Mother Duck Gets Police
Officer To Save Her Ducklings

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) - When a family of ducklings fell down a Vancouver sewer grate their mother did what any parent would do. She got help from a passing police officer.
Vancouver police officer Ray Peterson admitted he was not sure what to make of the duck that grabbed him by the pant leg while he was on foot patrol on Wednesday evening in a neighborhood near the city's downtown.
``I though it was a bit goofy, so I shoved it away,'' Peterson told the Vancouver Sun newspaper.
The mother duck persisted, grabbing Peterson's leg again when he tried to leave, and then waddling to a nearby sewer grate where she sat down and waited for him to follow and investigate.
``I went up to where the duck was lying and saw eight little babies in the water below,'' he said.
Police said they removed the heavy metal grate with the help of a tow truck and used a vegetable strainer to lift the ducklings to safety.
Mother and offspring then departed for a nearby pond.



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