The New Racism
By J.R. Nyquist
© 2001

Is there some group of people whose liquidation you'd tolerate? Perhaps some race, religion or creed that deserves punishment, even extermination? What if I told you that such a group exists and you have been taught to silently condone their destruction?
Well, there is a group whose persecution you are indoctrinated to tolerate. Atrocities against this group are not to be mentioned in polite company. Murders and rapes against this group are not worthy of detailed TV news reports.
I am talking about persecution against African whites. Yes, they are Africans - born and bred in Africa. Yes, they are white. And yes, there is a campaign to eradicate their culture, drive them from their land, even murder them.
But you won't hear about it on the evening news. You won't hear the full story because our media and our culture is racist. You see, white people are guilty of being white. And everything white, European and Christian is bad.
Or haven't you heard?
White people are the devil's spawn, the source of all evil in the world, the center-point of suffering, exploitation and war. According to the latest racist formulas, if you reduce the whites and eliminate the influence of "dead white males" from universities, you will liberate mankind from the great oppressor. Then there will be paradise on earth.
So the campaign against whites, which began many years ago, has advanced through country after country. Perhaps you missed hearing about the anti-white atrocities in Angola. Perhaps the history of Mozambique is unfamiliar to you. Recently, a 4-year-old white farm girl was reported raped and mutilated in South Africa. Did you hear about it?
There is no reason to get upset, says the new racism. White people have it coming.
That's right, go back to shopping. The planetary race war aimed at the reduction of one race, above all others, is perfectly justifiable. Europe's past sins help set the stage. The anti-whites, armed with the propaganda of white guilt, are now given a license to kill and rape thousands of innocent people.
The people of Europe and America are paralyzed with ambivalence.
No reaction occurs. No effective organ of outrage or countervailing force is brought into existence. An outright genocide against white Africans and their culture can continue in peace. White 4-year-olds will be raped again. They are guilty of being European and (what is worse) Christian. Their skin is pale; their ancestors were colonizers.
Kill them all! Or shrug and forget about it.
The whites of Africa are gradually being driven from their land, their country, their homeland. They could have resisted. But now they are like lambs to the slaughter because the whole white world feels the weight of past guilt. Colonialism was bad. Let the white Africans pay the price for this badness. We of Europe and America are liberal now. We no longer care for our race or culture or heritage. We only live for the present. We only want to shop.
Let our cousins in Africa suffer. Perhaps this will appease the righteous indignation of the non-whites.
Here is the logic of the new racism. It is a racism that says white is bad, non-white is good. Anyone who stands up for white people is automatically listed with Hitler, who also stood up for white people. The trick here is "guilt by association" and "guilt by skin color."
Since 1994 blacks have killed over 1,000 white farmers in South Africa. Has there been a peep from the white world? Have American blacks complained about this treatment of a minority population in Africa? Or has a double standard emerged?
It is an odd thing when humanitarian concern is blotted out by the fact of skin color. And please note: There is no racial solidarity on the white side. Or none that amounts to anything. The great white herd, having liquidated Hitler from its midst, having purged the memory of Nazism and the colonial past, is now ready to be slaughtered and milked in turn.
It seems that human beings cannot find a middle, reasonable path. We cannot get rid of racism. Instead, we must supplant one evil for another. Previously it was the non-whites who suffered. Now we enter an era in which whites are being tenderized for the spit.
The madness of one form of prejudice never gives way to reason, but only to another type of prejudice. The same liberals who rant against the evils of the Dark Ages have paved the way to a new Dark Age.
So let the black Africans exterminate the white Africans. Let an entire African culture go under. Say nothing, do nothing, go along and get along. After all, they're white! They deserve it!
But behind the anti-white campaign is the specter of communism, a specter that is haunting Africa. It haunts Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Congo and yes, South Africa. And behind communism stands the Red Chinese, the Kremlin, the North Koreans and the Cubans. If you haven't noticed, Russian transports fly regularly into the embattled cities of communist Angola. They are carrying weapons for the communists. The North Koreans are eyeing the uranium mines of the Congo. The Chinese and Russians have quietly aligned themselves with the communist-dominated ANC government of South Africa.
The race card has been played by one side against another in a global struggle. Today, after playing this card, Western aid will not flow to the pro-Western side in Africa. The strategic Cape sea route, through which the Middle East's oil flows to Europe and America, can now be cut by the growing South African armed forces, which are now in league with Russia and China.
