Cameraman Who Taped Palestinians
Celebrating Received Death Threats
By Mario Andrade

GAZA - The unidentified cameraman that taped the images of Palestinians dancing on the streets and passing out candy received death threats by the Palestinian police. Moments after taping the Palestinian celebration and rejoice on the streets for the recent terrorist acts in the US, Palestinian authorities asked the cameraman to turn over the tape. After he refused to comply, the police warned him that they could not guarantee his safety and that his life was in danger.

The images of dancing Palestinians, showing anti-US, sentiment have been circulating throughout the US and international news media outlets. Although, Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat condemned the terrorist attacks against New York and Washington, smiling youngsters and adults waved Palestinian flags, cheered and passed out candy in the streets of Arab East Jerusalem.

Passengers and drivers of passing cars made the V-for-victory sign as they celebrated the attacks of unprecedented magnitude that destroyed the World Trade Center in New York and set fire to the Pentagon.

Yasser Arafat regretted the images of his people celebrating the bombings. As a sign of support, he s offered to donate blood for the victims in the US. Additionally, he arranged a public march with Palestinian children showing signs of support for the US. The video images and pictures of Palestinians celebrating the terrorist attack have been removed from all the major news network websites.

Senators like Orin Hatch and John McCain expressed outrage at those images. They reminded television viewers in several news outlet channels of who our true friends were.


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