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Not A Chance

Millions of Americans realize Tim McVeigh never acted alone, nor did his truck bomb wreak the destruction and take all the lives in the Murrah building. When the Feds tore that building down and buried the evidence of internal explosions, and began to interfere with the grand jury, the fix was apparent to all who cared to see.
Comment from APFN Oklahoma City Bombing Cover-Up
The reason for trying to halt McVeigh's 'planned' May execution date was a lawsuit filed by JANE GRAHAM, a 9th floor survivor of the Oklahoma City Murrah Building MULTIPLE EXPLOSIONS that occurred in the basement of the building where satchel-type charges of possibly fulminated mercury or C-4 plastic explosive were attached to the columns themselves. As you will read in Jane Graham's sworn affidavit, she was a WITNESS to not only the pouring of wet concrete into the 24 or 25' craters in the basement of the building - AFTER the BOMBS went off, but was also a WITNESS to two individuals wearing GSA employee uniforms - who were NOT GSA employees - and whom she observed in the basement of the Murrah Federal Building at 8:15 AM - before the explosions - stringing wire. ___
Lymon Trusanc
Dear Sirs,
I have been watching this case closely for a long time, and have come to certain conclusions regarding its outcome. It seems the whole basis of the trial is a mockery of anything even remotely akin to justice. There are several reasons:
First, logistically, it is impossible for a truck bomb of the nature described by all parties to blow up the building. This is just a simple fact; it would have done much more than shake the foundation, shatter windows, perhaps blow the paint off the front of the building. This being the case, it is impossible for McVeigh to have killed all those individuals, making the very premise a joke. It took well-planted explosives, of a specifically different nature, placed in numerous interior locations to produce the effect all witnessed. We do not know if McVeigh was aware of who the other participants are, we just know that the actions he is convicted of could not have destroyed the building and killed the 168 people.
This leads us to several other possible scenarios....
1). McVeigh was a decoy hiding the other participants, with or without his knowledge;
2). There was complicity in the actions of parts of the government ranging from not wanting to alarm the public (of a larger terrorist presence), to even being directly responsible for the deadly blast;
3). Perhaps the individuals in the government who were aware that something was going to occur, just thought it would be the truck bomb exploding - therefore, they let it occur, and were shocked when they found that others had planted bombs in the structure of the building causing it to collapse and kill so many inside (let alone the many others injured). Perhaps they knew the other explosions would take place and needed a patsy.
It's interesting how many "lone nuts" we have in the United States - Abraham Lincoln shot by a lone nut, JFK and his brother shot by a loan nut, etc. etc. The above being plausible, it is not hard to see why the prosecutors rushed to "justice," and why the FBI withheld truckloads of evidence (and if they withheld what they have admitted to "by accident," who knows how much more remains submerged?).
Don't you find it interesting that the very things that were witheld were the very things left out of the trial by the prosecution? So, I have come to the conclusion that Mr. McVeigh's communications in both writing and speech have been coersion, perhaps via threat to his family members. His statements have been forced, things that are attributed to his hand or coming from his mouth have not, or, have come through his mouth by some form of force. After all, prison activities among those in authority have been less than stellar, as we all know - they are part and parcel of a corrupt whole.
It is not "closure" that the government will get, this is a blatant "cover-up!" I grow weary of this circus, day in and day out, trumpeted by the obedient media - are people really this stupid? Do people actually take this incident as they have been fed? What a sad day for justice, a new low. What will we be asked to swallow next? ___
>From American Patriot Friends Network
>From Anonmymous
The Execution Of A Government Patsy
The latest in a LONG line of Government patsys, Tim McVeigh. The Federal Government amassed voluminous amounts of evidence showing that many other individuals, in addition to Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, were involved in the implementation of the bombing. John Doe numbers 1, 2 and even 3 are quite real.
McVeigh was at LEAST a quarter mile away when the explosives where being set (military/government bombs), by Andres Straussmeier, an undercover ATF agent now living in Dublin, and two of the "dark, swarthy" individuals, Afganian terriosts, described by at least 12 witnesses.