Are you getting the picture?
From Sheryl Jackson
Mr. Nyquist, I read your ranting and raving article about How WhitePeople are being discriminated against, being put upon by PeopleOfColor and how WE are so damned wonderful and don't deserve any of this. Here are a few questions that you may not wish to hear or answer:
Who developed the A Bomb? Who developed the Hydrogen Bomb? Who invented the gun and other automatic weapons? Who dropped the bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima killing old people and children who were not soldiers but citizens who were not fighting? Who in WorldWarII annihilated 20 million Turks, retarded and deformed people, and Jews? Who was behind the mass murders of the Armenian people? Who is inventing and manufacturing most of the guns in the world? Who is developing GM foods and forcing us to eat them? Who is running the world from Germany and the UN? Who has most of the world's money besides the Catholic Church?
What color is the Catholic Church's Hierarchy? What color are the Heads of Monsanto? What color are the people who own the car and gas companies that are actively destroying the natural resources of the world as we sit here now? Who is the head of the insurance companies that are no different than the insurance companies that Al Capone and his boys ran? Now they have laws in place that require us to purchase something the average person does not utilize in a lifetime and big burly cops to enforce the laws they created against the populace? What color are the heads of this country who have moved Draconian and Picaune laws into place that inhibit the individual and allow Corporate Cannibalism? What color are those who are trying to tap oil from the great Barrier Reef?
What color are the scientists who are working night and day on chemical weapons and germwarfare? What color are most of the NWO and the NewGlobalEconomy? What color are the capitalists who move us by the millions, jacking up the prices of utilities and all merchandise? What color are the heads of companies who move their companies overseas leaving Americans broke and destitute after years of good loyal service? What color is the congress and legislature of this country who are supposed to be elected to do the best for "the people of this land"? Those same legislators who have created a plastic card world with nothing to base our real economy on?
What color are the heads of companies that get the ludicrously expensive contracts from our government? What color was the congress in 1860 who instituted a campaign that lead the American People to believe that the Native Americans were Godless, heathen people just because they wanted some free land? What color were the Robber Barons of the Train Industry? What color are the heads of companies in this country who have faked forms and information that allowed one water or land grab after another?
So, after you have answered all of these questions I have only this to say: If all of these answers are white people, then what the hell are you talking about? Only answer I get is US WhitePeople. Therefore is it any wonder that most of the world thinks Americans are the most rude, crude aggressive society on the planet? In this country child molesting, WhiteRape and serial killing are KNOWN to be White/Male crimes. Child molesting is so widespread that we teach our children to tell them no. There is a lobby in this country that is trying to have consentual sex lowered to the age of 16. They really have a very contemptuous motto: Sex before eight before it is too late? Have you noticed the heavy sexual content that is in G and PG-13 films? Just to desensitize us to young people being allowed to be preyed upon by the filthy mostly FatAssedWhiteBoys who cannot stand the sweat, hair and smell of a woman. White rape is the most underreported crime in America. Why? Most women do not want to be subjected to the White Lawyers who defend them. To be drug through a white court with white jurors who believe that most men are not guilty and blame the victim for the clothes she was wearing.
And now lets talk about serial killers? Richard Ramirez, Juan Corona and Wayne Williams of Atlanta were all KillersOfColor. Then there was Larry Singleton, a predatory pervert who in l976 kidnapped and multiply raped his 15 year old victim, after which he cut off her arms and hands, throwing them in a lake or culvert so that when found she could not be identified. She did live through it, and now has to prosthetics that she lives with. He got seven years for this heinous crime and was put in a program where he is protected and no onoe knows who he is until caught again. Ted Bundy, Richard Specht, John Wayne Gacy, Charles Manson and his minions, the boys who were so filled with revulsion, pain and heartache that they made choices to kill those who were so mean and cruel and then themselves. I have heard of Teens of Color getting busted with guns and knives, but I have not seen any of them who were anything but lilywhite. People of color can go home and talk with parents, grandparents and friends. To generations of people who have been on the receiving end of WhiteDiscrimination. They get nurtured, loved, told how wonderful they are and that the WhiteWorld is man, hateful and vengeful. They are not told how bad or stupid they are for crying. White kids go home complaining of torment and persecution, most white parents will tell their children that if they come home with their ass whooped again, the parents will then beat them. That is a very clear message of meanness and that might is right. And it is unequivocally WRONG.
