All Precious Metal Exchanges
And Comex Destroyed In WTC
FTW Special Alert
c. 20001 From The Wilderness

The most immediate results of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon may be felt throughout the U.S. economy within the next 3-5 days and certainly in the next three weeks. As FTW has been noting in special subscriber bulletins within the last week, the eve of the terrorist attacks was marked by incredible instability in U.S. financial markets including the DOW. FTW had clearly predicted a highly unstable economic situation marked by long-term artificially suppressed gold prices and a $30 trillion derivatives bubble on the verge of exploding as the DOW was poised for a simultaneous epochal implosion.
Initial indicators show that the London gold price rose by more than 5% in just the first two hours after the bombings before the London markets closed. FTW predicts that trading will be suspended on the NYSE for the immediate future and that a run on US banks is a distinct possibility. Limited martial law is virtually a certainty and, if coupled with a run on the banks, might produce even more severe restrictions of civil liberties.
It is important to avoid speculation at present but one of the least understood immediate effects of these attacks will be on the U.S. economy. The COMEX, the centralized trading floor for all precious metals -- along with NY representative offices for every major foreign national bank -- was destroyed as the World trade center collapsed. So were all the records of gold pricing and sales.
Investor confidence and world confidence in US markets and the U.S. economy will inevitably be impacted negatively. We must leave aside speculation about motive for the moment. But if Osama bin Laden is officially named as the culprit, a host of unpleasant questions will dog the U.S. government. Not the least of these is how the CIA will explain that bin Laden was and is a CIA creation from the Afghan conflict of the 1980s. FTW reported major holes in the government's official position vis a vis bin Laden in 1998.
The logistical and financial infrastructure required for this attack was, in my opinion, far beyond any known capability of any known terrorist organization. I immediately rule out the Palestinians as suspects because it would be a suicidal move on their part. As politicians like Kissinger and McCain call this "an act of war" one glaring inconsistency jumps out: Who is the enemy and where are they? Henry Kissinger was talking about retaliatory attacks even before there is ANY idea of where or whom to attack.
With such a mentality the only place to attack is against the American people by restricting civil liberties.
At this point FTW advises against panic and against a run on banks or food stores. The most important thing we can do is to sit down with paper, pen and computers and document every news report on every news agency, especially those overseas. We already know that the major media cannot be relied upon to tell us the whole truth. Perspectives from both the left and the right have given us a multitude of past stories where the truth has been hidden rather than told.
The most important thing to watch now is the world economy and to rely on our own ability to research, document, record and think for ourselves.
Mike Ruppert Publisher/Editor "From The Wilderness"


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