Chiappalone - The Start Of WWIII
By Dr Joseph Chiappalone

By now many of you will have watched a number of hours of TV concerning the recent so-called terrorist activities in America.

Many perspectives have been covered in numerous articles which have appeared in various sites on the web, including Sightings and others.

I want to place this incident on the mosaic of the 3 realities which I have previous detailed for you - namely the resolution of a War of Essences, and the Phase of Terminal Madness which is being suffered by major portions of humanity. (The 3 realities I had previously detailed were the Prosaic, the Arcane, and that of the Elohim)

In previous writings I have given you my opinions from a spiritual perspective, and what I write here is a continuation of that perspective.

I have told you in the past that what is happening on Earth is all part of the War of Good against Evil. I have also explained that viable consciousnesses from each Class of Consciousness have been rapidly evacuated in preparation for total destruction of this out-of-control planet which is part of the Evil Empire comprising the whole physical dimension. Details are to be found on my site, in our books, etc. This explanation is beyond the comprehension of many readers who are incapable of comprehending truth. Their inability to comprehend, and their rejection of what I write have absolutely no bearing on what is to unfold.

All theomorphic consciousnesses from the human class have been evacuated. Counterfeit consciousness which was judged as viable is being evacuated at a very fast rate. Most of the viable consciousnesses in the Animal Kingdom, the Vegetable Kingdom and in the Mineral Kingdom have also been evacuated. Very little Light is left on the planet. These consciousnesses have been evacuated from all sections of the Human Race, be they of the Black, White, or Yellow Races; be they Christian, Muslim, Jew, etc. Colour, race, religion, nationality have no bearing on who is viable and who is non-viable.

Some 5000 theomorphic warriors have been present on the plane to supervise the Evacuation of Viables. Some of them will also leave by the end of October this year.

As most of the Light has left this sorry globe, the evilness of the non-viables will manifest at an ever-accelerating pace. Madness will consume the plane. Even today that is obvious.

Unrestrained, Evil attacks anything and everything. What we are witnessing is the process of Evil against Evil by which the whole planet will be destroyed. This has occurred in other planets such as Vulcan. Evil now has overrun the planet and is being allowed to self-destruct.

Many have already recognized the modus operandi of Evil in the recent attacks. It is the same process which gave us the Port Arthur Massacre, the Waco Holocaust, the Oklahoma City Bombing, the entrapment of Iraq, etc., all within the last 10 years, and such things as Pearl Harbour, the Sydney Hilton Bombing, etc., previously.

There are many features which point to government collusion, cover-up and sponsorship for a number of reasons. There are so many essays on various sites on the web enumerating these features that I will avoid repetition. If you are not aware of them, the best site I found is

Government sponsored double agents conned Middle East extremists to take this hijacking opportunity and even be martyrs for their cause. We know many such fanatics are to be found in many countries in this Age of Terminal Madness. Others were found to be part of a bombing mission. These did not necessarily know of the suicidal pilots. That such schemes occur we can surmise from an analysis of the Lockerbie Air Disaster, the Oklahoma City Bombing, etc.



The whole point of this is that many things, as swiftly revealed by the US government and TV reports, do not add up the way they would like.

This was an inside job. It was a government operation which was supposed to allow a war against factions who are inimical to the USA. There are increasing factions around the world who fall into this category.

However, the process was not controllable; the damage went too far.

The process has been carefully orchestrated in order to heighten fear and anger in the population which is really being fooled. It is very much like Pearl Harbour all over again, but the outcome, I predict, will be very different. What we are witnessing now is an intense effort to program the masses so that they will support a war which the Archons think they can win. In reality it is the path to the termination of evil, and what remains of physical humanity.

For now other nations are paying lip service in supporting a coalition to go against the enemies of the USA.

What will follow as the war develops will NOT be the agenda or time pattern the USA wants!

Massive and sustained attacks will occur against the countries considered enemies of the USA and democracy . Many will die. Much damage will be sustained. However, I predict that just like the damage from the recent attacks, the process will get out of control.

Retaliation by various factions in many countries will occur, and the Evil Process which set all this off will be exposed, so that any alliance set up initially will fracture.

Many 'Holy Wars' will break out, and as history reveals, such wars are the worst kind!

When sufficient numbers in the US realize what is going on, and how the population has been manipulated once again, civil unrest will escalate. When the government tries to impose Martial Law, Civil War will occur.

Nations will fragment as factions within their borders find reasons for further dispute. The persistent rage of Terminal Madness will make most situations much worse, so much so that by 2003, as I have predicted in the past, some will lose control and will use nuclear weapons. In 2-3 months, 2 billion people will die. Evil Madness will rule, and without the controlling effect of the Light, total decay will result.

This is why I wrote earlier that the gravity of the situation can not be exaggerated. It will get out of control. It will lead to World War 3 which will become a nuclear war.

This process, even from today, will cause massive decay of economies throughout the world and they will NOT recover.

While this is all happening, a number of other occurrences over which humans have no control will eventuate:

* Climate problems will intensify dramatically.* * Volcanic eruptions will greatly increase.* * Massive earthquakes will shatter continents, including the USA.* * New viruses from space will increase mortality and morbidity in whatever humans remain.* * Aids, Mad Cow disease, and other diseases will spread rapidly.* * Shortages of food and water will result.* * A Domino effect of fragmentation and decay will become obvious and will topple governments, institutions and nations..*

Some of these effects result from inter-alien wars in space, and around Earth, which I have described elsewhere. Even as the process becomes very messy, the more aware ones will realise it is war, not just between human factions, but between alien factions also.

For completeness to this short essay I will add predictions I have made previously.

* I had revealed that the more powerful Reptilian alien race (as consciousnesses), which formerly controlled the USA, has shifted to China. The USA today is run by a weaker Vulturite alien race which, in the past, has been no match for the former. * The nuclear winter which follows the Nuclear War will be horrendous. The living will envy the dead. Nonetheless, the nuclear winter harshness will be interrupted by a meteor strike in 2007 which will cause the death of another 2 billion people. * Diseases, starvation and climatic harshness will reduce the remaining Earth population to some 200 million by around the year 2019 when a more massive meteor will destroy all the earth totally. There may be variation to these details, but the variations will be minor.


An initial assault against various countries will begin probably in the month of October.


January 2002 will be the start of the Final Phase of the Final Stage of eradication of this abomination.


I have explained why all this is happening from the Spiritual Perspective, in detail, elsewhere. It is the fulfilment of the TRUE Gnostic Prophecy for the Eradication of the Celestial Error which spawned this dimension of pain, suffering, misery and physical death. It is no more than the fulfilment of the most ancient of prophecy that the Good will be liberated from Darkness and the wicked will perish.

Each consciousness has had innumerable chances to reject Evil.

Each consciousness will now get exactly what it deserves. Each viable consciousness, regardless of race, skin colour or creed, as I said many times before, is being transported out of the dimension which will be totally destroyed in due course. The physical bodies of those evacuated may die off or else still remain on the earth as empty, robotic shells. Those with psychic vision are seeing such shells in increasing numbers.

Those who scoff at what I have written here and elsewhere will only have to wait a little longer for Time to prove the veracity of these words.



Dr. J Chiappalone Annwn 2001 PO Box 714 Salmon, ID 83467


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