Consumers Are Losing Faith
In Supermarket Food
New York University Medical Center And School Of Medicine
Science Daily Magazine

Consumers are losing faith in supermarkets, with only one in six trusting them to sell safe food - and three in four people are more concerned than ever about the safety of the food they buy.
A Good Housekeeping magazine survey found that although 97 per cent of those questioned buy most of their food from a supermarket, their faith in them has suffered.
The survey revealed 67 per cent trust supermarkets less than they used to and 16 per cent lack confidence in supermarkets to sell safe foods. This lack of trust is particularly apparent when buying meat, with 18 per cent admitting they have changed their shopping habits so they now buy meat only from a local butcher.
The 1,000 people questioned in July said fears about food additives, changes in eating habits and organic produce were all causes for concern.
It found 81 per cent of those questioned "always or sometimes" buy organic food, but 19 per cent never have. The survey found 83 per cent of people would pay around an extra £9 a week on their food bills to ensure safety.



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