McVeigh was actually driving away from the blast area when the buiding was imploded (yes, that's correct, imploded. Not exploded.). He was probaboly 4-5 miles away at the time of the blast. His rear license plate had been removed by Straussmeier and a description of him, and the vehicle called into the Highway patrol and OKC police as a possible bombing suspect BEFORE the detonation!
And of course there are those "little ole' overlooked facts" of little or no sulphuric content being found at the blast site (meaning it was NOT a fertilizer bomb); the fact that the building was imploded, not exploded, clearly indicating an internally planted bomb/s on key interior support structures for the building, causing said support structures to be blown inwards towards each other, causing the building to basically "fold in" on itself.
A fertilizer bomb causes a rather dramatic outward release of energy, or explosion. This was not the case in OKC. And how about the fact that the van involved in this diaster, the Ryder van, was seen 2 days before the bombing at an U.S. Army camp some 80 miles outside of OKC? It then showed up in the rubble. ...Of course, the Military could have had NOTHING to do with this!
Or, the fact that the then Sheriff of the county was ordered offsite when at 3:00 AM, he discovered certain Military and Federal agency personell REMOVING undetonated exposivies cased in Military OD Green canvas (cases).
Or, perhaps it was that approximately 35 Federal ATF/other agents where phoned at home the previous evening and told to STAY AWAY from the Federal Center Building that day, to not report for work THERE......and that approximately 4 agents where NOT told this and died in the blast. The fact that these 4 agents had information they where taking to the Grand Jury on the Clinton's and the Bush's illegal actitvies that week had nothing to do with it, I'm on, this is just the begininng.
If there is actually someone "out there" who beileves Tim McVeigh acted alone? Well, the Earth stopped rotating on its axis yeterday, didn't it? Wake up people - though he may deserve the punishment, there should be about 20 others beside him with their arms strapped down.
McVeigh is another Oswald, another James Earl Ray, another...Government patsy. And that is ALL. These events are carefully planned and orchestrated by a group known as the Office Of policy Initiative, and a variety of Federal agencies and the goons that work for them.
Their goal is to create so much violence and chaos that the American people will CRY OUT for the government to completely "take over"; to do away with the Constitution and Bill Of Rights...that is to disarm the rest of those pesky ole' Patriots who would stubbornly INSIST on their Freedom and Rights as guaranteed under those old, brittle, old, 'out of date' documents!
Damn them anyway.......I mean, who wants to be free, anyway? And most people are so dumb, and so materlistic and self-centered, that they are letting them get away with it. Well, you'll soon get what you deserve: slavery. Wake up folks, time is running out. Attached to this document is a zip file that contains several police radio transcripts on the evening before, and the day of the blast. The remainder of these transcripts are available on the Web. It is quite clear to them that the "Fix is in." ___
McVeigh's 'Death' -and Other Considerations
From Zamasama
Many of us have long questioned the governmentsí credibility since the murder of President Kennedy. Waco, and Oklahoma City underscore that, at the very least, and we wonder what secrets, if any, McVeigh took with him.
No longer an axiom for truth and justice, our government had its "script" written for McVeigh: death, and no repreives. This morning McVeigh was put to death by lethal injection. Or was he?
I encourage people to do their own research, their own thinking, and make their own conclusions.
Tim McVeigh seemed unusually calm and fearless for a man sentenced to death. Most notably the '60 Minutes' interviews showed a man with no qualms, no regrets and no fears, almost as if he was insulated from his fate, As though he knew he was not going to die. Perhaps he didnít.
As many have pointed out, few other than a handful of people in Terre Haute know what really went down at the execution.
How can we be certain McVeigh is indeed dead? Certainly the "rush to judgement" the media and government encoiuraged want you to believe it was mostly McVeigh that did the dastardly deed. But in their haste, and their "managed" investiagetion and trails many questions remain. It is NOT beyond the capability of the government to 'stage' the execution, satisfying the bloodthirst for revenge, and attempting a final 'closing' on the OKC bombing chapter of history.
Remember, there are no autopsies planned. And not everything you see on video or film is true; Hollywood can and does 'create' all sorts of illusions.
Oh, but they have to deliver a body, you might say. Well, could the body be a 'ringer' who died or was killed elsewhere? Or perhaps an unfortunate clone? There is some evidence that "ringers" for Lee Harvey Oswald (prior to) and (just after) a JFK "body ringer" may have been used in the JFK assasination.
