and sickening manner possible. People are being summarily herded quickly along, and rushed over both the fine print and the finer points of reason, before they can wake up and come to their senses. The citizens of this country are eagerly accepting all the ongoing specious simulations of reality and constant barrage of half-truths simply because they are too stunned to notice what is actually happening. At any normal time sane people would resolutely balk at that which they are begging for right now. While suffering human beings are still in a highly convenient state of shock, the military is avidly and methodically seizing the day. They very naturally have no trouble whatsoever using their present surge of sincere anger and patriotism (and everyone else's) to justify this great leap forward toward their ultimate goal.

The nauseating spectacle of cold-blooded hypocritical power preying on the most sacred human emotions and using them in order to achieve its own ends is nothing new, although this time it is far more shameless than usual. But the sheer scale and ultimate plan of this present gathering of the professionally opportunistic is unprecedented. While people are still in the throes of deepest anxiety and sorrow, the military-industrial complex, wholly at-one with the government, is about to launch itself in a nearly uncontested bid for control this planet. The smoke has not yet cleared, literally or figuratively, and it is not going to be allowed to clear. Half-truth after half-truth is being cannily and sequentially sold to traumatized people in order to silence all objections to what is to come.

Waving American flags and singing The Battle Hymn of the Republic, the citizens of this country are signing away the future of freedom in the name of Protecting the Homeland. Before anyone rejoices overmuch at how American military technology and power will inevitable destroy opposing hostile forces in the world, it would be best to think through what the world will look like when they do succeed.

Anyone who has been paying attention in the last few years to the advances in military capabilities knows that we have been seeing the most dangerous imaginable types of new technology roll out of the defense establishment. There has been a public outcry, to a small degree, at the damage being done to human beings, to other forms of life, and to the environment through some of these new weapons systems. Now, suddenly, we are thrust into a situation where a handy blank check has been deposited in the military-industrial expense account. We have said in a moment of human pain: please go right ahead and dominate the oceans, the ground, the near-space environment, and the high ground of space, however you wish to do so. Those who have been fighting against the rising tide of secrecy in these matters, and demanding accountability in government and military operations, must understand that this cause has just been overridden altogether. Whatever the military would like to do, whatever dangerous and deadly technologies it would like to employ, it is now perfectly free to do so, in what we are told will be years of war ahead. We know that the modern military has a full range of psychological, electromagnetic, chemical and biological, laser, microwave and scalar weapons technologies ready to deploy. And by the time people get around to realizing what they have bargained for it will be far too late to do anything about it.

Internal security matters and external security matters will leave each one of us minutely accounted for and tracked for life. And for a time, we will think of it as a necessary evil. Down the road someday, when all the coming spying, snooping, tagging, marking, tracking and identifying business suddenly is being glaringly misused in obviously totalitarian ways, for purposes which have nothing to do with protecting anyone from anything, it will be far too late to complain about it. Technological systems in place are seldom dismantled, but simply change hands, for a price.

And down the road, if the promised massive assaults on people and the environment do take place, our lives will be changed out of all recognition. Eventually the horrifying consequences, both intended and unintended, of what this military-industrial government has in mind for this planet, will be made manifest. Far too late, no doubt the people of the world will be very regretful indeed.


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