Historic UFOs - Strange
Planes Approach Golden Gate 1941
From Frank Warren

Three Naval Craft Sent Out To Hunt Plane Base

The Times Union December, 9th, 1941

Regarding the invaders Ryan said:

"They came from the sea, were turned back, and the Navy sent out three vessels to find out where they came from," General Ryan said.

"I don't know how many planes there were, but there were a large number."

"They got up to the Golden Gate and then turned about and headed southwest."

General Ryan was asked whether he thought they were Japanese bombers.

"Well they weren't Army planes, they weren't Navy planes, and you can be sure they weren't civilian planes," he answered.


An hour and 50 minutes after the first alarm was sounded the 12th Naval District Headquarters at San Francisco announced that 15 unidentified planes were reported somewhere off the Golden Gate, and a Navy spokesmen declared:

"This is not a test."

Residents along marine blvd., San Francisco, fronting the bay near the Golden Gate, said 60 Army trucks rushed anti-aircraft guns to the water's edge during the blackout.

Official sources on the coast and in Washington were not in entire agreement on whether the whole performance was a series of surprise tests or terrible truth..

Washington authorities stated the two alarms were only tests.

Only yesterday afternoon the United States and Great Britain had declared war on Japan, an antagonist which on Sunday sprang without warning upon major pacific

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