So, Mr. Nyquist, the way I see it, is WhitePeople have alot to work on and need to turn the image of Young,White,Mean and Ruthless around. I would go so far as to say that until we WhitePeople learn to grow up and deal effectively and creatively with what we as a People have wrought or allowed by our passivity, upon the planet then we need to shut up and not be so obnoxious and arrogant with our WhiteEntitlement. I further say that you and those like you are trying to start race riots that will bring about an internal war that will allow the government to call in troops to force gun confiscation. I say, sir, that you are more of the problem than most will recognize. I say, you are a hatemonger who is just trying to create problems for the common man by spewing your racist crap.
And woe to those who cannot see what I see. WE ARE THE PROBLEM. So now what do we do about the FatAssedWhiteMen who are perpetuating this racism who are allowing 350 thousand HB-1 visas per year. What do we do about the FatAssedWhiteBoys who refer to us as USELESS EATERS? What do we do about the FatAssedWhiteBoys of the BuilderBergers? What do we do about the FatASsedWhiteBoys in Charge of the NewWorldOrder? What do we do about the coming pre-planned Capitalist/Anti-capitalist Wars? We are being told daily that the War is coming. There are even false confessions on the internet of a woman who claims to be part of the BLACKBLOC and how they are anarchists and plan to start these riots at all coming PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATIONS. Please remember that the police in Ohio, Seattle and Genoa, Italy allowed the BLACKBLOC to rampage and destroy property while macing, peppering and brutalizing the peaceful demonstrators.
By our silence we allow. By our silence we allow. By our silence we allow.
Sheryl Jackson
From Jeff Britland
Mr. Rense,
I have written to you before, and you have been kind enough to place my views upon your site.
Minutes ago I finished reading an article titled "The New Racism", started by J.R. Nyquist. I am in absolute agreement with him. Then I read on to the response written by Sheryl Jackson. One word came to mind. Unbelievable.
First let me begin by saying, I am an Italian/Scottish White Male, married to a wonderful, lovely Asian Indian woman. Her family has always treated me as if I had always been one of their own. I have dated African American Women, and had African American friends. These are not badges of honor, they are simply facts. Because I have also had the same experiences with white women, and white friends.
It has only been over the course of recent years that I have found myself gazing, slack-jawed at the TV, Newspaper and Website Pages as I review the insanity facing the "Average White Person". Everywhere I look, I see figureheads, Black and White, whom place guilt and blame squarely on the shoulders of average whites like myself. And if they think they are not doing that very thing, and they are only attacking "White Upper Class", they should think again!
When a young African American looks at a white guy like myself, walking down the streets, he sees some wealthy business owner, sitting comfortably behind his desk. Am I wrong? Please, someone explain it to me. Tell me that when I see some imbecile on TV, explaining reparations that he is only talking about the wealthy evil white folks, whom benefited from slavery. Go ahead, I dare you! He sees me too. Trust me. He knows there is some poor white slob sitting down watching. Somebody whom never benefited from a damn thing in his life, except his own sweat and hard work.
When the blacks rioted in LA, for Rodney King, and the brutally beat any white person they saw, tell me they were only doing it to the wealthy evil white folks, whom benefited from slavery. I dare you. I guess they didn't know they were dragging some blue-collar white guy from his truck, and laughing as they almost beat him to death!
How about those neat riots going on in Cincinnati recently. Did they not know they were dragging middle-aged women out of their broken car windows, and beating them bloody?? Of course not! You would rather tell me... what?...That's right! That they were seeing wealthy evil white folks, whom benefited from slavery.
Of course, I could go on like this forever. But why? It isn't going to ever change the minds of the Sheryl Jackson's of the world. They have already decided that the white race is pure evil! That we live like kings! That we think of nobody but ourselves! We live to hurt others! Everything we have ever created is tainted with evil, and nothing we have ever done, as a race, has ever been to help others!
This is Insanity!
These Ultra-Liberal, White-Hating, Media-Consuming maniacs preach how a certain power-base controls, and manipulates how people like myself think and act. Yet, a woman like Sheryl, according to her response, has absorbed and swallowed, as far as I can see, almost every piece of Racist, Anti-White propaganda ever created!
