Entire Northeast
Alert Over 'Enemy Planes' - 1941
From Frank Warren

NY-BOUND PLANES ALARM ENTIRE NORTHEAST Defenses Leap Into Action - City Schools Evacuated
The Brooklyn Eagle December 9th, 1941
New York City and the entire Northeast Coast, had it's first air raid alarm.
New Yorkers found themselves in the midst of what they had heard about in reports from Europe and Asia, more the Pacific Islands and the West Coast.
Enemy planes were approaching Long Island-from New England and then off the Virginia coast.
Bombers, apparently were heading for Brooklyn Navy Yard, for Mitchel Field and other points.
Reports were confusing, but the defense organizations, in view of what happened in Hawaii, were taking no chances.
Interceptor planes took to the air from Mitchel Field to seek out the enemy.
Air raid sirens were sounded. Schools were closed. Employees were sent home. Police warned pedestrians to keep off crowded streets.
At 1:45 p.m. the police sounded the all clear and a minute later the Fire Department followed suit.
But at 2:00 p.m. the air-raid alarm was renewed by both departments, a minute apart.
Police announced a second all clear at 2:45.p.m.
Crescendo of War Fright
At 1:00 p.m. Lt. Fitzhugh Querrier of the Army Air Defense Command reported that ten "unidentified" planes were within an hour of New York, and the warnings reached a crescendo of was fright until a bombing was expected any minute.
Lt. Querrier, asked whether this might not be a test of the air warning system, replied:
"No this is not a test. It looks < 2nd page unavailable


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