Funeral For 16 Year Old Alberta,
Canada Boy Bullied At School
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STONY PLAIN, ALBERTA - A funeral will be held Wednesday in Alberta for a teenage boy who was teased in school.
Gilles Moreau, 16, was found dead Sunday near a creek in the town of Stony Plain, just west of Edmonton. Police say alcohol was a factor in his death and it was not the result of a criminal act.
Moreau's body was found under this bridge
Some students at his school claim they saw Moreau drinking the night he died. Many admit he was regularly picked-on and said Moreau had difficulty fitting in.
Gilles' mother, Elaine, said her son was singled out because he was small and wore glasses. He also had a learning disability.
The family issued a statement calling on children to be more tolerant. It said, "We want kids to realize life is not a movie that they can rewind and watch again. Nor is it a video game where they get to die and return again and again until they get perfect score."
Some students placed mementos near the location where he died a popular hangout spot including flowers, poems and a hockey puck with the logo of his favourite team.
"People used to throw him in garbage cans and leave him for over two hours and he used to do nothing. He used to still consider them friends and I don't think he deserved what he got," said one boy who knew him.
Another student said his death should serve as a wake-up call to people who bully others. "I hope it's an eye-opener that you shouldn't be picking on people," she said.
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