Colloidal Silver - Will It
Turn You Blue?
By Steven Bratman, M.D.

Note - Colloidal silver in the proper size particle and within safe parts per million ratios have been effective against many bacterial issues. Unfortunately, more is not necessarily better and some products have too high a ppm and/or too large silver particles...which can lead to potential indicated below. - ed
The metal silver can kill bacteria and is often used for this purpose in water purifiers. Based on this fact, silver- containing supplements are widely marketed for the prevention and treatment of numerous diseases. However, there is no real evidence that such supplements provide any benefit, and they can produce a peculiar and permanent side effect called argyria.
Medicinal silver is most often sold as colloidal silver protein (CSP). In a recent case report, a 56-year-old man noticed a blue discoloration under his fingernails.1 He had been taking CSP supplements daily for 3 years, in hopes of preventing colds and allergies. The diagnosis was argyria, a blue-black tinting of the skin and mucous membranes caused by a build-up of silver. Numerous similar cases have been reported in recent years.2,3
In argyria, silver deposited in the body reacts with the sun through a process similar to that of the development of a photographic negative. This leads to permanent discoloration of the skin. Changes may be seen in the eyes, lips, and nose as well.
The condition was even more common in decades past, when CSP was an accepted medical treatment. Fortunately, argyria is seldom dangerous, although in some cases nerve damage may occur.
Under current law, supplements may not be taken off the market until they are proven dangerous. Thus, it is up to consumers to protect themselves. We advise that you avoid products containing CSP unless you don't mind turning permanently blue!
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From Bob Travers
Dear Jeff,
The article on colloidal silver was very jaded! Here are some facts:
1. If the pure silver is down to .001 microns in particle size, or smaller, the silver will pass on through our systems with no residuals in organ tissues (other than being used as a matabolite and with other chemical reactions in the body). If the silver particle size is small enough there can't be toxicity in any form.
2. Colloidal silver kills all bacteria given sufficient contact time, that is why we have to replenish the good bacteria in the body after using it.
3. One of my customers (change RO filters once a year, etc) had overdosed with silver for 4-5 years (with a generator that doesn't get particle size down small enough). His is the worst skin reaction I have seen, but one year after changing his intake source and quantity, his skin returned to normal pigmentation.
4. All the skin cells of the epidermis are completely replaced in 7 years.
5. Personal experience...I have been subligating my colloidal silver for a 10 minute duration at night every other day (incubation of bacteria is 24-96 hours normally, viruses 12-48 hours). Dentists won't like this to get out the to general public....subligating for 10 minutes wipes out all the bacteria trying to exist in between teeth and gums. I needed a root canal 3 years ago and the pain was killing me...when I remembered the research paper I read (dated 1906) that stated silver needed 6 minutes of contact time to stop the respiration cycle of the bacterium.
People don't need to suffer from cavities again if they do a preventive program with colloidal silver. Within 15 minutes of my first time subligating for 10 minutes - 3years ago - the tremendous pain that I felt with every heartbeat was gone forever. I have been taking it for over 5 years and have not had a common cold or flu bug...although it (CS) doesn't work against all viruses and microorganisms. But what a blessing to human kind if we can kee it from being suppressed it was in 1938.
Take Care & Peace be with you,
Bob Travers
Chico CA



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