Consider that there is purported to be a video surveillance tape from the Junction City McDonaldís fast-food 'restaurant' showing Tim McVeigh (or his double) eating there at the same time McVeigh is supposed to have been bombing the Murrah Building. Neat trick, being in two places at once.
Yes, but McVeigh confessed, you say.
Hey, remember this?: CNN announced that a psychological trauma team would converge in Oklahoma City to treat survivors of the explosion and the victims' families - led by none other than Dr. Louis Jolyon West of UCLA's Neuropsychiatric Institute. Dr. West is a sinister creation of the Agency's mind control fraternity (MK-ULTRA). Also there are reports that Dr. West 'treated' McVeigh. Coyuld he be wilfully "following the script" or "programmed" to do so?
In addition, McVeigh worked at a lab dealing with mind-control projects. In 1992 he took a job with Burns International Security Services in Buffalo (N.Y.) and was assigned to the security detail at Calspan, a Pentagon contractor that conducts classified research in advanced rocketry and electronic warfare.
Al Salandra, a spokesman for Calspan, told reporters that McVeigh was "a model employee." "He was real different," Todd Regier, a plumber, told the Boston Globe. "Kind of cold. He was almost like a robot." Within a few months, his manager planned on promoting McVeigh to the supervisory level. But McVeigh's bitterness, once directed at the military, "was becoming directed at a much larger, more ubiquitous enemy." It was in Buffalo, as a civilian, that McVeigh's rage peaked. He complained that federal agents had left him with an unexplained scar on his posterior, implanted him with a microchip. It was painful, he said, to sit on the chip.
Therefore, by agreement or 'scripting' McVeigh confessed. McVeighís stopping his appeals leads even stronger support to the possibility McVeighís execution is a Hoax. Alex Jones, patriot and controversial talk show host, believes McVeigh is alive and has or will get plastic surgery and a new id.
The Oklahoma City Bombing seems to have 'CIA' written all over it, and more than one critic of the media points out the similarity to the Reichstag bombing in Hitlerís Germany. (see
Also, McVeigh was purposted to be a racist through his ties to the group called White Arayan Resistance. Yet McVeigh married a Mexican woman once and later his second wife was a Filipina woman. Given McVeighís Military background and that he was also reportedly an expert in codes, suggesting he was a CIA asset or Operative is not as far fetched as one might have thought.
There could easily have been more than one McVeigh also, as another Tim McVeigh with a miltary Connection made headlines a few years after the OKC bombing. This Tim McVeigh, now an ex-Navy Officer, made headlines when AOL violated his privacy. AOL informed the Navy that this McVeigh listed 'gay' in his profile, and the military court-martialed him, a violation of its own 'Donít Tell, Donít Ask' policy. (Read firsthand account at:
There are few (if any) ONLINE pictures of 'this' McVeigh, and in retrospective was it (the AOL affair) some kind of operation to smear 'bomber' McVeighís name even more?
McVeigh publically stated his involvement in OKC was a retaliation for the Government Raid on Waco And the subsequent deaths of the Branch Davidians. There are unconfirmed reports that documents relating to Waco and also to Clintonís Whitewater and Foster scandals were stored in the Murrah Building prior to the Bombing.
The government has yet to account for documents it removed from Murrah, temporarily halting rescue operations.
What did they contain and why were they more important than human lives?
There are numerous links to Waco and Mount Carmel, and surprise: mind-control and the CIA pop Up there also! The speculative 'synopsis' says that David Koresh was perhaps himself a victum of mind-control, and that the compound was used as a 'CIA safehouse'. Reportedly the CIA had a Major mind-control center at or near Waco. It is alleged that Koresh developed or discovered a mind-control method or device, or (some say) a Weapon, (or was himself a weapon, a 'sleeper' that had been 'triggered.') In any case, the CIA feared Koresh and the damage he (or the truth) could do, and therefore had to terminate the Davidians and Koresh 'with extreme prejudice'. The Mount Carmel facility also had to be destroyed because of many loose clues and threads.
The Wilcher Report, as it has become known, is the source of most of these speculations. But on the day Wilcher was to testify before Congress, 20 CIA operatives converged on his home where they 'found' Him shot dead. Skolnick and others (see, have reported on this, and knew Wilcher, and found him very credible.
