Heavy Chemtrails Over
Indianapolis On 9-12 - But
No Commercial Planes Aloft!

Note - We've received several similiar reports of overnight chemtrail spraying from residents of Houston. -ed

From Don Hart

I live in Indianapolis and when I went outside to go to work Wednesday morning I look up, as I usually do, but this time thinking there would be NO Chemtrails because for the first time none of the 4,000 daily flights would be up there.

I was absolutely floored when most of the sky was covered with Chemtrails. I know the characteristic tendrils and patterns of Chemtrails and these were them! They also were about 3-4 hours old for the most part because I also know how long Chemtrails take to reach certain stages of spreading. If you ever needed proof for government planes causing the Chemtrails, this is it!

It was impossible for these to be contrails from commercial planes ... because there were zero commercial planes in the air. None. They must have felt the need to spray during the night, because people would have been alarmed if they saw aircraft flying when all flights were grounded. People might think they are terrorists (not far from true) and bring much attention to them.

It's ironic that bin Laden would be the one to provide positive proof of spraying for you and put an end to it through your efforts armed with this absolute truth. So, please hurry to close this chapter out!

Donald Hart


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