Traveling Salesman Attacked By
Saucers Along Highway
From Frank Warren
The Alexandria Gazette
July 30th, 1952

ENID, Okla. (AP) - A photographic supply salesman told police he was almost swept from the highway last night by a "huge flying saucer" which swooped low at a terrific speed.
Sid Eubanks, 50, Wichita, Kan., told his bizarre tale to Desk Sgt. Vern Benell, who said the man was still trembling when he walked into the police station.
Eubanks said the mystery object, appearing as a "yellow green, then yellow brown streak about 400 feet long," suddenly swooped low over U.S. Highway 81 and completely reversed directions, disappearing in a few seconds into the west.
He said the "tremendous pressure nearly threw my automobile off the road."
The object loomed suddenly out of the night between Bison and Waukomis, south of here, Eubanks said. He described it as a huge round ball when directly over him.


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