WorldNetDaily is in receipt of a letter from the United States Special Operations Command in response to a Freedom of Information Act request seeking military documents regarding Waco. The letter explained why the military has classified some of those documents: "Portions of the documents were found to contain information concerning military plans, weapons, or operations; and vulnerabilities or capabilities or systems, installations, projects, or plans relating to the national security, the unauthorized disclosure of which reasonably could be expected to cause serious damage to the national security."
If, as the feds claim, McVeigh was a lone nut (or almost alone, albeit Terry Nichols), why would National Security be involved? Sure smells like a 'Cover Up' to me.
No one should doubt that the government is capable and motivated to create Fiction to Suit its goals and purposes, such as 'The Warren Commission Report', and the scandals leading to publishing the Pentagon Papers and the Watergate Hearings. We have serious problems, as Waco, OKC and McVeigh underscore. The biggest one may be the Credibility problem.
One prays the public, as a whole, wonít remain 'asleep.'
Death Is Not Pleasant....And Sometimes Life Is Worse.
From Jim Mortellaro
I tried to think about how I would have reacted if (God Forbid) my wife or other family member were to have been killed by the likes of McVeigh. Ballistic is not a word which would describe my reaction. But after all the grief had largely passed, I could not condemn a man to death, not for any reason. I just could not. And I cannot condone killing for any reason except to defend another life or to stop a murderous rampage.
And I could not _want_ to witness the execution. It's not in me. I was witness to two shootings and involved in both. I was hit years back, in the chest, by a bullet which had first gone through the door of a police car. This was about 1966-ish and occurred in the 47th Precinct in the Bronx, NY. A sergeant saved my bacon, for all intents and purposes.
Another episode resulted in the death of my best friend and best man. A black man that I knew since the fourth grade. He was ... and is ... the best that ever lived. Had I reacted sooner, he would be alive today. I hesitated. I could not shoot the scum that took aim at my best friend, the father of my godchildren and a man who was kind and dedicated to his job in law enforcement. I said it, finally. After all these years, I said it in public. I could not shoot the man. I thought that he would not do what he did. Shoot a man in the face, in cold blood, for nothing. And all the while shouting venom at him, shouting "Nigger! You FU*KING NIGGER!" I just stood there with my semi auto in my hand, knowing in my heart, the bastard could never pull that trigger. He did.
I still have the shirt I wore that day, with his blood on it. I wash it once a year. Alone. I just put it in the sink and do it by hand. The stains have never come out. Along with the blood stains are the tears I shed whenever this happens. This year was the first time I could not stop crying for a long, long time. I suppose like Dylan, "Either I'm too sensitive, or else I'm gettin soft."
I think about those scenes. Death. And I can't help but think what purpose is served by taking another life. I would rather see the man rot in a ten foot cell for the rest of his life and have to live with his memories. I would rather see that. It is infinitely more cruel. And infinitely more effective. And anyone who has seen war probably feels the same way about death. It is so unnecessary. And so cruel. I know all about how the death penalty is a deterrent. But I can't help feeling the way I do about life. Even the life of a scumbag like the man who killed Richie and the bastard who shot me.
I bear the scar and never showed it even to my wife until a few years ago. Nothing to be proud about. Having someone hate you so much as to want to kill you without so much as a grunt. Point. Shoot. Kill. No remorse. None. My friend Richie is dead about a dozen years now. I see his family all the time. It's why I have been giving back all these years. After I was dropped on the pavement of White Plains Road in the Bronx, bleeding profoundly from the chest, I thought about the wife I may never meet, the kids I may never have ... I fainted dead away soon enough. Cripes, all that sentimental crap was depressing the shit outa me. Glad I fainted.
Woke up thinking, well, I did my part.
But I must not have. Because most recently I have been shown that in this State, New York, no one gives a crap about what you may have done. Politics as usual. Nothing matters but your reelection. And all that money you are gonna make when you write your memoires and open that library in your name.
Never mind bravery, never mind giving of one'self, mind only that you are selfish enough to take away what belongs to your constituents and give it all to yourself.
Jim Mortellaro, Ph.D.
(two times over)



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