More than half of the "Facts" displayed by Sheryl, depending upon which African American "Leader" you speak with, would be argued to the death, as they try to take credit for acts of heroism, invention, advances in science, and supremacy in business. They just wouldn't use her terminology, and would probably only use about half of Sheryl's examples! Just go ahead, and read some of the brand-new History, Science and Social Studies.
On that note, both my Israeli buddy and I loved lines like this: "Who in World WarII annihilated 20 million Turks, retarded and deformed people, and Jews?"
Sheryl, guess who came in voluntarily, by the thousands, dying by the thousands also, and stopped that!!! That's right. Whites!
Or, isn't that in your Black Panther, Whitey-on-Whitey handbook?
And I doubt if all those whites dying to save the Jews over there, really were devoid of racism. I'm sure they were not crazy about Jews at all in many cases. But they went. And they went because what was happening was wrong. And the type of character and pride people used to have in themselves, and their country is slowly but surely being crushed by people like Sheryl.
Unless, of course, somebody would like to tell me that the huge numbers of uneducated, poor, life-beaten white men whom went to war for this cause, were only doing it out of a selfish, money-motivated, power-driven desire to continue holding on to their riches, and ability to keep the black man in his place. Please do. I would love to hear that explained to me.
Unfortunately, Sheryl leaves out a lot of details, such as White Americans dying to stop atrocities, Blacks committing atrocities, the H-Bomb actually stopping an action which would have cost unbelievable numbers of lives, and I wonder if Sheryl knows what the driving force behind GM foods is supposed to be. No matter what it is turning into, and what problems are occurring with GM foods, the goal is to be more able to feed an over populated Earth. Are Whites one of the largest, poorest and quickest growing races on the planet? Hey Sheryl. My advice to you, is this: Read a Book.
Oh, and incidentally Sheryl, I am dirt poor, uneducated and have never had a winning day in my life. And I don't blame African Americans, Jews Spanish or whatever for my state.
I have been pounded my police. Imprisoned. Kept from getting jobs after signing a paper stating I am "Caucasian or other", where Affirmative Action was involved. I can't pay the growing medical bills of my family. And when I look around for help. When I look around for a group with a voice, who cares about my Asian Indian wife and me, do you know what I see? I see nothing. And I don't chose a focal point to direct my outrage upon. I move on.
So I keep struggling. And I try to keep my chin up. Me, and millions of other white males like myself with nothing but whatever heart is left in us. And sometimes, just when I start feeling a little bit ok, I make the mistake of turning the television on. And there on the screen, just may be a panel of Black Leaders talking about helping their poor, and oppressed black people. And they are allowed time, and respect while they explain how me, and millions of white people like myself, are living so well, and keeping them down.
Funny, I never see the White Panel of Leaders, talking about helping me. But, then again, Sheryl says that I have no cause, or right to feel the way I do.
Maybe Sheryl would like to come here and explain that to my wife. Since my wife is a non-white, maybe Sheryl would believe her. And maybe my wife would be able to explain to Sheryl how she worries about our children in the future if they end up looking "Too-White". I think I would enjoy that brief conversation.
It just isn't as simple as, Black People are stupid and lazy and criminal, and White People are cold, and ruthless and greedy, and Jewish People are stingy and manipulative and cunning. Maybe if it were, everything would be easy. No more needs for hate groups, because all groups would easily be classified and known.
Unfortunately, there are deceivers in all camps. And in the great masses, there are people like Sheryl, whom have passion, and pain and intelligence. And maybe a little bit too much trust, and over exposure to information from one specific camp. My point is, that it probably just as easily could have been one of the other camps. And for some reason, we all have problems with some camp.
I, personally, see the camp with Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson, George Bush and the huge numbers of people in political power and business, whom make a living off the pain, and misdirection of whatever group they are able to hold the attention of at any given moment.
I don't want to bring up atrocities committed by the African Americans, Africans, Whites, Spanish yada, yada, yada. We all know what has gone on and what is going on. All we can change is, What Will Go On.
Sheryl, I see you are outraged against the pain whites have created. Are you equally outraged about the pain we have received? About the pain of that 4 year old South African White girl. There are children everywhere. And they come in lots of colors and shades.
I'm just sick of all of this.
Can't we all just sit down and have a barbeque? I'll bring the burgers. Just be nice to my kids. They didn't create any nuclear weapons today.


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