'Death Angel' Chemtrail Near Seattle -
Spraying Stops Over Connecticut
From Dennis Foisy

Hi Jeff
Attached please find photos of some spectacular Chemtrails taken July 3rd, 2001, a day of massive spraying near Seattle.
The "Death Angel" was taken over the city of Monroe and the Rainbows were taken near Gold Bar a few miles east in the Skykomish River valley as were the Cross Hatches. It amazes me that we who celebrate our "Independence" cannot stop what is now a continuous chemical assault on the citizens here. A small group of us would like to have support to gather enough evidence to bring a suit against the perpetrators and would engage several top Washington residents to do so. Local witness have seen several semi-trailers staged outside of Fort Lewis, full of barrels of solution. Fort Lewis is linked by a back road to McChord Airforce base. A few of the group work for the large local aircraft manufacturing company, so we have the ability to put large wheels in motion. All that is lacking is the funding to launch and maintain a Class Action suit in Federal Court.!
Any suggestions would be welcome

Dennis Foisy
Trails Stangely Vanish From Connecticut Skies
From name on file 7-15-1
The oddest thing has been occuring in our part of Connecticut. For the last 2-3 weeks, there haven't been ANY chemtrails at all - day or night. For the last 2-3 years, there has been a constant onslaught, and then, for some reason, they just dissappeared...all spraying ceased.
From Rose
I'm from Massachusetts and the chemtrail spraying has been intense and invasive for the last 3 years. Then, as is the case in Connecticut, about 3 weeks ago the spraying stopped. The first day, my family and I just wondered why the spraying stopped. Can you imagine? We have become so accustomed to the invasion of our skies that we take the chem-spraying for granted now.
Then, after a few days, we began to have what appeared to be a semblance of "normal" weather occurrences, and really lovely weather. The days began with a clear sky. Then, by mid-afternoon, there were giant cumulous clouds in the sky and the sky looked to be a brilliant blue (instead of the hazy milky white prevalent during chemtrail spraying). I don't know why we were given that 3 weeks respite from the ugly chem-lines, but it was thoroughly enjoyed until this afternoon. On a few afternoons, we had horrendous lightening storms, with the lightening very close to our home. The streaks in the skies were powerful and beautiful, but the sound created by the lightening was such that we've not heard before. There were periods of hail the size of quarters and altogether some really stupendous summertime storms. (Since the chem-trail spraying began, we have not had a really classic lightening and thunderstorm, oddly enough. But, during the last 3 weeks of no-spraying, the storms were permitted to come alive.)
All of a sudden, this afternoon, the chemtrails are once again ablaze in the skies (I'm wondering if they have begun again in Connecticut as well). This afternoon was a very bad chemtrail time for us, and I have to say, my heart was so saddened that the spraying began in earnest once again. Having that 3 week break from the ugly skies was food for the soul.
When one sees the works of Mother Nature and her glorious, brilliant white clouds against the crisp blue sky, and then compares that with the works of diseased human minds which create those nasty white streaks and zigzag chem-lines in the sky - one just wonders, why?
Rose in Metrowest Massachusetts



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