Chamish - Demonic Islam
By Barry Chamish

Two days ago, a London rabbi made a discovery. Using kabbalistic numerology, he found that Arafat and Satan have precisely the same Hebrew numeric value.
I quote from my 1997 book, Traitors And Carpetbaggers In The Promised Land:
"In February 1993, Secretary Of State Warren Christopher flew to Damascus with a plan to shut the PLO out of the peace talks. Arafat, apprised of the plan, flew from Amman to Khartoum where he sat in on two meetings with Hassan Atourbi, leader of the Sudanese Islamic Fundamentalist Movement. There, the plan to bomb the World Trade Center was hatched with Arafat's approval. This was the PLO's warning to the Clinton administration that it would not be neutralized, a message that almost scuttled Peres' secret talks."
This information was received by the Arab Affairs correspondent for the newspaper Khadashot, Yehoshua Meiri. A year later, Steve Rodan of the Jerusalem Post checked Meiri's sources. The result was a series of front page exposes that brought a delegation of CIA officers and Congress members to Israel on a fact verifying mission.
The Arafat connection to the first World Trade Center bombing was never raised again. Arafat had to be protected at all costs to save the "peace" process.
Yesterday's bombing of the World Trade Center and Pentagon required years of training by hundreds of experts at a cost in the tens of millions of dollars, or much more. No one organization could possibly have carried the attacks out: they required state sponsorship, or more likely, states. If the American government blames one organization for the atrocities, they are lying and covering up the truth. If the American government blames Islamic "fundamentalists," they are lying and covering up the truth again.
Arafat is not a "fundamentalist," yet he is behind most of the violence against Israel. Presidents Assad of Syria and Hussein of Iraq are not "fundamentalists," yet they shelter and finance the most violent of Islamic organizations.
An honest American investigation will uncover tracks in Gaza, Khartoum, Damascus and Baghdad, all leading to allies, sponsors and financiers in Europe, especially southern Europe. This same investigation will discover that all of Islam is demonic, not just the fundamentalists. It will expose the true war-making intent of the Oslo "peace" process and it will find Arafat's fingerprints all over the rubble of the World Trade Center...
Unless, America and its Council On Foreign Relations hidden rulers once again choose to protect Arafat and his phoney Palestinian "people."
Which is almost certainly going to happen, because the hidden rulers are rejoicing. Their New World Order has arrived and from now on, the people of the planet are going to be sacrificing their civil and human rights, and accept a lot more surveillance and invasions of their privacy, because they are convinced there is no other choice.
And that was the demonic plan all along. ___
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From: "Brown"
13 Sep 2001
Dear Jeff,
As both an American and a Muslim, I must protest the article written by Chamish. His hatred of the Muslims does not need to be vented in your web-pages, nor do his writings seem to be of any import to the tragedy that transpired two days ago. If anything it can only be viewed as incitement to hatred and violence against Islam and hence the Muslims in America.
I must reiterate for you and your readers that the actions perpetrated yesterday are not vaguely associated with Islam and serve only to vilify and support an already poor opinion of the Muslim around the world. Its only comparison is that I should vilify the average Jew for the crimes perpetrated by the Israelis against the Palestinians. It is at best a illogical and it indicates a deep prejudice.
Having been a Muslim for over ten years now and having studied the relevant passages of traditional Islamic jurisprudence, there is no point in Islam that accepts or calls for the killing of innocent non-combatants, not to mention the killing of the Muslims who found themselves in those buildings. I can therefore assure you and your readers that the majority of the Muslims find this act as attrocious as the non-muslims of America do. Do not hold your Muslim neighbors responsible for an act which has nothing to do with traditional Islam.
In the next couple of day we will see the Muslims unjustly attacked by the media and those groups who would seek to profit by this tragedy. I therefore ask you to please keep up your excellent and unbiased reporting by rejecting all vitriolic attacks against the Muslims as a whole and placing blame, if there is anyone to be found, squarely on the shoulders of those found guilty by due process. This was the course of justice in America and should remain so.
Abdalbarr Brown
P.S. It has become clear with today's new that the Muslims have already become targets of their countrymen's anger, please do not fan these flames wih such articles as Chamish's


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